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Celcom World Cup Live Stream Billboard

Advertiser: Celcom by celcomdigi
Brand: Celcom Berhad
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Objective & Challenge
Sports and the World Cup in particular opened up an opportunity for Celcom to use a major sporting event as a marketing platform to attract youths. However, this time around, Celcom was not the official media partner for the FIFA World Cup (FWC) in Malaysia and had no sponsorship rights. Celcom’s strategy of having total domination of all things football across all media channels was in jeopardy, and the agency had to find a clever way to make the brand presence felt strongly together with fans every step of the way. Challenge: Celcom needed to find a fresher way to connect, boost brand loyalty, increase market share and sales with the youth segment (18-34 years old) FWC offered the opportunity. How could we show that whether you were a casual fan or a hardcore football fan, Celcom was here to bring everyone together to cheer on the football craze?

Insight & Strategy
We wanted to demonstrate that whether you’re a hardcore football fan or one that easily gets swept up in the euphoria of the World Cup, Celcom was here to bring everyone together to cheer on the football craze. The Big Idea: CHEER ON WITH CELCOM. Instead of being the official sponsor of the World Cup, Celcom positioned itself as the Official Sponsor of Fans. This strategic approach aimed to capture the attention and loyalty of a new generation of consumers: The Youth. Born into the digital world, this tech-savvy cohort grew up with screens as constant companions, and the virtual realm played a significant role in their daily lives. Understanding the digital-centric nature of youth, Celcom recognized the need to create a fan experience that seamlessly bridged the physical and digital universes. While traditional sponsorships focused on physical presence at stadiums and events, Celcom sought to provide an inclusive and immersive experience that allowed fans to engage with the World Cup and their favorite teams, regardless of their location or circumstances. The insight behind this approach lies in the fact that youth actively seek opportunities to interact with their interests and passions within the digital realm. By tapping into this insight, Celcom aimed to grab the attention of young fans who had a finite attention span while fulfilling their desire to be a part of the WC narrative.

Seeing the cheer To capitalize on the World Cup fever and engage football fans, Celcom, organized a series of immersive experiences and activities. They took over Pavilion Kuala Lumpur to create an exclusive football viewing lounge. This lounge served as a central location for fans to gather and enjoy the World Cup matches. The matches were also screened across the Klang Valley and major city centers, ensuring that fans throughout the area could feel the excitement. To enhance the viewing experience, Celcom utilized Brandavision’s DOOH (Digital Out of Home) screen at Pavilion. By displaying the games on this screen, they created a largerthanlife atmosphere, immersing fans in the excitement of the World Cup. Additionally, Celcom built a giant football exhibit at Pavillion couture walk, which served as a photo opportunity for football enthusiasts. Fans were encouraged to take Instaworthy pictures with the exhibit and post them on social media for a chance to win exclusive prizes, such as fitness equipment. To further engage attendees, Celcom created experiential football zones within the viewing lounge. These zones provided opportunities for fans to demonstrate their penalty shooting and juggling skills. This interactive element added to the overall excitement and allowed fans to actively participate in the celebration of the World Cup. Owning the halftime cheer During halftime, Celcom ensured that the cheer and energy continued by setting up Nintendo Switch Stations, Photo Spots, and having a DJ spin music. The Nintendo Switch Stations provided attendees with an opportunity to play games during the break, keeping the entertainment going. The Photo Spots allowed fans to capture memorable moments and share them on social media. The DJ spinning music created a lively atmosphere, ensuring that the halftime break was filled with energy and excitement. Feeling the cheer on ground To amplify the campaign’s reach, Celcom organized a surprise roving crew during the DOOH takeover. These influencers were recruited to spread even more cheer among the fans. Celcom provided them with exclusive cheer kits, which included Celcom FWCrelated merchandise such as team jerseys. The influencers were equipped with a cheer routine that their fans could mimic, further enhancing the overall festive atmosphere. Attendees who participated in the cheer routine had the chance to win prizes and earn virtual coins. The virtual coins earned by attendees during the event were redeemable in Celcom’s World Cup Metaverse. This digital platform allowed fans to exchange their virtual currency for vouchers that could be used to purchase reallife products, such as prepaid cards and mobile phones. By providing this interactive digital element, Celcom added another layer of engagement and incentivized fans to actively participate in the campaign.

Media’s Impact: • Campaign amplification exceeded the set KPI by more than 30%, reaching out to a larger audience. • Over 110k engagements were garnered on social media platforms, indicating a strong response to the campaign. • Within the onemonth FWC campaign, we attracted 97,800 fans to our Metaverse, with an average time spent of 9.6 minutes on the platform (approximately 30% of halftime) • A total of 7,500 Malaysians attended our onground events, experiencing Celcom FWC Carnival. • More than 10x publishers generously promoted our viewing parties FOC during the campaign, further amplifying our reach and impact. Business Impact • Sales of prepaid services among the youth segment increased by 234% during the FIFA World Cup compared to the previous months (SeptemberOctober 2022). Brand Impact within 2 months Amongst the youth, all brand scores increased (Before vs After campaign): a. Ad Awareness: To 30 from 21.4 b. Buzz: To 22.1 from 13.5 c. Consideration: To 26.4 from 8.1 d. Purchase Intent: To 8.3 from 1.3 e. Recommendation: To 2.6 from 2.5