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Refresh Your Music, Refresh Your Nights

Advertiser: Heineken Malaysia
Brand: Heineken
Creative Agency: DENTSU X (MALAYSIA)
Credits: -

Objective & Challenge
Challenge: Music is a highly saturated and common passion point that cuts across all age groups. Despite its saturation, people only listen to specific genres that soothe their listening pleasure. In culture, music stereotypes create bubbles that close people off from new experiences. Like people, we judge music genres and its fans based on these stereotypes, for example: when we think of country music we think of white guys called Bob, when we think of K-Pop music we think of over-emotional hyped-up teenagers. People stay within their own music bubblse because they judge music before even hearing it and its hard to break out because algorithms keep us trapped within the same genres. Objective: Heineken is a brand that has built its credibility as a catalyst of music based on their legacy of live music events. The Heineken brand needed to continue to create open mindedness by challengging cultural stereotypes and cliches in social life by contunuing to build its music presence in Asia. This mirrors the brand’s objective to also use Heineken Music as a catalyst to drive up its brand scores.

Insight & Strategy
Insight: We looked into the state of music and noticed music consumption has changed in this new era. The shifts are genre-based listening to mood-based listening and audiences listen to different music depending on their mood or moments. 69% of Gen Z and Milennials agree that audio acts as a soundtrack to their lives which is Heineken’s main target audience. The media insight concerning music was that music is a screen-less companion to audiences, with 79% of audio consumption taking place in screen-less moments with the purpose of elevating their mood and complimenting their emotions. Strategy: The direction was clear. We needed to leverage both the consumer and media insight surrounding mood-based listening to drive and fuel the Heineken Music campaign. The strategy was to create a movement for consumers to open up their selection of mood-based songs with a cross-genre music experience to open up a fresh perspective on music. This aligned to Heineken’s brand DNA in terms of providing fresh experiences to consumers and standing for openmindedness and inventivness, coaxing them to step out of their individual music bubbles through Heineken Music.

The Heineken Music campaign was brought to life via a collaboration of media partnerships launched thoughtfully in 3 phases: INSPIRE, INVITE, EXPERIENCE/AMPLIFY. INSPIRE: To disover other genres for better connection with Heineken. Collaboration with Spotify for launch of Playlist Refresher and launch video. In true audio advancement, the Playlist Refresher concept was created! The first playlist personalised for 2 (or more) people with the power of algorithms. This leverages Spotify’s open API, using AI to analyse their favourite genres, combining their favourite songs, creating a totally refreshing playlist to clear the awkward moments. Digital engagement was also launched in the form of our playlist refresher microsites. INVITE: After Inspiring users to blend their favourite music genres together and encourage discovery of other music genres, the INVITE phase now probes consumers to share their own music and discover new connections. The two approaches used within this phase are “Targeting Moments” and “Targeting Timebelts.” The primary focus is to identify and engage with the most relevant and highly listened-to genres in order to reach a wide audience. Additionally, Heineken extends its targeting efforts to different time periods, namely 6am – 12pm, 12pm – 6pm, and 6pm – 12am. Each timebelt features unique creative messaging aimed at motivating consumers to explore and expand their musical preferences, thus driving incremental reach. This leads back to the insight of consumers music listening by time peaks; ensuring we had different creatives and messaging for each time belt. EXPERIENCE/AMPLIFY: Focuses on generating awareness for the main event which was a brilliant showcase of cross-genre music experience. The main event featured different artists specialising in different genres; NYK (R&B), Bate (Dance/EDM), Yunohoo (Hip Hop) with the main artist being The Chainsmokers (Electronica Dance/Pop). This phase focused on involving consumers providing them a voting mechanism to get them to choose which songs the artists would blend during the event night. The strategy involves utilizing talkability and creating a high-impact awareness campaign through content publishers and key opinion leaders (KOLs). The goal is to create hype around the Heineken Refresh event taking place in Genting Highlands. Additionally, the messaging emphasizes how consumers can participate in the contest and win general admission (GA) tickets and VIP tickets.

The Heineken Music campaign drove amazing results for both media (metrics and KPIs), the client (business volume) and the brand (brand health scores lift): Microsite and Digital Results: 1) Traffic to microsite: 75,888 sessions and over 114,794 pageviews 2) Campaign key visuals look and feel was successful in being refreshing and appeals to Gen Z, a truly fresh take for Heineken Music, achieving 5% for 100% VTR versus benchmark of 1% VTR 3) Impressions : 130,831,586 vs 103,447,123 4) First Party Data : Collected 9,415 5) CTR : 0.65% vs 0.50% 6) 1,557 registrations on Playlist Refresher 7) 7,936 registrations on Refresh Hub Main Event featuring The Chainsmokers: 1) Media activations contributed to 4,141 event attendees 2) Beer volume Heineken consumed: 5,833 Brand Health: 1) Increased Brand Power +0.8 overall 2) Increase in breakdown Brand Power scores for Difference (+9) and Salience (+16)