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“Cheer On” in the Metaverse

Advertiser: Celcom by celcomdigi
Brand: Celcom Berhad
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Objective & Challenge
Sports and the WorldCup in particular opened up an opportunity for Celcom to use a major sporting event as a marketing platform to attract youths. However, this time around, Celcom was not the official media partner for the World Cup in Malaysia and had no sponsorship rights. Celcom’s strategy of having total domination of all things football across all media channels was in jeopardy, and the agency had to find a clever way to make the brand presence felt strongly together with fans every step of the way. Challenge: Celcom needed to find a fresher way to connect, boost brand loyalty, increase market share and sales with the youth segment. FIFA WC offered the opportunity. How did Celcom bring casual and hardcore football fans together owning FIFA Worldcup without being a sponsor?

Insight & Strategy
We wanted to demonstrate that whether you’re a hardcore football fan or one that easily gets swept up in the euphoria of the World Cup, Celcom was here to bring everyone together to cheer on the football craze. Big Idea: CHEER ON WITH CELCOM. Instead of being the official sponsor of the world-cup, Celcom was the Official Sponsor of Fans We were attracting a new generation of consumers who were born into the digital world: The Youth. They grew up glued to the screen and the virtual world was a big part of their screen time. Therefore, it was even more important to create a fan experience that bridged physical and digital universes because it allowed fans to engage with the World-Cup and their favorite teams regardless of location or circumstance. Our Solution: Bring the Cheer to the Metaverse. We built a Metaverse, allowing fans to experience the Football WC in Qatar through interactive activities with Celcom and the fans at the centre of it all. In the metaverse, fans could experience the FIFA World Cup through unique interactive activities and engage in fun games to win prizes, and buy exclusive Celcom NFT jerseys throughout the campaign. The space also housed elements from a Spin to Score game and product offers that would guide interested consumers to Celcom’s respective product pages. It became our “always-on” platform for consumers to explore during the WorldCup season.

The Celcom World Cup metaverse had four key features that gamified and enriched the fan experience: 1. Team Selection: As soon as users entered the Metaverse, they were prompted to create an avatar and pick a team jersey based on the teams playing that day (E.g France vs Argentina). Celcom made sure that avatar facial features and skin colours were inclusive and diverse so users could create ones that truly represented them. 2. Stadium: Next players could head to the virtual stadium and guess the chants of their favourite teams and find the flags of all participating WC teams to stand a chance to win prizes and earn more coins. The virtual currency earned in the stadium could then be exchanged for vouchers to purchase real-life products (e.g prepaid cards and mobile phones) 3. Game Day: During each match, players were encouraged to invite friends to join their own watch party and create a customised dance during half time break, then share a recording of their Gila-Gila dance with the #CelcomGilaGilaBola for a chance to win vouchers and in-game coins. 4. Full Time: At the end of each game, players were encouraged to open a crypto wallet with Tezzos and redeem Celcom rewards, including keeping the jersey as an NFT. The launch of Metaverse coincided with Celcom Nationwide On-ground takeover as well. Besides being able to watch a live screening of the matches on 1,310 sqm large screen, for those yet to try the World Cup metaverse, we gave fans the first taste of Celcom’s World Cup Metaverse. At on-ground booths, guests were guided through the registration process to understand how they could create their own avatar and receive virtual points that could be redeemed in the Metaverse.

Media’s Impact: • Campaign amplification exceeded the set KPI by more than 30%, reaching out to a larger audience. • Over 110k engagements were garnered on social media platforms, indicating a strong response to the campaign. • Within the onemonth FWC campaign, we attracted 97,800 fans to our Metaverse, with an average time spent of 9.6 minutes on the platform (approximately 30% of halftime) • A total of 7,500 Malaysians attended our onground events, experiencing Celcom FWC Carnival. • More than 10x publishers generously promoted our viewing parties FOC during the campaign, further amplifying our reach and impact. Business Impact • Sales of prepaid services among the youth segment increased by 234% during the FIFA World Cup compared to the previous months (SeptemberOctober 2022). Brand Impact within 2 months Amongst the youth, all brand scores increased (Before vs After campaign): a. Ad Awareness: To 30 from 21.4 b. Buzz: To 22.1 from 13.5 c. Consideration: To 26.4 from 8.1 d. Purchase Intent: To 8.3 from 1.3 e. Recommendation: To 2.6 from 2.5