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Malaysia’s First Joy Squad – Turning Influencers into Delivery Heroes

Advertiser: Delivery Hero Malaysia
Brand: foodpanda
Creative Agency: Internal
Credits: Vanitha Selvathurai​ - Carat Media Services (M) Sdn Bhd, Partner, Head of Carat Chong Wei See - Carat Media Services (M) Sdn Bhd, Business Director Chang Lee Jia - Carat Media Services (M) Sdn Bhd, Assistant Manager

Objective & Challenge
After living with the pandemic for over a year, delivery services had become a norm for most households, bringing rise to many more brands fighting to get a share of the delivery services sector. While Grab remained a key competitor to foodpanda, other major brands like AirAsia and Maybank were emerging as new threats to foodpanda’s dominance. foodpanda had to retain its market share and position as the market leader. Going back and forth through MCO, EMCO, CMCO, had disrupted lives and created a lot of confusion and hardships to many Malaysians. Many businesses closed, people lost their jobs, and everyone was trying to find a way to survive and keep going. As a continuation of the successful ‘Unleashing the Simple Joys of Life’ campaign, foodpanda decided to take on a more socially responsible angle to bring positivity to Malaysians. The objective was for foodpanda to be seen as an empathetic brand that could touch the lives of Malaysians in positive ways measured on the following key metrics: – Achieve a total combined campaign reach of 8mil – Drive close to 250k engagements – Deliver 50k unique page views and 500k video views

Insight & Strategy
While all other delivery services threw promotions and discounts to the end users, we chose to do something different in order to stand out. We further emphasized sharing joy to give something to our end users to latch onto or associate with. The constant changes in SOPs, caused a lot of uncertainties and made Malaysians restless. We decided to take on the responsibility to remind Malaysians that there was always a simple joy that could be found in little moments and things around them that can be shared with their friends and loved ones. By using our proprietary panel data, we identified and clustered Malaysians between the ages of 18 – 44 into 3 distinct segments – the Providers, the Urban Millennials and the Young & Restless. The Providers had an index of 115 when it came to sharing everyday adventures with friends and family, the Urban Millennials identified their friends as the most important thing in their lives with an index of 117 and the Young & Restless stated that they regularly treated themselves to little moments of enjoyment with an index of 120. All 3 shared affinity for touchpoints across TV, Radio, Content Article. Hence, our strategy was to partner with Malaysia’s biggest media provider Omina Group to unlock joy to the next level through an influencer-led approach. Thus the Joy Squad (a team of 9 Key Influencers) was born to inspire Malaysians to act on spreading joy together.

The campaign was broken into Phase 1 (21st Jun to 24th July) and Phase 2 (25th July to 31st August). During Phase 1, in order to enhance the notes of joy in the campaign, we ran a contest for people to share their joyful moments and stand a chance to win vouchers worth RM1,000 from foodpanda and a pandapro subscription to foodpanda which unlocked all sorts of discounts for consumers. Each content portal and all the 9 influencers amplified the contest and through their very own social media accounts and had an interview at HOT, FLY and 8 FM to get more Malaysians to share their stories and take part together. At the same time, TV3 Buletin Utama and 8TV Mandarin News did a news coverage about this campaign and encourage Malaysia to join the movement together. In Phase 2, we identified two Malaysians and a charity organization and leveraged the power of the 9 key influencers and help them by sending essential items to them: 1. Uncle Jacob – a 60 year-old taxi driver who had lost his job since MCO started and had been struggling on daily essentials. He was staying in a government apartment where there was no water heater, kitchenware or even proper tables and chairs. The Joy Squad filled his home with essential items, together with bed a frame, mattress, table, chair, TV and a microwave. 2. Cik Aziana – a single mum who was raising five kids and was struggling since MCO started. One of the difficulties that she faced is she had only one mobile phone for her five kids to attend PdPR (online classes). The kids had to skip classes because this phone dilemma. The Joy Squad delivered tablets and foods for the kids. 3. Meefah Shelter – an animal shelter that was running low on funds to look after its 3,000 dogs, 60 cats, 20 tortoises, one pig and one monkey. The Joy Squad jumped in providing dog & cat food together with disinfectant/sanitizer sprays. Throughout Phase 1 and 2 of the campaign, we took over the Facebook and YouTube platforms of the 3 content portals – SAYS, OHBULAN! and VIRALCHAM (from the Cover Page to its Profile Picture) with the support of the 9 key influencers to convey messages of joy and to remind Malaysians to share their simple joys of life that they experienced. We posted carefully crafted content articles to spark the thoughts of joy among audiences across the 3 portals. We further extended it into the social media accounts of the influencers to reach their followers. Leveraging the power of the influencers to remind their followers of the simple joys of life they experienced and to share those simple moments with their loved ones.

Total campaign delivered: – A total combined campaign reach of 9.4mil (Overdelivered by 1.4mil against target of 8mil) – Drove close to 285k engagements (Overdelivered by 35K against target of 250K) – Delivered 53k unique page views and 552k video views (Overdelivered 3K unique page views against the target of 50K and 52K video views against target of 500K respectively) The campaign generated overwelming positive feedback and goodwill for the brand. Overall, foodpanda’s pick-up service grew by 44% (contributing 15% share of the overall business) while foodpanda shops grew 56% (contributing 13% to overall business) and pandamart grew to 106% (contributing 14% to the overall business).