Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

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The Story Teller

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Credits: Zohair Ismail - Planning Lead, Publicis Media Nicole Fincato - Media Manager, Reckitt Tiffany Tang - Marketing Director , Reckitt Arpan Sur - Marketing Director, Mondelez Yvonne - Media Manager, Lee

The universe is changing, times are changing, and media is changing. With changing times, one needs to adapt, grow and foster the challenges. The rise of media, the rise of NFT and the rise of the “apps world” has made media more challenging. That is what keeps Zohair apart from the rest. He fosters the new challenges, growths, and the expansion of media universe through clutter breaking strategies A hard-working individual driven to sweat for the work he passionately loves that is communication and brands. He has been associated with the advertising and media industry for over 9 years now including depth of multiple markets (Pakistan, Malaysia, and Singapore). Having worked on some of the dream brands like Oreo, Cadbury, Coca Cola, Durex, Dettol, and Child Nutrition, Zohair has been the driving force behind the media campaigns that these brands have done over the years. Besides his professional contributions, Zohair also advocates knowledge sharing and empowerment through which his team has acquired multiple skills from digital to media planning and client servicing. He has himself also decorated his profile with multiple certifications in Facebook, Google, Media Audit and Media Planning. On personal front Zohair thrives on new challenges, sports and travel. He has travelled across more than 10 countries till date to quench his thirst for exposure and culture exchange

What’s Special about You & Key Achievements
The most profound strength and superpower that Zohair comes with is his ability to adapt to the demands of the situation and penetrate in a way to take control of the situation. Such key strength is what makes him stand out from other planners and resources in the industry. By working on different demands and assignments some at times most turbulent he has proven track record of turning the tides into not only his favour, but also benefit the Groupe and grow the accounts or assignments he has taken over. Some recent examples of such contributions from Zohair are his first assignment of Mondelez Account in Malaysia as Associate Director. The client rating at the point of Zohair joining and leading the team was way below average. The last day Zohair spent on this account, client rating was best in the entire Southeast Asia. Within this tenure he worked out various campaigns getting tremendous accolades on the client side. Another example is his journey on Reckit Benckiser when he was asked to take over the assignment with a completely new team and stabilize it in a space of few months. Client evaluation results showed his team scored better in one wave than his predecessors. His relationship with partners and critical stakeholders is phenomenal through which he has been able to negotiate incremental values for client time and again on critical campaigns or issues. Some of the key high achievement campaigns he has done in last 2 years are Oreo Interest Hack- First of its kind regional Personalization @ Scale campaign with Oreo during the COVID lockdowns, received multiple accolades on client marketing side Oreo Raya 2021 (Post campaign Oreo was the second most favourite brand of Muslims celebrating Ramadan and Raya)- First time in SEA live streaming with influencers was done by MDLZ Chipsmore Monopoly (Driving more than 10K participations in a digital activation game along with double digit market share growth in 2021)- First of its kind gaming execution for MDLZ in 2021 within SEA.

Leadership Skills
Zohair is a kind of leader who thrives on relationships, empathy, and empowerment. However, this does not make him weak professionally. He prefers to inspire rather than make work a duty for his team which is a critical issue in agencies where resources feel the brunt of work and give up on all the motivation to continue to work. He has fostered the kind of culture where his team is empathetic towards fellows and clients but at the same time thoroughly professional. He believes in developing the right skill set amongst his fellows in a way that not only promotes the growth of accounts, but growth of individuals as well. His team retention is close to 100% in last two years so people really want to work for him and under him. Zohair believes in the fact that ownership and pro-active nature are the two critical components that can drive the growth of an individual and he ensures this is translated into his team members naturally as they are seen to take complete ownership of the work they do. Growth of a leader is only possible when his sub-reporters also grow and Zohair ensures who-ever he is working with has the vision to grow on where they need to be and the steps or sacrifices required to achieve that goal.