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Redoxon Turbocharging Malaysian’s Vaccination Drive with a Partnership with MOH

Advertiser: Bayer
Brand: Redoxon
Creative Agency: Fishermen Integrated
Credits: Yuliana Biantoro - Bayer Co. Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., Marketing Manager, Redoxon Junie Hng - Bayer Co. Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., Redoxon ASEAN Brand Lead Steaphy Sin - Bayer Co. Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., Marketing Executive Roland Tok - Bayer Co. Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., Country Digital and e-Commerce Lead Rana Himanshu - MediaCompete Sdn. Bhd., Business Director Saravanan Asogan - MediaCompete Sdn. Bhd., Business Director Shawn Siew - MediaCompete Sdn. Bhd., Senior Communication Manager Robbie Woo - MediaCompete Sdn. Bhd., Communication Planner Joyce Gan - Fishermen Integrated, Group Director Karan Chhabra - Fishermen Integrated, Account Director Mabel Sim - Fishermen Integrated, Senior Account Executive Chong Wei Ling - Fishermen Integrated, Head of Social Lionel Loke - Fishermen Integrated, Social Media Specialist Bala Chow - Fishermen Integrated, Creative Director Shaziana Sajath - Fishermen Integrated, Copywriter Abel Chai - Fishermen Integrated, Art Director

Objective & Challenge
Shaped by the pandemic, Covid-19 has changed the fabric of “normal” amongst Malaysians. In a world where vaccination have been made mandatory, Malaysians are still somehow affected by the myths, misconceptions, and anti-vaxx fake news leading to hesitancy amongst Malaysian to take the vaccine. And on the other end of the spectrum, vaccinated individuals think they are protected against Covid-19 and start to take things for granted. We needed to change that. Fueled by Bayer’s vision “Health For All, Hunger For None” and Redoxon’s brand purpose to nurture human resilience, we collaborated with Malaysian government agency – JKJAV (Malaysia Special Committee on Covid-19 Vaccine Supply) as supporting partners to fight Covid-19 in Malaysia! The goal was to GET Malaysians to fight Covid-19 together by signing up for vaccination, while reminding the public to consistently nuture and care for their immunity and community even after a full course of vaccinations. And this is what we set out to do.

Insight & Strategy
Our insight suggest that for most, the importance of fight covid-19 was important, but confidence levels remained fairly unstable, leaving many Malaysians overwhelmed, but not well-informed. With various global challenges, geo-fencing in any form was hot topic. For many Malaysians, bombarded with news, know-hows, opinions & misconception, we knew we need to ignite confidence for Malaysians to stay united. The big idea is based on one focused goal – Vision to Strengthen Malaysia, also known as Wawasan Kuatkan Malaysia. Redoxon, together with JKJAV aims to make the country stronger by rallying Malaysians to sign up for their vaccination to ultimately drive herd immunity. Our campaign unfolded in 3 nationwide campaigns: Phase 1: Manage information overload, we helped Malaysians filter and recognize how the uptake of the covid-19 vaccination roll-out was a clear path to the end of this pandemic, through a common goal – getting back to what we miss, starts with getting informed and rallying Malaysians to get vaccinated to fight covid together. Phase 2: Now we got Malaysians info-flow-savvy, we shifted our focus on ‘education’ the public to stay vigilant, resilient and championed a collective responsibility. Phase 3: Time to spread advocacy amongst Malaysians. Taking to social, our strategy to achieve our goal, we needed to go viral and quick, our research showed that peer-to-peer conversations was a great inroad to reinforce our message and getting communities signing up for the vaccine uptake and with speed.

A 360 social campaign was developed to carry out the strategy in 3 phases effectively. With a focused goal of “Rallying, Educating, and Reinforcing”, we carried out the campaign with a single objective to fight Covid-19 together! During Phase 1 & 2: We took social platforms to the centre stage of our campaign – With both YouTube and Facebook to kicking off the Redoxon partnership with JKJAV, whilst at the same time heavily promote content to encourage Malaysians to heighten their awareness and sign up for vaccination. A couple social Myth vs. Fact buster postings and a memento video “Inilah Barisan Kita” were created in the awareness phase. To further boost vaccination rates, education and emphasis on the current situation was important. We moved on to an amplification phase by engaging with KOLs, content publishers, and held activations events vaccination centers nationwide to give out Redoxon Immunity Kits to create conversation of vaccination and immunity importance by Redoxon and JKJAV. Most interestingly, we also utilized polygon geo-fencing on mobile display surrounding vaccination centers and Covid-19 hotspots to target Malaysians with Covid-19 relevant messaging, to fulfil the goal of educating the public to not let their guard down and always be collectively and socially responsible. In Phase 3, the goal was specifically to enforce better and more effective targeting. Seeing how the Covid situation was consistently changing daily, we deployed a dynamic nationwide geo fencing campaign! We geo-fenced all the yellow and red zones in Malaysia with customized messaging, promoting vaccination sign ups while emphasizing on the need to maintain good immunity level. The banners will dynamically change daily based on the status of a particular region, delivering a more precise communication and all in real-time. We also geo-fenced vaccination centers to ensure we are able to send Malaysian customised messaging accordingly their historical recency visit to all the vaccinations centers. We were able to gauge if they were fully vaccinated, vaccinated with a single does, or not vaccinated at all and as a result we were able to deliver reminder messages to Malaysians everyone 7 – 14 days depending on their current status!

The “Redoxon Wawasan Kuatkan Malaysia” campaign outperformed our success goal, reaching more than 10 million people, garnering 17 million engagements on social media and was featured by a few publications. We drove +120% in surge trend along with +153% increase for Redoxon keywords on Google during the duration of the campaign. And from a business standpoint, Redoxon offtake increased by 20% during the same period in 2020 and e-commerce traffic increased by 40% vs. the average 6M. Above all, we also played a role in boosting vaccination rates in Malaysia. Vaccination registration increased by 10 mil while vaccination rate increased 50% during this period of time!