Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2022 | |

Zip through the boredom

Advertiser: Mondelez International
Brand: Cadbury ZIP
Creative Agency: Ogilvy Malaysia
Credits: Boon Siew - Mondelez International Malaysia, Senior Marketing Manager, Chocolates MYSG Arpan Sur - Mondelez International Malaysia, Director Marketing MYSG Nikhil Nicholas - Mondelez International Malaysia, SEA Chocolates Lead Sharon Pong - Mondelez International Malaysia, Brand Manager Chocolates MYSG Yvonne Lee - Mondelez International Malaysia, CX Media Lead MYSGTH Vinod Kumar - Spark Foundry, General Manager Irene Teo - Spark Foundry, Media Planning Manager Kanika - Ogilvy Malaysia, Regional Business Director

Objective & Challenge
Our objective was to win back the share of the beloved childhood favorite Cadbury ZIP in 2000s, the biggest share loss came from GenZ’. The challenge was to win the minds of GenZ’s who have the attention span of a goldfish, the same ones who can’t even sit through a Netflix intro and who skip every single ad.

Insight & Strategy
We identified there are many moments in the daily life of a Malaysian GenZ that feel like forever and they sometimes wish they could just zip through it. But to engage with them it’s critical to learn to speak GenZ visual language as they are addicted to and plagued by social media / games and are compelled to live a carefully-curated and full digital life. They have a constant need to feed their Instagram’s, they are glued to their cameras and want to be seen as doing many things all the time that they share online in a moment’s notice. Also tired of being talked at and sold to, They desire a more personal connect with brands and communication needs to be entertaining, concise, visual and personalized. The strategy was built for zipping through GenZ’s feel like forever moments by disrupting GenZs in places we know they get bored and serve them assets that are relevant to them in those moments of boredom tailored with data-driven hyper-personalized messaging. Make it visual – Shine a spotlight on the moments that “feels like forever” in a GenZ’s daily life. Make it real – Leverage on technology to identify and create hyper-personalization messages based on audience locations (out-of-home). Make it now – Use DCO technology to trigger out-of-home consumption and provide instant opportunity to purchase by leveraging live location triggers and convert them by directing them to purchase both online and in out-of-home on the go moments – based on where they are at. We worked closely with creative team to create the most relevant four out-of-home and four In-home forever moments of a GenZ’s daily life to address based on what we identified. Out-of-home moments, – Waiting for token number: When you are waiting for your token number to collect your license. – Waiting to eat: When you want to dig in when the food arrives at a café but your girlfriend wants to take pictures for Instagram first. – Waiting in queue: When you’re next in line for bubble tea but the person in front is all fickle. – Waiting in elevator: When you hurrying to go up but someone pressed all the buttons on the elevator. In-home moments, – Waiting to re-spawn: When you die in game and waiting for the re-spawn countdown. – Waiting to buffer: When you’re about to drop the beat but the music buffers. – Waiting to watch: When you are watching a movie at home and your gf/sister pause the movie to finish a call with a friend. – Waiting to charge: When your phone battery is dead, you plug and wait for it to hit 1% to switch on.

In-home and out-of-home assets were executed with Mondelez empathy @ scale personalization approach to maximize relevancy and when the user is out-of-home and in the radius of our OOH mapping they will not be exposed to In-home assets due to custom audience exclusion but will be exposed to an OOH asset relevant to the real-time moment. Out-of-home campaign was executed with location based messaging delivered in real-time with asset prioritization by moment and platform. Firstly we worked closely with DeltaX tech partner to extract locations details of Malls, Cafes, Restaurants, Universities and Government offices (ID/Passport/Driver’s license) and adapted the four OOH creatives into 717 text-overlayed creatives making it relevant when the user is exposed based on the geo-fenced location and each of the creatives are link to the nearest store location ZIP is available. Example: In Malls the “waiting in queue” asset text-overlay will changed to “waiting in queue to pay instead of shopping” and mention the nearest store location to purchase including the address in visual. When the user click on the CTA button it will direct them to the store location via google maps. Then we prioritized the platforms relevance to the moments by understanding the user’s platform usage behavior by moment. FB/IG : Malls – waiting in queue / Universities – waiting in elevator / Cafes – waiting to eat / Restaurants – waiting to eat / Government offices – waiting for token number YouTube : Universities – waiting in queue / Cafes – waiting in queue / Restaurants – waiting in queue In-home campaign was executed to build relevance on a broad spectrum on FB/IG & YouTube by segments Gaming – waiting to re-spawn, Music – waiting to buffer, Movie – waiting to watch and Mobile & Tech – waiting to charge and these asset will not be exposed while the users if in the radius of our OOH campaign. Furthermore we selected GenZ KOL’s to create real life forever moments they want to zip through on their day-to-day life to further strengthen on our core communication of zip through forever moments with Cadbury ZIP.

We reached 81% of GenZ in Malaysia within 6weeks and monitored 78% positive sentiments through our social handles. With personalized messages, our audience not only recalled our ads more (+4.6ppt) our product searches for Cadbury ZIP grew (+1.23x) and we smashed our previous view through records on YouTube (32%). The OOH campaign drove over 142 thousand people to the nearest stores via the CTA. But most important highlight is the revenue went up by 2.6x vs YA and ZIP market share doubled with the support of this campaign.