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2022 | |

pandapro’s Triple Slam Dunk Through Programmatic OOH

Advertiser: Delivery Hero Malaysia
Brand: foodpanda
Creative Agency: Internal
Credits: Vanitha Selvathurai - Carat Media Services (M) Sdn Bhd, General Manager Paul Low - Posterscope, General Manager Chong Wei See - Carat Media Services (M) Sdn Bhd, Business Director Tan Jun Ming - Posterscope, OOH Planning Director Cheng Ka Wai - Posterscope, OOH Account Manager Jessie Chang - Carat Media Services (M) Sdn Bhd, Assistant Manager

Objective & Challenge
Pandapro is a monthly subscription plan for foodpanda’s customers to dine, shop and enjoy exclusive rewards and benefits on the app’s food essentials and services. Since it’s official launch in July 2021, covered by the press, there has been no further media support to drive the awareness of the product. Subscription to the service has been growing organically, but the sign-ups were coming from only a fraction of the app’s ‘super heavyusers’. With the limitation on budget of only RM50,000, we were tasked to come up with a campaign in December 2021 that is impactful, effective, cost effiicient, yet driving high awareness to reach out to the wider ‘heavyusers’ audience that transacts on foodpanda app at least once every 2 weeks.

Insight & Strategy
In terms of media, both TV and OOH remains the highest reach medium. Impact wise, it’s definitely going to be in OOH, purely based on the sheer size of the format. Consumer wise, how are we able to effectively reach our target audience when OOH is the medium of choice. Most would also agree that majority of billboards and DOOH screens in town are notoriusly looping contents to any person within proximity, which is not effective. Given such challenges, we brought in a partner called Hivestack to solve this conundrum. Hivestack is a martech company that provides a full stack programmatic digital out of home (pDOOH) solution platform. The strategy is to be able to leverage data and technology to plan, buy, target, deliver and measure Ads in DOOH screens like never before. In this pilot project, we will be shifting from loop-based location targeting (pre-programmed screens and times) to programmatically bought DOOH (buying impressions based on audience concentrations). By fusing 3rd party data from Lifesight with traffic data from media owner, the pDOOH platform are able to denote a dynamic impression multiplier by the respective hour of the day, allowing us more precision to reach our target audience. As pDOOH are still in it’s infancy stage in Malaysia market, where OOH media owners are still struggling to grasp with the impression concept, a huge shift from the current JKR traffic data, we felt there may be opportunities on cheaper rates on media cost as well as media owner are still going through trial and error and may hv submitted low rates into the platform’s system. True enough, the average 30%-50% loading fees for daypart spot were not accounted for by media owner through the Hivestack platform

The trigger-based delivery on Hivestack are setup to deliver Ads across connected screens based on nuanced targeting parameters, and for this case audience concentration. Proximity geofence are setup to serve Ads across 171 connected screens, covering 54 locations, delivering a total of 3.1 million impressions. The delivery was split across 4 weeks while campaign peaked during the 2nd week with the highest impressions contribution. We are able to learn that 53% impressions are served across screens on Federal, LDP and Sprint Highway, with another 43% coming from shopping mall’s screen, and lastly 4% from petrol station’s screens.

Business wise, pandapro subscription grew from an average of 13% organic growth throughout July’21 – Nov’21 to a staggering 236% post the campaign. Subscription drops significantly when no campaign is running. This clearly shows the direct impact from the pDOOH campaign in the month of Dec’21. Media investment wise, it generated an ROI of 16.0 compared to direct DOOH investments into the respective sites, as the base. But due to the insights of no loading fees, the ROI was further improved to 19.50 for the campaign