Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2022 | |

Magnum Malaysia x Money Heist: Mission Unlocked

Advertiser: Unilever
Brand: Magnum
Creative Agency: Entropia
Credits: Shiv Sahgal - Unilever, Marketing Director Jefri Javed - Unilever, Head of Media & Digital Stephanie NG - Unilever, Category Lead Alan Tsing - Unilever, Senior Brand Manager Lee Jo Dee - Unilever, Young Manager Faten Ashrof - Mindshare, Senior Manager - Food & Refreshment Lead Elise Loi - Mindshare, Manager Syamin Yusop - Mindshare, Digital Lead

Objective & Challenge
Magnum ice creams, which have always stood for self-indulgence, took a back seat during the pandemic as they were pegged as expensive and mostly for individual serving. With life returning to normal, Magnum had to remind the pleasure seekers about its offering in an unconventional manner and generate buzz & excitement amongst its biggest target audiences – Millennials & Gen-Zs. The campaign objectives were to increase preference, purchase and drive talkability for Magnum.

Insight & Strategy
Content consumption, especially on SVoD (SubscriptionVideoonDemand) services, skyrocketed during the pandemic by 25%, especially for the millennials/Gen-Zs where personal screen time had increased exponentially. Our TA was continuously in search of new and exciting content and binge-watching was the only form of entertainment burying their boredom during the lockdown. OTTs like Netflix topped the charts and filled TA’s needs with their excellent content line-up. Indulging in binge-watching behaviour is often accompanied by snacks and sweet treats like ice creams. Avid Netflix viewers would know the most famous series to date Money Heist, also known as La Casa De Papel (in Spanish). This series had emerged as one of the most popular franchises globally and was also one of the most-watched Netflix series in Malaysia. Money Heist is a story about love. With each heist in the story, the protagonist, popularly called “the Professor” paid tribute to the people closest to his heart, the whole operation meticulously planned by him and implemented by his team. The grand finale was scheduled to be aired in December 2021, with fans worldwide, including the ones in Malaysia waiting in full anticipation and suspense. We wanted to create a similar experience for Magnum fans since they were so invested in the characters on the show. As the plot thickens the stress builds up. Our research showed that ice-creams were a good way to overcome anxiety in any situation – and what better therapy than ice cream therapy to help them cope. We identified the Money Heist finale as the perfect opportunity for Magnum to join hands with Netflix & launched a co-branded initiative to give fans a tasty and memorable send-off.

We kickstarted the campaign with exclusive branded video content created only for Malaysians with a secret message from La Banda (the lead cast/team in the series). The video went on to entice viewers to buy the special Magnum bundle pack containing various flavours of the indulgent ice creams and a Dali mask as a welcome pack to La Banda. Fans were then tasked to scan the QR code on the special bundle pack, visit the co-branded website and work together to unlock the secret message and win exclusive prizes. This secret message could be unlocked by solving a puzzle of 3520 pixels/pieces. TA was invited to uncover these pixels through this unique online experience. The special video was promoted on YouTube, Facebook and popular websites such as WOB, SAYS, KL Foodie, Siakapkeli and Lee Sharing. 8 top lifestyle celebrities & 20 micro KOLs influencers joined the party and urged fans to become a part of this national heist and start unlocking the #TheSweetGoodbye puzzle together. A campaign of such epic proportions required us to go beyond digital to reach out to the masses. We took up prominent OOH sites across 25 locations in Klang Valley, 5 locations in the southern region (Negeri Sembilan, Melaka & Johor) and 5 locations in the northern region (Kedah, Penang & Ipoh) to captivate the whole nation. The curated Magnum Ice Cream bundles were available on eCommerce and food delivery platforms such as FoodPanda, Grab, Lazada and Shopee. Shoppers could also get their hands on an exclusive Magnum Money Heist cooler bag with every purchase of two or more Magnum Mini multipacks at major hyper/supermarket chains. We even identified hard-core fans of Money Heist and pleasure seekers on social media and gave them the sweetest of surprises. La Banda crew pulled up right up to the homes of the fans to deliver a Limited Edition Magnum Money Heist Bundle box that contained Malaysia’s favourite Magnum ice cream flavours- Almond, Classic, White Almond and Cookies & Cream along with the iconic Dali mask! Social media and articles drove urgency pushing fans to get the special pack and enjoy the online experience as it would only be available till 12th December 2021. Once the puzzles were unlocked, we released a congratulatory video thanking fans and pleasure seekers who participated in solving the puzzle, spending a total of 512 hours of teamwork and dedication to unlock all 3,520 pixels and solve the puzzle to reveal the #TheSweetGoodbye message! But wait…we were not done yet! Now that the message was unlocked, it revealed another parting gift -a super cool AR (Augmented Reality) experience that showcased the Professor’s iconic origami bird that swiftly unfolds to reveal the #TheSweetGoodbye message, in a new format, from La Banda! Fans flocked to the online experience and were left amazed, to say the least. A few dedicated participants (who had spent ample time cracking the puzzle and/or got high engagement sharing their posts) also managed to bring home super cool gifts such as the iconic red jumpsuit, the Dali mask and Netflix subscriptions while 15 winners grabbed the grand prize which was the replica gold bars used in filming during the show! The awesomely special collectable was one prized possession they would surely hold on to till the end.

The Malaysia specific branded content campaign successfully garnered: • We reached out to 12 million people (75% reach in demographic TA) from social media, YouTube & social aggregators • 300K Clicks to the website & captured the highest CTR at 5.01% – 3x higher than the industry benchmark • Influencers’ posts generated 1.07 million engagement • 120 million impressions delivered within just 1 month of the campaign • Generated a total PR value of RM 216,000 – an ROI of 10.2X In terms of business results: • +18% uplift in unit sales vs the same period in 2020 • +17% uplift in off-take sales value vs the same period in 2020 • Market share of Magnum increased +60 bps vs. same period in 2020 As we say “Ciao, Bella” one last time, we raise our Magnums to the Pleasure Seekers and to La Banda! For one last time, let us sing it together… Bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao ciao ciao!