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2022 | |

The Visual Xplorer – Xperience Sabah in the eyes of Vivo X70 Pro

Advertiser: Vivo Malaysia
Brand: Vivo
Creative Agency: Shoot Works Asia
Credits: Vicky Tam - Initiative, General Manager Allen Phang Kah Loon - Initiative, Business Director Chew Fui San - Initiative, Media Manager Tan Yan Qi - Initiative, Media Planner Yow Swee Yie - Reprise Performance, Performance Marketing Manager Lee Xiang Wei - Reprise Performance, Assistant Manager Performance Marketing Lee Mun Kiat - Vivo Malaysia, Digital Marketing Assistant Manager Raymond Teoh - Vivo Malaysia, Brand Manager

Objective & Challenge
The Vivo X series is one of their flagship lines of smartphones, the standard of innovation for Vivo’s smartphone range. The Vivo X70 launched with a breakthrough: 4K ultra-high-definition video recording capability and promising gimbal technology as well as night vision. The technology was co-engineered with ZEISS, the early pioneer of camera lens technology. Smartphones are essentially sold as cameras; it is the feature which drives category competition. However, Vivo cameras do not enjoy the same popularity as compared to Apple or Samsung for camera supremacy; Huawei has also emerged as a strong challenger with impressive camera innovations and its partnership with Leica. Despite those barriers, Vivo was set on forging forward to enhance its brand image and position the X series as a professional-level photography flagship device and showcase its powerful, innovative camera. We needed to capture people’s imagination in a crowded, competitive landscape in which Apple was promoting iPhone-shot mini movies and Huawei was ‘reinventing photography’ by trying to bring professional quality to smartphones. On top of this, we aimed to improve the brand recognition and product consideration compared to the previous X60 series.

Insight & Strategy
Every new flagship smartphone launch brought bigger and bolder claims about camera capabilities – audiences were becoming immune to this. It was also starting to seem that smartphone cameras were being designed for specialists – professional photographers or ambitious amateurs willing to take the time and effort to perfect their skills. What about everyone else? Malaysians love taking great photos and videos, but most people don’t want to think about it too much. Consumer data from Nielsen and YouGov indicated 82% of Malaysians share their photos and experiences the most through social media while they are traveling. Vivo identified one of the most popular destinations for domestic travel – apart from the economic hubs of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor which are home to the highest population density in the nation, Sabah took the #1 position as the most-visited state in 2019. As borders reopened, we saw our high-end users developing great interest in travelling and saw an opportunity with Sabah Tourism. The return of tourists was something many tourism bodies were looking forward to. Vivo sought to document and share this beauty with a global audience, amidst a changing world where memories is fleeting and defined by social media. It is with this ambition and partnership with the Sabah Tourism Board that Vivo started the ‘Visual Xplorer’ project, documenting the majesty of Sabah and all its beauty, captured through the unparalleled filmography quality of Vivo’s X-series flagship phones. A branded film of 1 minute 27 seconds was shot with the Vivo X70 Pro, indirectly showcasing the hallmarks. The film takes viewers on a journey to explore Sabah through various tropes of culture, tribes, food, festivities and nature, demonstrating the filming capabilities of the device, while capturing moments and memories unheard of from the rich land of Sabah in great detail to immortalise its beautiful landscape and culture.

The plan was to produce our own short film to show our target audience what they can create with the Vivo X70. We chose this route because it will be more authentic for them if they get to watch other creative minds using the product and delivering impressive results, rather than just watching another heavily branded product video. To seal Vivo’s and the Sabah Tourism Board’s effort of capturing the tropical heaven into permanence, the video was boosted on Malaysia’s largest social media and video sharing platforms – Facebook and YouTube. The video was set target the mass social media enthusiasts, technophiles, and users who care about a mobile phone’s capabilities to capture the finest visuals as well as market leader audiences – the iPhone users – Vivo took the challenge to impress and convince the hardest to convert crowd. Informing current Vivo users and X series fans about Vivo’s new milestone in smartphone film-making technology is just as important as announcing it to the masses. We reached out to people who owned the previous series flagship phone (X60) and people who are still considering the X70 (visited X70 product page yet to convert) to further convince the crowd on their choice. We prompted our audiences with a real movie screening experience, where we first launched a 6s teaser, followed by a 70s full video and a 3-minute behind-the-scenes video. In a later phase, we close the loop by retargeting the viewers with 6s videos that illustrated the individual phone features that lead the viewers down the lower funnel.

Combined, the films garnered over a 12.3 million views garnered an impressive 60% average view-through rate. The videos were well-received, with commenters expressing surprise over the fact that the short films were shot with a phone. Specifically for users reached via iPhone device targeting, we achieved 48% VTR on YouTube and 69.74% on Facebook – 0.8% higher than android users, indicating that the Vivo x70 successfully captured non-Android users’ attention. On Facebook, the video garnered 4,641 interactions where people liked, shared, and commented on the video about the Vivo X70 breaking through the glass ceiling of smartphone filmmaking. We also saw an overall uplift in brand recognition amongst Malaysians – according to a Kantar survey, there was a significant lift in unaided brand awareness (+7% compared to Q2 2021) in Malaysia on Vivo’s premium range series, as well as user approval on vivo X70 having better front and rear camera functions and better video recording quality after the campaign launch. Finally, brand recognition for audiences interested in lower tier phones also saw an improvement (+7% compared to Q2 2021) during X70 campaign period, indicating a halo effect for the overall brand. Most importantly, according to Sabah Tourism Board, the domestic arrivals have increased by 700 per cent in December 2021 compared to the same month the year before since the state allowed interstate travel last year.