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Sunquick Blackcurrant Boosting Immunity at PPV

Advertiser: Sunquick
Brand: Sunquick
Creative Agency: NIL
Credits: Dayang Haniza - Mindshare Group, Associate Director Neal Pravin Joseph - Mindshare Group, Associate Director of Strategy Theresa Arthur - M&C Saatchi Group, Account Director Mads Overmark Jensen - CO-RO A/S, Asia Marketing Director May Tan - CO-RO A/S, Senior Marketing Manager

Objective & Challenge
Sunquick Orange variant was once the special treat and a staple drink in many Malaysian households. Despite being the category leader, the brand is losing its appeal amongst young families especially young mothers, who are the health guardian of their family. Ribena, the closest contender has been advocating the richer source of Vitamin C in Blackcurrant variant to appeal to the health-conscious young mothers where blackcurrant is positioned as a superior source of vitamin C. Leveraging on the spiked demand for Vitamin-C enriched products during Covid-19, Sunquick intended to introduce Sunquick Blackcurrant variant during the typical low-season in Q3 with in-store sampling, which is a well-tested method to drive trial and conversion. However, when the government announced that the country will continue to be in locked down state until the large percentage of Malaysians were fully vaccinated, the in-store trial activation was not possible for the scheduled launch in August 2021. Challenge: The launch of Sunquick Blackcurrant is timely to capture the vitamin c consumption frenzy. Given the above situation, Agency’s task was to creatively develop a launch solution with a budget of RM15,000.

Insight & Strategy
For generations, mothers bought Sunquick for its good source of Vitamin-C in orange variant. However, young mothers who are constantly researching what is best for their family prefers blackcurrant as the assumption is vitamin C content in blackcurrant is higher than in Oranges per 100 gram (blackcurrant 181mg vs. 53.2mg). Sunquick needs to bring in a new variant to strengthen its leadership. As Malaysia entering 2nd year of pandemic, we continue to see the spike in search for Vitamin-C enriched food and drinks. It was trending in tandem with the spike of Covid cases. In general, Malaysians are well-educated on consuming adequate Vitamin-C in any form to boost their immune system. With the budget of RM15,000, we knew that investing it on any media channel will not create any impact and it will be a waste of money. Then, came the announcement of vaccination rollout. While majority of Malaysians cannot wait to be vaccinated, the congregation of public at the PPV (Vaccination Centers) raised the concern of potential ‘PPV Cluster’. Hence, the birth of the idea: SUNQUICK BLACKCURRANT HELPS BUILDING COVID-19 DEFENCES AT PPV. The idea to pivot the sampling ground from hypermarket to PPV presented two opportunities to address the brand challenge: 1. Sunquick has the ready sampling sachets that was intended for sampling 2. PPVs have the captured audience who want to protect themselves by boosting their immune system before and after stepping into the designated PPV. Location data from agency proprietary tools pointed to areas with health-conscious young families and subsequently the agency identified PPVs in those areas (refer to Table A).

Armed with the location data and selected PPV centers, we presented the plan of action to officers at MOSTI (Ministry-of-science-technology-innovation) who are also the Client of the agency. The proposed collaboration got approved within one week. The Sunquick Blackcurrant sampling activation was deployed in 15 selected PPV centers. A team of 4 on 2-shift rotation was allocated for each PPV. All our promoters were trained to manage SOPs and handle delicate situation in case there were queries related to vaccination. Each PPV Person-In-Charge shared the number of people expected at the center a week in advance so that logistic hick-ups can be avoided, and sufficient sampling products were delivered.

TINY BUDGET; BIG RESULT. 1. Sunquick Blackcurrant were sampled by 270,000 vaccinees at the 15 selected PPV centers over a period of 2 months. 2. Sunquick Blackcurrant won a healthy share of love from those vaccinees and guarded its leadership position stronger than 2020. Figure 1 shown the brand’s emotional connection was stagnant since 2019 until the launch of the Blackcurrant variant in Q3 2021, which are now showing an upward movement. 3. The small budget activation campaign delivered incremental value share by 22% and 19% growth in volume share (Q3 2021 vs. Q3 2020) 4. Sunquick achieved a much stronger brand performance against competition as Favourite Brand with Higher Purchase Intent (Table B) 5. Through our collaboration with Agency’s Client, MOSTI, we managed to accomplish the project with only RM7,000 vs. the budget of RM15,000.