Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2022 | |

KFC strikes a nostalgic chord with Burger P. Ramlee

Advertiser: QSR Stores
Brand: KFC
Creative Agency: Naga DDB
Credits: Rina Low - Universal McCann, Managing Director Clarice Lee - Universal McCann, Business Director Jason Yiap - Universal McCann, Media Manager Celine Tan - Universal McCann, Senior Planner Lynette Lim - Reprise Digital, Business Director Zima Azmi - Reprise Digital, Account Manager Yee Ling Feng - Reprise Digital, Social Media Specialist RZ Chew - Naga DDB, Senior Account Director Brian Khoo - Naga DDB, Associate Account Director Dalina Annuar - Naga DDB, Manager Vindy Wong - Rapport, Business Director Marco Soo - Rapport, Associate Director

Objective & Challenge
When you think KFC, you think fried chicken. But the challenge is, when you think of KFC, do you think of burgers? Unfortunately, despite our KFC burger having been on the menu for a while, it was losing resonance with the grassroots and to our friendly competitor dominating the burger segment in Malaysia. We needed to spark and reignite interest and demand to drive our burger segment within the QSR category. Just another runofthemill burger would not cut it. The task was to make a strong impact in the burger segment by gaining market share from our key competitor, McDonald’s.

Insight & Strategy
The initial idea was to introduce a Nasi Kandar burger. But what’s sexy about that? Insights from the community evoked messages of nostalgia, comfort and celebrity in the shape of our very own national star – P. Ramlee. This tied in fantastically, as P.Ramlee’s favourite food was Nasi Kandar. This resulted in the birth of our Burger P. Ramlee! We now needed to ensure we drove consumers to try out this new product and create demand for the first ever Burger P. Ramlee. An innovation combining our infamous Zinger with P. Ramlees’s favourite dish, giving tribute to the legendary icon of Malaysia’s film and music industry. Our strategy was to marry the past and present to evoke nostalgic, happier moments and elevate the current mood in the community from two years of pandemic restrictions. Through search trends and social listening, we knew P. Ramlee remained one of the most iconic names in the entertainment industry amongst Malaysian households. We also knew through YouGov that KFC customers are highly influenced by celebrity endorsements in their purchase behaviours, with Radio driving the high reach and affinity for KFC’s target audience, as confirmed by Nielsen; especially relevant as the campaign is anchored upon music. The idea was to use media, specifically radio, to drive these happy memories and bring back the good times with KFC’s Burger P. Ramlee. We used one of P. Ramlee’s most iconic songs, Kwek Mambo – a song well known for its catchy tune – as the main theme across all key communications. Staying true to our theme of past and present, the TVC was filmed in black and white to reinforce the nostalgic direction.

And we went retro all the way… RADIO TURNED RETRO! We collaborated with Top Malay radio stations Era, Sinar and Gegar to celebrate the launch of Burger P.Ramlee. Instead of hardselling on the radio, listeners enjoyed the Kwek Mambo song throughout the day, while we curated various audio ads from the song with our burger’s key selling points seamlessly weaved in, driving high reach and frequency. As Era is the number one station (3.73mil Malay listeners) – it is ideal for impact and reach to dominate and drive the hype. On launch day, all major radio spots transformed into P. Ramlee mentions – from Sweepers to Announcers’ Talksets to Contest segments with listeners and announcers celebrating P. Ramlee by singing their favourite song. Sinar was turned into a P. Ramlee retro station for 10 consecutive days for listeners to enjoy his old hits throughout the day. Sinar was a solid choice with the audience as it plays Classic/ older songs – a natural partner to bring back the nostalgia with Kwek Mambo. (Malay listeners @2.81mil, index153) EXCLUSIVE EVENT FOR THAT OLSKOOL FEELS! Not limited to onair, engagement was brought on ground with Sinar through the “Sekali Rasa Bergetar Jiwa” contest. Diehard P. Ramlee/ KFC fans participated in an onair contest for a chance to attend the exclusive closeddoor launch of the burger at KFC Bukit Raja Klang, bestknown as the KFC “Retro” store. The event was broadcast live by Sinar and amplified further on social media to drive buzz for the campaign. An afternoon of music, food and quizzes with full COVID protocol compliances left the lucky listeners with smiles as they got their first taste of the new burger. DRIVETHRU GIVEAWAYS FOR ALL! We continued with a drivethru activation on site inviting anyone within the vicinity to sing a line from Kwek Mambo to win Burger P. Ramlee giveaways. The high energy event with Sinar’s announcers brought a crowd of Malaysians through the drivein to feed the enthusiastic P. Ramlee/ KFC fans. INFLUENCERS GO RETRO TOO! Engaging Macro and Micro influencers, we showcased their transition into Icon P. Ramlee. This was creatively shown with a transition from a retro black & white setting to a colourful modern era, where they are seen enjoying the KFC Burger P. Ramlee in an engaging manner, reminiscent of him in a special origami tarbush hat, truly iconic of the legend. The influencer list includes Fairuz Misran, who famously looks and sounds like the late P. Ramlee. WE RETROFIED TVC, DIGITAL AND OOH! At launch, we deployed our retro KFC Burger P. Ramlee TVC on highreach stations and programs to target our Malay segment primary audience. The campaign covered all top digital/ social platforms, with impact and high reach formats such as Facebook R&F, Google Blast, YouTube Masthead. We also focused on interest and retargeting efforts to drive consideration on these platforms. The campaign completed with 24 Digital OOH sites within hightraffic locations in close proximity of KFC and McDonald’s outlets as part of the customer journey; reminding customers of our new Burger, inducing cravings and triggering action to try out the new Burger P. Ramlee at the nearest KFC outlet.

Marrying Malaysians beloved chickenbased fastfood chain with the legendary Malaysian artiste was not just a gimmick. It struck a chord with our core Malay audience in positive incremental funnel metrics reflected in YouGov Brand Index. • An increase of +1.8pp in Consideration funnel, KFC surpassed McDonald’s after trailing for 14 weeks (20 Jul to 29 Oct)! • Our limitedtimeoffer definitely moved the needle much more for Purchase Intent as we saw an uplift of +3.6pp vs 2 weeks prior to launch. • KFC’s Burger P.Ramlee received overwhelmingly positive feedback as echoed by the +2.9pp increase in Buzz Score. • Brand Share +3% vs the last quarter • A 21% increase in transaction growth vs. same period last year (Source: KFC internal Data)