Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2022 | |

Taking Malaysians on a ‘So Light, So Tasty’ Pizza Journey

Advertiser: QSR Brands (M) Holdings
Brand: Pizza Hut Malaysia
Creative Agency: Fishermen
Credits: Salim Mohamed - Carat Media Services (M) And Bhd, Head of Strategy, Carat Vanitha Selvathurai​ - Carat Media Services (M) And Bhd, Partner, Head of Carat Muhd Faiz Ismail - Carat Media Services (M) And Bhd, Performance Marketing Specialist Jaclyn Hwang - Carat Media Services (M) And Bhd, Senior Executive, Biddable

Objective & Challenge
Pizza Hut is well-known and popular among Malaysians as a wholesome family brand. Their pan pizza has been a household favorite for the last 40 years. However, Domino’s clearly has been winning with the young with their thin crust pizza and fast delivery. In 2021, Pizza Hut was ready to wow the palettes of Malaysians with their new Hand Crafted Pizza (HCP) offering. It is a specially crafted pizza using premium sourdough, airy inside yet thin crusty on the outside, unlike anything Malaysians have ever tasted before. Besides getting pizza lovers to change their pizza choice, we wanted to penetrate new customers and gain market share in the young adults/families segment. The objective was to clearly raise nationwide awareness and talkability around the new pizza, especially among the young adult audiences. The key media KPIs were as follows: Reach: Achieve a minimum of 30million impressions and 30% completed video views Buzz: Garner a 25% increase in positive mentions and engagement Sales: 3% uplift in overall sales

Insight & Strategy
“The world is not flat, your pizza shouldn’t be either”. This was our core though in bringing this new pizza to market. It was a product led insight which we wanted to bring to life tapping into contemporary cultural nuances. How do we build a brand imagery which portrays a modern pizza as the best-tasting new thin crust pizza in town? We wanted people to experience Pizza Hut’s new thin hand-crafted crust pizza that is not just thin but multi- sensorial texture with crisp on the outside, airy soft inside and yet equally light (“Ranggup di luar, Lembut di dalam / So Light, So Tasty”). We tapped into three aspects that was trending in poular culture: – The rise of local influencer comdeians – The need and desire to travel again which was evident in the search and video consumption data from social platforms – The emerging popularity of ASMR experiences Our media strategy was to ‘Activate a Sensorial Experience with a Comic Edge’

We chose Jenn Chia (SolmJenn) to be the face of the campaign for her down home local attitude, comic timing and popular persona of Aunty Siow. We collaborated with two more macro influencers who were popular among our key target audience of young urban Chinese and Malay adults. – Haziq Hussini – great and humorous content that engages the Malay audiences – Orange – multi-talented artist/host/singer/radio announcer that engaged with the nicher Chinese audiences Each of the influencers did their own rendition of Pizza Hut’s new “So Light, So Tasty” pizza launch video whereby characteristics of the pizza were magnified through the analogy of travel experiences through sound, narrative and sight to give viewers a sensorial stimulation. Through influener based content, we were able to engage with their fans/followers with content that were relevant and resonated with them. This helped in building Pizza Hut’s brand imagery amongst the young adults/families. We published the videos across Social Media platforms such as Facebook/Instagram and Youtube on both brand and the KOL’s channels to expand on our audience reach. The engaged customers were led to a spoofed air travel microsite developed to give the customers a full travel experience on their pizza journey. To enhance the experience, for 3 days, the first 10,000 passengers (customers) were given an RM1.90 “travel” (pizza) pass in the form of a mock-up boarding pass to redeem Pizza Hut’s new thin hand-crafted crust pizza.

“So Light, So Tasty” campaign overall managed to achieve the following results: Reach: 33.2 million impressions (vs target of 30Mil) with a 50% completed video views on Youtube. Buzz: The collaboration with the selected influencers in long-form story telling content garnered Pizza Hut an increase of 58% positive mentions and engagements as the brand embarks in a new approach to build brand imagery of modern pizza. This gave us an exceeded target by over 30%. Sales: Overall, we managed to achieve a 4% increase in sales with 1% overachieving target.