Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2022 | |

Panadol Provides Post Vaccination Care to Malaysians

Advertiser: GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare
Brand: Panadol
Creative Agency: Leo Burnett
Credits: Moiz Bilwani - Platform GSK, a division of Vivaki (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Business Director Sze Wei Cheong - Platform GSK, a division of Vivaki (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Senior Media Planner Soo Chin Tan - Platform GSK, a division of Vivaki (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Implementation Manager Julie Kam - Platform GSK, a division of Vivaki (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Senior Buyer Yinping Chay - Platform GSK, a division of Vivaki (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Media Buyer

Objective & Challenge
Panadol had a tough 12 months since COVID hit because the sales took a dip of over 30% and it had been months in recovery, but we were still nowhere near pre-pandemic sales. But things had started to look up as Panadol was able to get approvals for claims around relieving post vaccination symptoms in May 2021. The objective was to ensure that consumers are aware of this communication/claim just as Malaysia’s Government had announced that mass vaccinations will get conducted effective mid-May 2021.

Insight & Strategy
Insight: As part of the first round of mass vaccination, government had allotted almost 35 vaccination centres across the major cities. Netizens were to sign-up on the government created website for vaccination registrations. With great luck, one of our team members were able to register as part of the first batch of mass vaccinations organized by the Malaysian government. Through that personal experience, we mapped out consumers’ entire vaccination journey: 1. Most people came to the vaccination centres using Grab because parking was limited at the site and most people were not sure how they would feel post-vaccination 2. From point of entry to exit, the process took roughly 1.5 hours 3. There were three checkpoints which took roughly 15mins each – at each checkpoint, netizens had to use their phones for different purposes example, scanning QR code etc. 4. Post vaccination, there was a final 15mins observation area. At the observation area, there were healthcare professionals who were advising the netizens to either take paracetamol or Panadol if they experience any post vaccination symptoms. Strategy: We used TV as an anchor platform to drive mass awareness and reach through our core communication and unbranded approach to dial up safety message for paracetamol. We wanted to tie ourselves closely with news programming because of the high interest in content around COVID and National Vaccination Roll-Out. We updated our search keyword list to include vaccination symptoms and treatment related keywords and targeted them with our post vaccination care message. On digital platforms, we mirrored the national vaccination roll-out program whereby, in early May, the targeting would be limited to HCPs, front-liners and senior citizens since these audience groups were prioritized for vaccinations. Around end of May, when the vaccinations were opened for masses, we expanded our audience targeting to cover the masses. Finally, for certain digital platforms, we took a hyper-targeted approach (through proximity targeting) where we wanted to specifically target vaccinated people from the time of inception to 5 days post their vaccination as per the Ministry of Health guidelines around post vaccination symptoms. The hyper-targeting layer was necessary due to the time-sensitive nature of the product need and so, it was essential to capture and convert the audiences in a quick 3 to 5 day window.

TV: We specifically blanketed news programs and strategically placed our ads right after COVID related news to drive relevance across both Media Prima and Astro. On the biggest news platform in Malaysia, Bulletin Utama, we even integrated ourselves inside the COVID related content to drive reminder. Furthermore, we did unbranded HCP interviews across several health programs like Hello Doktor to drive the efficacy and safety message around paracetamol to overcome the “safe to use” barrier. Search: We added a whole cluster of keywords around post vaccination symptoms and post vaccination care. FB and YT: We activated the campaign with targeting specifically to HCPs, frontliners and senior citizens to begin with. As the roll-out for vaccination expanded to masses, we expanded our targeting to drive relevance and greater context in across different vernaculars. Loop Me: We geo-fenced every single Vaccination Centre in Malaysia. The audiences were served ads at the point of inception (aka at the vaccination centre) and then, we continued re-targeting those audiences for the next 5 days with heavy frequencies to ensure we continuously serve them a reminder that Panadol can help to relieve their post vaccination symptoms. Grab: Geo-location is basically Grab’s bread and butter and given the insight that majority of the audiences took Grab to get to vaccination centres, we used that data to re-target them post their vaccination. The approach on Grab was involved a clear call-to-action for consumers to purchase Panadol through Grab Mart. Essentially, ensuring that we’re able to close the consumer journey loop within a span of 1-hour through Grab Mart delivery option.

A strong awareness lever in TV, strategics buys across digital platforms mirroring the national roll-out, an iron-clad geo-fence to reinforce the message and a Grab activation to close the loop led the brand to levels never seen before. The sales for Panadol which hadn’t reached pre-pandemic levels for the past 12 months, were able to match levels pre-pandemic levels in May. June and July managed to be record-breaking months and we closed July to be 25% higher in sales against pre-pandemic levels – highest ever sales for Panadol in a month. We also outpaced the category as our market share grew from an average of 91% before this activation to 94.1%. Our incremental bucket of search keywords delivered 35% higher CTRs and 15% lower CPCs demonstrating high intent and interest. The contextual messaging and proximity targeting led to 7.3% uplift in ad-recall, 2.82% lift in consideration and 4.45% uplift in advocacy component based on the BLS from LoopMe. The high relevance and context helped to drive unprecedented lifts of 23% in Ad-Recall and 5% in Consideration on YT BLS. Ads on FB also saw an average Ad Recall lift of over 6%. Even a sales channel such as Grab Mart which used to contribute a monthly sales average of RM40,000 scaled to up-to almost RM230,000 in July during this campaign’s activation. That is a 6-fold growth on the back of this campaign. But, aside from sales numbers, the most satisfactory part of this campaign was that we were able to provide pain relief to millions of Malaysians at a very turbulent time.