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2022 | |

Vaseline x Viu Collaboration: The Invention of Zero Party Data

Advertiser: Unilever
Brand: Vaseline
Creative Agency: C3 Studio
Credits: Alysha Wong - Unilever, Marketing Manager Javed Jafri - Unilever, Head of Media & Digital Amal Khalidi - Unilever, Media Activation Manager Tan Ann-Gie - Unilever, Brand Manager Rashmi Sharma - Mindshare, Business Director MeiJin Ung - Mindshare, Planner Syamin Yusop - Mindshare, Associate Director

Objective & Challenge
Category Challenge Beauty and skincare regime have been around for centuries, and women tend to focus on elaborative facial skincare routines. When comes to body care, they generally pay much less attention, and many are comfortable not doing anything. With 79% of women think facecare is more important than body skin care routine, it is not surprising why Vaseline the leading body care brand faced an uphill battle in recruiting new customers. Brand Challenge In the body care category, Vaseline holds the strongest proposition of treating dry skin with its signature petroleum jelly jar which has withhold the test of time. However, with the influx of new body care with super-ingredient, Vaseline was losing appeal especially amongst the new-age beauty product users. Media Challenge Body care category faced one of the toughest fights as consumers are generally less engaged in purchase decision compared to facecare. Hence, recruitment task got to evolve from mass awareness to targeted need-based communication, creating temptation for Vaseline body skincare. With the impending cookie-less world, Vaseline needs to find an alternative to the 3rd Party Cookie to do precise targeting to connect with the target audience. Agency’s Task: The launch of “Vaseline Vitamin Serum with Extracts of Super Fruits” is the brand’s way forward to recruit the new-age body care users by extending their care and aspiration for glowing skin from face to the entire body. Agency’s task was to drive trial for the new Vaseline variant and collect Audience Data in view of the cookies-less world ahead.

Insight & Strategy
The invasion of Hallyu (Korean Pop-Culture) influence has long infiltrated into our society be it food, fashion, films/drama or celebrities. Fans often take inspiration from their Korean idols especially on natural beauty and skincare to improve their overall appearance top to toe wanting to look as beautiful as their idols. Using the Agency’s proprietary audience tool, we deep-dived into our TA (new-age beauty lover) and studied their behavioural pattern. Our TA wants glowing skin tone just as they are awed by the natural flawless skin of Korean celebrities. They highly appreciate natural product ingredients which resembles the K-beauty product promotion. These insights are backed by Statista survey which showed that 51% of Malaysian beauty users owned and perceived K-beauty products to better meet their skincare needs. We knew that by tracing back to their primary source for K-Beauty reference -Korean Drama, we will find the high affinity audience for Vaseline serum new launch. During the pandemic lockdown, we saw high indexing of our TA towards OTT streaming platforms. Among all, VIU stood out as the Number 1 OTT platform for Korean content. And we found a perfect platform to launch Vaseline vitamin serum with Viu. However, we need to go beyond the usual sponsorship package and ad placement to drive data collection. Research showed that more than 50% of our TA are receptive to connect with brands that listen to their feedback and be rewarded for participation. Hence, we invented the value exchange model for ZERO-PARTY-DATA (Z-P-D). The Z-P-D VALUE EXCHANGE MODEL refers to personal data given by consumer voluntarily in exchange for a value, such as rewards/ prizes. The strategy: we invited our TA who are also the die-hard Korean Drama fans to participate in a feedback survey for an irresistible reward – a VIU premium subscription code to watch the latest K-Drama.

The Z-P-D VALUE EXCHANGE MODEL We initiated this first-of-its-kind data partnership with VIU and developed a bespoke lead generation system to collect Z-P-D via Shopalyst (DigitalMarketing&AdsPlatform) • The strategic intent of the survey was to ‘kill three birds’ with one stone: 1. To build affinity with our TA who wants Vaseline to listen to their feedback 2. To gain a better understanding on how this segment consume body care and their product preferences 3. The submission of their personal data was part of the process for them to redeem the rewards upon completion of the survey • We sponsored an on-demand Korean Drama and use VIU premium subscription code as call-to-action to drive viewers to the Shopalyst page where they could participate in the simple survey in exchange for the reward BUILD BRAND SALIENCE THROUGH SEAMLESS CONTENT INTEGRATION • To strengthen our brand appeal and association with the natural flawless skin of the lead cast, we created social media assets by contextually incorporating our new product into the key scenes of the much-anticipated new drama series: “Doom At Your Service”. Under normal circumstances using Korean celebrity to promote Vaseline could have costs millions in endorsement. • The seamless content integration with the celebrity, ParkBoYoung (lead cast) further amplified the organic healthy glowing skin proposition. A STRUCTURED REMARKETING MODEL WITH Z-P-D • We collected a total of 4,737 zero-party-data and ended the survey phase earlier as the premium VIU subscription codes were fully redeemed within a week. Hence, we activated our conversion campaign immediately. The richness of Z-P-D enabled us to widen the percentage of look-a-like audience from 5% into 10% to build a larger remarketing pool while still maintaining high accuracy.

Z-P-D MADE NEW RECORDS • Vaseline surpassed the market leader Nivea for the first time during the launch campaign period by 200 BasisPoints (bps, 1 bps = 0.01%) • Overall brand share grew by +140bps, 2x faster than the industry growth rate • The new Vaseline Vitamin Serum with Extracts of Super Fruits itself captured +475bps, 4x faster than the industry growth rate • Return-on-Adspend for eCommerce saw 2x improvement • Social campaign achieved 4x higher in CTR and 56% lower in CostPerLinkClick • Choosing the right Korean content, integrating it with Vaseline serum to influence buyer behavior saved Unilever RM1Million celebrity endorsement costs. A DOUBLE-V VICTORY (VASELINE-VIU) • The campaign broke the record of VIU Video benchmark: o Interstitial CTR: 5% (vs VIU 1-3%) o Push Notification CTR: 1.63% (vs VIU 1%) o 15s Video Performance: 98% completion rate (vs VIU 75%) More importantly, both parties enriched their beauty audience data through the collection of Z-P-D for immediate remarketing opportunities.