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Celcom Fibre: Sabahans, Pasang Terus

Advertiser: Celcom by celcomdigi
Brand: Celcom Berhad
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Objective & Challenge
Celcom, the leading mobile service provider in Sabah, is renowned for its reliable coverage, even in the most remote areas affectionately called “please use Celcom if you are in the forest (hutan).” However, Celcom faces unique challenges in becoming the preferred Home Fibre choice for Sabahans. Competition Challenge In major cities like Kota Kinabalu, Digi and Unifi have established a strong presence, particularly among the Chinese community and high-value customers. To expand its reach, Celcom recognized the potential in targeting second-tier districts beyond Kota Kinabalu, towns such as Penampang, Keningau, Tawau and Sandakan, with a focus on driving volume. Consumer Challenge Mid low income Sabahans beyond Kota Kinabalu predominantly rely on mobile data due to their on-the-go lifestyles and frequent travel between districts (minimum 60km and above). Adding to the frustration is the lengthy installation process, which often takes over two weeks or more. This is not unique to Celcom and it’s common to all Home Fibre service providers in Sabah. Agency tasks: While Celcom is the lead mobile service provider, huge deficit in awareness and consideration for Celcom Home Fibre. Hence, agency is tasked to create awareness, consideration and conversion amongst mid low income Sabahan households.

Insight & Strategy
We developed two strategies: 1. Engage midlow value segment Sabahans in secondtier cities, tapping into the crosssell converged product segment (mobile + Fibre) and prospecting into a new 2nd tier district segment to expand our brand’s presence. 2. We guaranteed the same day installation with “Pasang Terus,” immediate fix for home fibre giving immediate access to unlimited home internet. We connected with Sabahans by understanding their unique culture, lifestyle and behavior. Why it matters: 1. Sabahans take immense pride in their state food, costume, products, music and their musicians. Sabahans appreciate brands that speaks in their local dialects, understand their way of life, and offer customized solutions. 2. Music holds a special place in the hearts of Sabahans, with 62% displaying a deep passion for singing their local songs. And Karaoke is a popular family and friends’ activity be it in the confinement of homes or out of home. Inspired by these insights, the idea of “100% Original Sabahan” was born. We decided that every single touchpoint should be customized 100% for Sabahans. First, we chose “Original Sabahan” by Atmosfera, a song that every Sabahan, young and old can sing along to synonymous to the national anthem. We adapted the Original Sabahan song lyrics to “Celcom Pasang Terus” debut by Sabahan singer Adam Shamil in the local Sabahan dialect. Local Sabahan musicians were also involved in the development of the lyrics and melody to foster a deeper connection between Celcom and Sabahans.

Amplifying the Pasang Terus: To amplify the reach of the original Sabahan Celcom Pasang Terus song, we partnered with top Sabah radio stations (Astro radio Sabah broadcast and local Sabah radio station KupiKupi) and made the song exclusively available to Sabahans. We also aired the longer duration of the full version of the Pasang Terus song, playing it frequently to dominate the airwaves and ensure that the catchy tune stuck in the minds of Sabahans. Additionally, we extended the radio campaign to major social media platforms, integrating the song into Celcom Fibre video ads optimized specifically for Sabahans living in specific towns, ensuring a wide reach and high frequency to keep the jingle alive in the minds of Sabahans. Immersing in Original Sabahans Musical Bliss: To foster a sense of togetherness among Sabahans and Celcom, we decided to unite them through their passion for local music in a music concert. In partnership with KupiKupi FM, we launched the Celcom OriginalSabahans free music concert, bringing the Pasang Terus song to life. Additionally, we embarked on a Pasang Terus tour to secondary towns like Penampang, Keningau, Tawau, and Sandakan, accompanied by the Celcom bluecube truck. Esteemed acts such as Estranged and HyperAct, alongside local stars Marsha Milan and Velvet Aduk, delivered electrifying onground performances. The Celcom Pasang Terus song was played frequently before the concert, during halftime, and as the closing song, ensuring that by the end of the event, the Celcom Pasang Terus jingle was embedded in the minds of every Sabahan, and everyone could sing along. Embracing Celcom Pasang Terus in Sabah: During the concert, we invited Sabahans to sing along with the Pasang Terus song with subtitles. This interactive experience engaged the crowd and educated them about Celcom Home Fibre Pasang Terus seamless the same day installation. Participants had the chance to win exclusive prizes, adding an extra layer of excitement and incentive.

Media Impact: • The Celcom Original Sabah Pasang Terus song reached 2 million Sabahan households through onair, online and onground amplification. • 10,000 Sabahan fans joined our Celcom Original Sabahans Concert and onground activation, which lasted from 6pm to 11pm. • Google Search Trends for Celcom Home Fibre witnessed a sharp increase (from 10 to 100) coinciding with the launch of the Pasang Terus campaign. Brand Impact: Among Sabahans, all brand scores increased compared to before the campaign: • Celcom Home Fibre Top of Mind Awareness in Sabah increased to 23% from 16% (compared to the previous year). • Celcom Home Fibre Brand Consideration in Sabah increased to 25% from 22%, surpassing Maxis and stole 3% consideration share from Digi. Business Impact: • There was a positive uptake of Celcom Home Fibre™ in the month of July following the campaign launch on June 27, with an 8% increase in activations compared to the previous month of June The successful media impact, along with the positive business and brand impact; demonstrates the effectiveness of our campaign in reaching and resonating with Sabahans, increasing TOM, consideration, and conversion for Celcom Home Fibre™.