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Performance Guru

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Credits: Parvinraj Gunasecaran - Assistant Performance Marketing Manager, Reprise

Steady, reliable, team-player. Three words to describe Parvin as a person. Having started out in performance 5 years ago, Parvin has grown from a junior performance executive into an Assistant Manager in Performance and has raked in numerous accolades from the performance campaigns under his belt. From leading E-commerce campaigns for multiple clients over the years such as Huawei, Fonterra, L’oreal and more, Parvin brings a wealth of knowledge and invaluable experiences to the table. Some of his recent accolades includes Silver Award for Best Use of an E-commerce Platform for a previous client and in his current role, he leads performance for one of our major clients and won Gold for Best in E-Commerce Marketing Campaign for KFC.

What’s Special about You & Key Achievements
DRIVING THE KFC ONLINE BUSINESS THROUGH KEEN RECOMMENDATIONS For KFC, the Covid-19 epidemic has accelerated consumer behaviour that leant towards Online Food Delivery. With lockdowns in place, consumers were engaging with Online Food Delivery more than ever – be it Direct-to-Consumer, or Platform-to-Consumer. However, with the incredible surge in demand for online food delivery, comes the surge in competition as well. Old and new players are becoming more active in the delivery and ad space. With more players vying for the same piece of the pie, KFC’s cost per acquisition also increased by 85% during the pandemic. The task was for KFC to continuously grow their own Delivery platform in the most efficient manner possible. Therefore, creating a pressing need for performance to drive as many transactions as we possibly could via the KFC app. Parvin did a deep-dive of all campaign data, and came up with best in class performance recommendations such as: 1. Evaluation of the effectiveness of audience targeting: To identify audiences who spend 10 seconds or longer on the offers page outperforming audiences who added to cart but did not purchase in terms of cost and scale. Therefore, retargeting strategies were tweaked in order to address this learning. 2. Optimize on mobile device bid adjustment to ensure KFC is being competitive enough as 90% of the KFC traffic comes from mobile. 3. Draft and experiment for tROAS & tCPA bid strategy to identify which bid strategy drives better efficiency. 4. Raising bids on certain high performing ad sets that allowed the campaign to spend more whilst improving cost efficiency during certain Limited Time promo campaigns. As a result, cost per acquisition decreased by 45% and conversion volume increased by 53% compared to prior months’ performance. TESTIMONIAL: “Parvin is a true champion. We know we can depend on him to provide insightful campaign analysis and effective next steps that consistently help improve campaign performance. He works well with the team, and is always willing to support in building the planners’ knowledge-base on a technical front. His contributions to the KFC account during the particularly tricky pandemic period have given proven results time and time again.” Clarice Lee, Business Director – KFC, Universal McCann PLATFORM GURU TO THE MAX In addition, being one of the most experienced performance specialists in the team, Parvin has been exposed to numerous platforms on Google and single-handedly managed campaigns via App engagements (purchases and menu views), Performance Max (leveraging on different Limited Time offer creatives, App Install campaigns and Search Engine Marketing.

Leadership Skills
As one of the more seasoned specialists in the team, Parvin has led numerous internal training sessions within the organisation and has taken the lead in grooming new joiners in his area of expertise – primarily Google suite of ads, Google Analytics and Google Datastudio. He also takes the lead when it comes to client pitches and has fronted technical presentations, playing a key role in helping the agency secure core client wins. Parvin is a true asset to the agency and is a force to be reckoned with within the Performance space. TESTIMONIAL: “Parvin represents the new breed of young professional, well-versed with performance and e-commerce. He is highly reliable, strategic, structured, independent and a very easy-going person to work with. You will find Parvin to be a great asset to have in a strong performance team, and a leader with very keen sense in grooming and teaching the new generation!” Cindy Eliza Vaz, Head of Digital, Universal McCann