Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

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Strive to Plan, Plan to Inspire

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Credits: Cheam Heng Shean - Planning Manager, Carat Media Services (M) Sdn Bhd

A highly versatile & strategic marketer with over 6 years+ of working experience across traditional & digital media that has worked on key accounts such Sunway , S P Setia , Toyota , Boh Plantation, Swisse, Duopharma, Philips & Many more. Has extensive media knowledge, driven with the support of insights & data to be able to create an integrated marketing solution to achieve client’s organizational goals. Experience includes but not limited to: media buy (Offline & Digital), media management, new business development and strategic initiatives.

What’s Special about You & Key Achievements
Shean demonstrates a strong work ethic and often exceed expected productivity levels which also translates to many good feedbacks from his peers and colleagues as well. He lends support and guidance to employees and is highly respected by peers and partners for sharing concerns, problems, and opportunities. First go-to person when other employees need help navigating a challenge or resolving an issue Shean initiates a number of conversations with his client portfolio to try new things aside of their hygiene buys. There’s definitely room to further introduce ecommerce solutions where applicable in the coming year. He assisted in crafting and compiling materials for award submission and holds himself responsible for making sure the projects he is on is recognized. Although there were several significant challenges this year, he clearly displayed his resilience and commitment which is admirable. First few who always jumps on any training opportunities. Even for Facebook Blueprint certification, he was helpful towards his subordinate and peers guiding them with tips on how to pass the exams.

Leadership Skills
Shean leadership style is very flexible- though- because he would focus more on facilitation than on leading from the front. He try to make sure every team member knows what he or she needs to know to make sure the piece fits. He also put the task and the results before doing things in his own particular way so everyone is comfortable presenting their ideas in their own style- and he encourage people to discuss things until either a consensus emerges or a decision simply needs to be made. Shean have an open, enthusiastic style of leadership. A leader should want to nurture others to their fullest potential. He strive to be an example for others to follow and help guide people to better themselves and improve their career trajectory. By emulating these leadership qualities, he found that teammates aren’t afraid to bring him to their questions or most significant challenges. They know he is there to help them and am always willing to collaborate to find a solution. He able to connect the dots and map-out a realistic plan of action in advance. He have a strategy that serves as the foundation for how the problem will be approached and managed. They anticipate the unexpected and utilize the strengths of their people to assure the strategy leads to a sustainable solution.