Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2022 | |

Striking The Best Impression for Proton with Customised Artificial Intelligence

Advertiser: Proton Edar
Brand: Proton
Creative Agency: GrowthOps
Credits: Aravind Menon - Xaxis Malaysia, Managing Director Pamela Ooi - Xaxis Malaysia, Director, Programmatic Strategy & Insights Rohand Nair - Xaxis Malaysia, Senior Executive, Engagement Justin Alanzo de Souza - Xaxis Malaysia, Director, Operations Casii Tiu - Xaxis Malaysia, Executive, Operations Sheley Lim - Wavemaker Malaysia, Head of Digital

Objective & Challenge
Proton wanted to drive conversions with the primary goal to increase car bookings and secondary goal to increase test drives. To do this effectively, it was vital to reach quality audiences with precision by leveraging the data that affects their business goals to get stronger outcomes for every media dollar. We embarked on a series of actions for Proton: 1) Analysed Proton’s website data 2) Correlated data to media activation 3) Established a hypothesis 4) Create customised strategy unique to Proton’s true business goal Our proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology gathered data and optimised media buying in real time. Utilising the data collected, the AI team developed weightage against those metrics and developed a customised algorithm (Custom Outcome Strategy) to further drive performance for Proton.

Insight & Strategy
As first of its kind in the market, a customised algorithm strategy was created to drive value and differentiation for Proton that took a granular view into audience segments, website user journey, media performance and budget allocation all in real time within the campaign optimisation. Through a unique optimisation strategy that applies AI to make thousands of data-driven decisions behind the scenes, key digital actions and website signals were correlated to real life test drives. By employing an algorithmic strategy built on hundreds of thousands of learning models to discover and automatically act on hidden pools of value, we increased the likelihood of a real dealership visit while improving cost effectiveness. We also discovered website activity trends and behavior that most significantly impact client’s goals and adjusted delivery in real time.

First, a page audit was done to ensure proper tagging of all the pages on the website using Machine Learning models built on top of various user touchpoints, captured by DSP pixels. These models quantified how likely each of these touchpoints led to a lead or booking generation. Customised weightage scores were assigned to each page based on its correlation to the conversion goal of bookings and test drives. This weightage formed the basis of the algorithm powering our optimisation strategy. Our proprietary AI technology then used these pixel weights (scores) to maximise towards dealer quotes with its ability to continuously improve and provide more efficiency across the campaign period. We learned exactly what works and what does not for Proton – the data clearly showed us the right way forward with most relevant buyer personas, detailed customer journeys (from awareness to purchase) and data on most effective messaging and creatives.

The Customised Strategy + Proprietary AI approach saw strong results and drove an efficient performance, capturing the right users at the right time who showed high purchase intent. We achieved 166% in landing rate, and 42% decrease in Cost per Land throughout the whole campaign. Aside from that, we garnered 222% increase in conversion rate and amazing results in 88% decrease in Cost per Acquisition. Our collaboration with Proton has got them excited to test out additional customised metrics for future campaigns. With the digital media industry facing more complexity and uncertainty than ever, Proton’s interest in outcomebased strategies will guarantee business results from their marketing investments. Outcomebased media will be even more important as cookies start to diminish and firstparty data become more important.