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Game On: Nescafe RTD Strikes Gamer Hearts with Mobile Legends!

Advertiser: Nestle (Malaysia) Berhad
Brand: Nescafe
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Objective & Challenge
NESCAFE has been the leader in the coffee category with massive awareness however it has gotten to a stagnating point. In order to grow, NESCAFE needed to identify new opportunities within specific audience segments in the RTD category. The idea was to get into the consumers skin rather than plastering the brand in consumers’ mind. This equates to building stronger community connections with audiences. NESCAFE faced tough competition from brands like WONDA and Pokka, who capitalized on the immense popularity of sports among young Malaysians. They established strong partnerships by sponsoring the EPL League and World Cup 2022. The Challenge: How will NescafeRTD build connection and consideration with Malaysian youth aged 18-34 yo who are quick to reject advertising product push? Measurement of success for the campaign: – Engagement with the youth 18-34yo – To deliver exceptional sales for limited edition cans

Insight & Strategy
Why e-gaming? It’s not just about pushing products; it’s about tapping into a vibrant community. Today’s Gen Z consumers yearn for more than just transactions—they want to belong, find value, and immerse themselves in their passions. In Malaysia, the e-gaming culture has been on the rise, with the country proudly claiming the title of the third largest gaming industry in Southeast Asia, following Indonesia and the Philippines. Why coffee in the gaming arena? Coffee has long been celebrated for its ability to boost energy and enhance concentration. Naturally, engaging with e-gaming audiences aligned perfectly with our brand. We saw a chance to pioneer in the coffee industry by connecting with gamers during their immersive screen sessions—becoming the first to truly comprehend and fulfill their needs. Teaming up with MLBB NESCAFERTD recognized a golden opportunity to venture into the gaming world, catering to the needs of gamers, especially introverted players who find solace and control in combat-oriented games. We wanted to be part of their world, to speak their language, and embrace their unique culture. That’s when we forged a strategic partnership with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), one of Malaysia’s most adored and popular games. Imagine the excitement of combining the forces of NESCAFE, a beloved coffee brand, with the passionate MLBB gaming community. Together, we set to deliver an electrifying experience to the gamers…but how? Level up the game! We discovered a game-changing insight: capturing gamers’ attention requires more than just awareness. To truly connect, we crafted a value proposition tailored specifically for them. Gamers crave personalized experiences, for themselves and their avatars. So, we merged customization and gamification to create a winning strategy. We kicked off with limited-edition cans featuring Mobile Legends characters, igniting an emotional connection. Four custom cans showcased Valir, Badang, Brody, and Aamon. Released over three months, they became collectible gems, leading up to the mega character can. Brody hit Petronas, Badang rocked 7-Eleven, and Valir powered Shell, while Aamon took the nation by storm. This immersive journey levels up engagement while fulfilling gamers’ desires.

We kicked off the campaign with a social media frenzy, luring gamers to grab limited-edition cans featuring their favorite characters. Not only that, but we sweetened the deal by offering exclusive gaming merchandise like gaming mats, tissue boxes, and coveted TouchnGo cards for any in-store purchase worth RM10. We spread the word on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Pokkt, ensuring no gamer was left behind. Knowing that in-game currency holds immense value for gamers, we harnessed the power of Mobile Legends’ IP rights and Diamonds currency. Players had the chance to sign up, share their details, and earn Diamonds that could be utilized within the game. This ingenious approach allowed us to gather valuable first-party data on Meta. Teaming up with 15 influential gamers, we livestreamed on the Facebook Gaming Community, captivating an audience of 2.7 million with over 100,000 actively engaging in the product through the livestreams. These gaming gurus showcased the limited-edition cans, fueling desire among their followers. To take interactivity to the next level, we introduced Nestle’s first-ever interstitial game banner—a puzzle-based challenge that popped up while gamers were immersed in their favorite combat games like Mobile Legends and Valorant. Players were tasked with completing puzzles featuring the four characters from the limited-edition cans. Successful completion rewarded them with Diamonds to progress further in the game. But our campaign wasn’t confined to the digital realm alone. We made our mark across 23 prominent out-of-home sites in Klang Valley and the northern region, including Penang, grabbing the attention of the masses. The impact of our campaign rippled through 61 media titles, spanning print, online, and social channels, with a staggering 120 pieces of coverage. Esteemed publications like Siakap Keli, Vocket, Oriental Daily, Sinar Harian, Chinese Press, and MSN played a vital role in hyping our campaign. To bolster the coverage, we distributed 120 PR Kits to key gaming influencers like FattahZee, Jaasuzuran, and Rose Gaming. But wait, there’s more! In a thrilling Mobile Legends event at Quill City Mall, NESCAFERTD joined forces with MLBB, forging an electrifying partnership. Gamers and spectators had the chance to participate and win special cans during this exciting collaboration, making headlines on Bulletin Utama and spreading the news far and wide. NescafeRTD conjured an immersive experience for gamers, raising awareness and igniting fervor for their exclusive cans.

The campaign achieved remarkable results: Engagement with TA 18-34: • Reached 65% of 10Mil audiences on Facebook & 63% of 8Mil on YouTube. • Reached 2.7Mil audiences through livestreaming with 10% engagement (benchmark: 5%) • Twitter video on key gaming handles achieved 40% higher completed views than planned with 20% engagement (benchmark: 10%) • Pokkt Game reached a 50% completion rate.11% of engagement rate (benchmark: 7%) • Achieved 16x ROAS (vs. Average 3x). Product sold out on Shopee within 15 days Impact on Brand Sales & Market Share: • NESCAFE was able to sell 7Mil cans within the span of 3 months, +36.5% volume growth • +30 BasisPoint market share for NESCAFERTD • 7% shift from light & medium users into heavy users Loyalty among gamers grew by 4%