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Experience the Power of #SwishAwaySuay: Listerine’s E-commerce Solution for a Refreshing Chinese New Year

Advertiser: JNTL Sdn Bhd
Brand: Listerine
Creative Agency: UNIVERSAL McCANN
Credits: -

Objective & Challenge
Listerine sales whilst growing yearly, it is still a far cry compared to toothpaste sales. A study by the Ministry of Health revealed that 75% of Malaysians are unaware of the need of good oral health. In fact, our education system primarily focuses on teaching brushing alone as a dental care routine during primary school. We needed to transform the public’s perception and understanding of oral health, allowing them to realize that brushing teeth alone is insufficient. To achieve that, we had to find an occasion and platform that will inspire behavior change and encourage Malaysians to embrace the power of Listerine mouthwash as an integral part of oral hygiene.

Insight & Strategy
Cultural customs and beliefs is an important aspect during the Chinese New Year season. Actions like negative talk, arguing & fighting, taking medication during the first few days of Chinese New Year and breaking things are considered inauspicious. Instead, traditions like spring cleaning is believed to invite prosperity and good luck. Building on this insight, we decided to draw parallels between the cherished tradition of spring cleaning and the invigorating power of Listerine mouthwash sweeping away germs for a fresh start to the year ahead. The campaign tagline “SwishAwaySuay” was introduced and aimed to swish away bad luck – ‘suay’, translating to bad luck in the Hokkien dialect, also representing the germs in the mouth. Amidst the surge of online shopping during Chinese New Year, our campaign took center stage on a thriving ecommerce platform, aligning perfectly with the evolving consumer behaviour who prefer the convenience of online shopping.

Oral health is a boring topic. And we wanted to stay away from the typical, serious, white coat approach where a dentist will give advice on how to maintain proper oral health. So instead of serious, we went with Humour. And instead of a white coat, we went with one of Malaysia’s leading Influencer, SoImJenn (915K followers on Facebook, 543K followers on Instagram, and 90.3K subscribers on YouTube). But not SoImJenn exactly, it was her alterego, AuntieSiow. AuntieSiow is undoubtedly Malaysia’s favourite Auntie traditional in mindset yet outspoken, nosy and superstitious. But generally wellmeaning. That made her the perfect fit to share her wisdom on how Malaysians could ‘SwishAwaySuay’. #SwishAwaySuay campaign was executed with the aim of boosting the online sales with festive trigger through the Ecommerce platform, Shopee the top performing ecomm channel for Listerine. Awareness The campaign began by releasing the main video on Listerine and AuntieSiow’s social media pages to build awareness towards SwishAwaySuay. The video was then sliced into video snippets to create high reach & frequency video ads to run across Meta, TikTok, YouTube and OTT, directing traffic to Shopee page. Engagement Beyond the video content that drives traffic to Shopee page, we organized a livestream on the Shopee Malaysia platform. The livestream features the dynamic duo of AuntieSiow and Dr.Kayla, a prominent dentist influencer with strong online presence of 85.3K on Instagram. Her influence extended far and wide, even earning her a spot on TedX. Dr.Kayla has been working with Listerine in the past, which has shown great results and audience reactions in the previous collaborations, making her a great choice for this campaign. To generate excitement and engagement, we strategically utilized Listerine’s social media platforms to share announcement posts to encourage participation, while AuntieSiow and Dr.Kayla actively promoted the event on their respective pages. In addition to social media postings, AuntieSiow utilized Instagram stories to remind her followers about the Listerine Shopee Live event. The livestream served as a great platform to push for sales, but beyond that, it was also an educational platform. AuntieSiow and Dr.Kayla funny banter and chemistry engaged live audiences with valuable information about mouthwash usage instructions, benefits, and oral care tips. For example, AuntieSiow relates that even though she taught her kids to brush their teeth with the famous teeth brushing nursery rhymes “bangun pagi, gosok gigi”, her kids still have bad breath. Dr.Kayla then explains in a professional yet layman’s way that mouth rinsing should be part of the oral health routine to keep bad breath away. During the livestream, contest giveaways were conducted, rewarding the first participants to answer questions such as ‘What are the 3 steps for complete oral care’ with Listerine product for trial. Conversion The livestream presented users with the opportunity to obtain Shopee vouchers, unlocking exclusive discounts and promotional offers on Listerine products. User were redirected to the specific brand page by clicking the product catalogue that showcased as an icon within the livestream. This allowed users to access the product page seamlessly without leaving the livestream and make direct purchases within the livestream environment. As there could be people who missed out the livestream, we also deployed 2 different targeting approach of CollaborativePerformanceAdvertisingSolutions campaign to push sales. 1)Prospecting: Since it’s CNY, we skewed towards Chinese audience and optimize the campaign towards Listerine Shopee Page views conversion. 2)Retargeting: There could be people who added to cart but did not make a purchased during livestream, we deployed retargeting strategy from 2 of the most potential pool of audience (Prospecting + Livestream), utilizing retargeting option of those who had viewed or added to cart but not purchased for the last 180 days.

The SwishAwaySuay campaign media execution resulted in high brand sales and amplified the campaign’s impact. 1. Total brand sales grew +4.4% vs last CNY, whilst Total Care variant grew by +8%. At the same time both total Listerine & Total Care variant achieved the highest sales compared to the previous 6 months. 2. Shopee Ecommerce platform sales achieved +169% and product view +386% compared to other campaigns throughout the year, which also recorded highest view in Jan 2023. For campaign media metrics: 1. Overall campaign achieved 35.5 mil Impressions & 16.5 mil Views with 48% VTR. 2. #SwishAwaySuay main video (4min 30s) on YouTube achieved a high VTR of 61%. 3. On Facebook CPAS ad, addtocart achieved +101% & purchases showed increased +100% versus last year’s CNY campaign