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Sunquick FoodPanda Mixologists – Shaking Food Delivery Industry for a Song

Advertiser: Barkath Co-Ro Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
Brand: Sunquick
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Objective & Challenge
RamadanRaya is the most crucial period for the Cordial category when consumption typically increases due to Buka Puasa meals and Raya Open Houses. For Sunquick, this was an important period to drive sales. However, Sunquick faced an uphill task because: Challenge from Ribena: Closest contender who is aggressively establishing the same message of being a rich source of Vitamin C. During the RamadanRaya period, Ribena typically spend around RM1m and 100% on digital with 70% on social. Sunquick only had 10% of this budget to be spent on social. Challenge from Beverage brands: RamadanRaya is a busy period for the total beverage category. In 2022, ADEX showed a whopping RM51m in advertising spends with the top 3 brands – Dutch Lady(RM8.7m), MILO(RM5.9m) and F&N(RM2.3m). In 2023, this amount won’t reduce as brands are trying to capture the excitement of a revenge Raya celebration post pandemic. Besides advertising on the usual platforms like social media, TV and digital display, most brands use the Influencer Space as a main platform to engage with the consumers. RamadanRaya records up to 10K pieces of content a month (normal period records <1K per month). 80% of the content is dominated by Food & Beverages players. Challenge: Sunquick was David fighting Goliath (Ribena and other beverage brands) during the most important period for Cordial. While the brand wanted to build engagement by using influencers, they need to find an uncluttered/untapped influencer platform within the constraint of a small budget below RM100K.

Insight & Strategy
It’s given that we had to identify the right influencers who were trending and relevant. However, Sunquick didn’t have the budget to engage celebrities or even the usual Macro influencers with a budget of below RM100K (inclusive of boosting and production). Scouring the social media, we saw a trending phenomenon with DELIVERY RIDERS who were creating engaging content and their followers were growing. This was a group that was very close to the mass community (mainly B40s and M40s) which was the Sunquick target customers. With the delivery service predicted to grow at a rate of 18%* yearly, the number of riders and its importance will also grow in tandem. FoodPanda as the No.1 F&B Delivery in MY with over 15M app downloads and 20K Klang Valley riders. The riders in Pink Jerseys were fast becoming recognizable and many of them had their own social media followers and were creating content for free. These riders are so active (especially on TikTok) that their videos have garnered 524.1m views on #FoodPanda. As Sunquick didn’t have their own TikTok account and would drown amidst the heavily promoted brands, riding on FoodPanda riders would give us more attention and traction. This created an opportunity for Sunquick to leverage on FoodPanda riders to be their influencers. The idea was to get selected riders to talk about the different recipes they can make with Sunquick cordial or how 1 bottle of Sunquick makes 50 glasses of Vit.C richness. In return, the riders would be able to make extra income being an influencer for the RamadanRaya period. This gave birth to Sunquick FoodPanda Mixologists. Closing the sales loop was also important as we leveraged on the momentum. For the first time, we gave out bottle samples and opened up a new sales channel on PandaMart.

The Sunquick FoodPanda Mixologists came in a group of 14 KOLs. They were given the task to create content to show how they mix Sunquick with other complimentary mixers and how mixing 1 bottle produces 50 cups. They were given a free rein to craft and curate content in their own style. This was important as authenticity was key to engage with their followers. The only rules were that they had to showcase Sunquick which was not an issue as it was integral to the story and wear their FoodPanda pink jersey. The influencers were chosen based on the number of social media followers, engagement rate they had and the kind of content they produced. Their enthusiasm and authenticity were evident through their content – from Abang Goncang shaking his Sunquick in numerous ways to KOLs roping in other riders from Grab and LalaMove in a dance. To create noise on TikTok, we had to flood our content and tag it with #SunquickDiSisi #NikmatDikongsiBersama #FoodPanda. We boosted the best performing content to drive more views. To capture on the traction, we gave out 10K Sunquick samples in Klang Valley on FoodPanda App for customers to try and drove people to purchase the bigger bottle on PandaMart.

The Sunquick FoodPanda Mixologists was a first of its kind collaboration with FoodPanda as they have never offered their riders as paid influencers. The authenticity of the KOLs was truly evident because the delivered TikTok video views recorded 1.5mil views @ RM0.007 ECPV (engagement cost per view) against the planned RM1 ECPV. This was 142x lower than the industry benchmark for Nano KOLs. It also recorded a high engagement rate at 18.1% which surpassed the industry benchmark of 3%. Beyond that, the KOLs’ postings created positive conversations around Sunquick during a very cluttered period on social media. People praised the content as being different and new. This positivity trickled down to the bottom funnel where the sampling activity had to stop earlier when the 10K Sunquick samples were redeemed within 20days (planned 45 days of redemption). Sunquick also managed to increase their sales in PandaMart. They recorded a 15% increase in sales (vs RamadanRaya 2022). Finally, this exercise helped the riders to earn an extra income by being paid to do what they lovecreating content. Due to this success, FoodPanda has started a new advertising stream to position their riders as paid influencers.