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Eat, Shop and Live like a Pro, with Pandapro!

Advertiser: Delivery Hero Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
Brand: foodpanda
Creative Agency: UNIVERSAL McCANN
Credits: -


Objective & Challenge
Over the last few years, the food delivery business has expanded rapidly. Beyond foodpanda and Grab, there were now many more new entrants competing in an intense category with more than a dozen players including foodpanda. As a result, consumers are spoiled for choice and have become increasingly promiscuous as they bounce between delivery apps to find the best deals. To keep customers loyal within foodpanda’s ecosystem and reduce churn, we needed to drive awareness and signups for pandapro foodpanda’s subscription membership that give customers access to exclusive deals in all areas of quick commerce (delivery, food pickup, groceries and personal care).

Insight & Strategy
WhatsApp and SMS are among the most popular social networking platforms in Malaysia, connecting not only friends and family but also businesses with customers. These platforms are widely used by businesses to communicate with their audience, as they are highly effective in conveying promotions and deals to users of quickcommerce or ecommerce apps. Therefore, WhatsApp and SMS have become the primary means of generating leads within our marketing campaigns. This is further supported by a Gartner report, which observed an impressive opening rate of 98% for SMS, compared to email’s opening rate of 20%. Additionally, a Telemedia report highlighted that WhatsApp boasts an astounding opening rate of 99%. With these insights, the campaign was launched with a comprehensive threeprong strategy, carefully tailored to appeal to different audience segments while leveraging the enticing benefits of pandapro. Its primary goal was to drive customer engagement and action, whether by signing up or placing an order. 1. Converting New Nonfoodpanda Users: Aiming to generate awareness about the exclusive deals and discounts available through foodpanda. By showcasing these attractive offerings, the campaign aimed to entice consumers to give foodpanda a try and experience the benefits firsthand. 2. Signup Existing Pandapro Users: We highlighted foodpanda’s quick commerce bundle deals, encompassing a wide range of delivery and pickup options for food, groceries, and personal care items. By emphasizing the convenience and versatility of pandapro, the goal was to drive awareness and engagement among the existing user base. 3. Upsell to Existing Pandapro Subscribers: This aspects aim focused on increasing customer retention and loyalty. By promoting the advantages of annual subscriptions over monthly ones, the campaign sought to convert monthly subscribers into longterm patrons. This strategic approach aimed to enhance customer satisfaction, deepen their commitment to the service, and ultimately foster a sense of loyalty among the pandapro user community. Overall, the campaign deployed a multifaceted strategy to maximize its reach and impact, leveraging distinct approaches for different audience segments, while emphasizing the appealing aspects of foodpanda and pandapro.

1)CONVERT New Non foodpanda Users To effectively reach the non foodpanda users, we first leveraged data from the foodpanda CRM system to exclude existing users. We then collaborated with media partners to strategically deploy messaging through SMS and WhatsApp, seeding highly attractive offers of ‘RM12 off for first order’ to entice them to try foodpanda. These compelling deals not only generated interest but also acted as catalysts for word of mouth recommendations. To extend our reach and educate consumers on getting the best value from foodpanda and pandapro for their quick commerce needs, we utilized advertorial content and social postings on prominent lifestyle platforms. These platforms featured reviews that highlighted the advantages of signing up with Pandapro, including exclusive discounts and free delivery. This approach enticed the audience by showcasing the potential savings they could enjoy when subscribing to Pandapro. Moreover, we strategically secured high impact placements, including pinned posts and cover photo takeovers on platforms like Says, OhBulan, and SirapLimau, to ensure maximum visibility and resonance of our messaging. 2)SIGN UP Existing foodpanda Users Our campaign recognized the importance of engaging and retaining our existing foodpanda user base as they are the low hanging fruit that we could push to retain. To achieve this, we leveraged our strong social media presence on platforms like Facebook and Instagram to tap into our social following. We effectively communicated the convenience and savings offered through pandapro’s quick commerce bundle deals. Furthermore, we crafted SMS and WhatsApp messages targeted to existing users, promoting additional discounts such as ‘Free Delivery’ and ’20% off’ on groceries and personal care items exclusively available through pandapro. To strengthen the advantages of foodpanda and pandapro’s quick commerce services, we strategically positioned programmatic banners during relevant contextual moments. The messaging emphasized “not just 12, but 30 free deliveries every month”, ensuring a continuous exposure of users to the benefits of utilizing these platforms. 3)UPSELL to Existing pandapro Subscribers To enhance customer retention and loyalty, we devised specific strategies targeting existing pandapro subscribers. Leveraging foodpanda’s CRM data, we segmented this audience and crafted personalized messages. Through targeted SMS and WhatsApp messages, we introduced an irresistible offer exclusively for our subscribers: an annual subscription fee of only ‘RM 0.99′. This enticing promotion aimed to encourage existing monthly subscribers to upgrade to the annual subscription plan. The message went beyond the discounted price, highlighting additional perks such as ’25% dine in discounts at selected restaurants’ and ‘up to 55% off on additional deals and discounts’. We also distributed unique vouchers exclusively to existing subscribers, enticing them to explore and experience our diverse range of services within the foodpanda ecosystem. This cross promotion not only encouraged engagement across multiple service offerings but also served as a gentle reminder of the value proposition associated with being a pandapro subscriber.

The campaign yielded positive growth for foodpanda in both business and brand health metrics. 1. While pandapro subscriptions saw a remarkable 62% surge during the last month of the campaign compared to noncampaign months. 2. Active users increased by 21% compared to the previous quarter For campaign media metrics: 1. 8 million SMS and 4.2 million WhatsApp messages seeded 2. 827k pageviews generated on news, lifestyle, and foodie pages 3. 148k social engagements 4. 181k clicks were recorded on the signup page That’s how we got Malaysians to eat, shop and live like a pro, with Pandapro!