Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2023 | |

#SwishAwaySuay with Listerine this CNY!

Advertiser: JNTL Sdn Bhd
Brand: Listerine
Creative Agency: UNIVERSAL McCANN
Credits: -

Objective & Challenge
Listerine sales whilst growing yearly, it is still a far cry compared to toothpaste sales. A study by the Ministry of Health revealed that 75% of Malaysians are unaware of the need of good oral health. In fact, our education system primarily focuses on teaching brushing alone as a dental care routine during primary school. We needed to transform the public’s perception and understanding of oral health, allowing them to realize that brushing teeth alone is insufficient. To achieve that, we had to find an occasion and platform that will inspire behavior change and encourage Malaysians to embrace the power of Listerine mouthwash as an integral part of oral hygiene.

Insight & Strategy
Cultural customs and beliefs is an important aspect during the Chinese New Year season. Actions like negative talk, arguing & fighting, taking medication during the first few days of Chinese New Year and breaking things are considered inauspicious. Instead traditions like spring cleaning is believed to invite prosperity and good luck. Building on this insight, we decided to draw parallels between the cherished tradition of spring cleaning and the invigorating power of Listerine mouthwash sweeping away germs for a fresh start to the year ahead. The campaign tagline “SwishAwaySuay” was introduced and aimed to swish away bad luck – ‘suay’, translating to bad luck in the Hokkien dialect, also representing the germs in the mouth. Amidst the surge of online shopping during Chinese New Year, our campaign took center stage on a thriving ecommerce platform, aligning perfectly with the evolving consumer behaviour who prefer the convenience of online shopping.

Oral health is a boring topic. And we wanted to stay away from the typical, serious, white coat approach where a dentist will give advice on how to maintain proper oral health. So instead of serious, we went with Humour. And instead of a white coat, we went with one of Malaysia’s leading Influencer, SoImJenn (915K followers on Facebook, 543K followers on Instagram, and 90.3K subscribers on Youtube). But not SoImJenn exactly, it was her alterego, AuntieSiow. AuntieSiow is undoubtedly Malaysia’s favourite Auntie traditional in mindset yet outspoken, nosy and superstitious. But generally wellmeaning. That made her the perfect fit to share her wisdom on how Malaysians could ‘Swish Away Suay’. 1. Campaign Video: AuntieSiow shows Malaysians how good oral health is essential when taking the perfect family portrait #SwishAwaySuay campaign kickstarted with a video that went viral on social media, garnering 20,000 likes in 12 hours on SoImJenn Instagram account. Dramatizing the concept of #SwishAwaySuay, we got AuntieSiow to take a family portrait with her family members Ah Ma, Ah Suk, Director Jennston, Michelle and Jenn. But the photo session was wrought with ‘misfortunes’, all because of poor oral hygiene. To save the day, AuntieSiow introduced ListerineTotalCare Mouthwash as the solution, emphasizing its 6in1 protection benefits. The video highlighted the transformative power of using ListerineTotalCare Mouthwash, illustrating how after using Listerine, the family members’ fortunes changed. And they were able to smile brightly for the family portrait. The video was adapted into formats to fit different platforms Facebook, TikTok, YouTube and OTT. AuntieSiow skillfully maintained the audience’s excitement through teasing and sustained social media postings, even after the main launch video posted, she also posted multiple IG stories to engage with audience, like sharing how there are multiple scenes where Listerine product branding is hidden in some parts of the main video. 2. OnGround event: AuntieSiow drives Listerine Onground Sales and Consumer engagement at Shopping Mall Listerine’s #SwishAwaySuay campaign featured a dynamic 5day onground event at OneUtama Shopping Centre from 4 Jan to 8 Jan, where Auntie Siow, served as the special guest. The event was packed with auspicious interactive games and AuntieSiow skillfully engaged with the audience, providing explanations for the rationale behind each of the thoughtfully designed interactive games. One of the games, “Healthy Arrr Prediction”, required participants to enthusiastically shout “HUAT ARRR” with their mouths wide open. The interactive screen then captured the decibel levels of the participants, while AuntieSiow emphasized the important message of using mouth wash to eliminate decibels. Participants were then rewarded with freebies upon completing the games. 3. Shopee Livestream: AuntieSiow drives Online Sales with Dr.Kayla On top of that, Listerine did a Livestreaming on Shopee Malaysia Platform, led by AuntieSiow and DrKayla, a dentist influncer (often called as ‘dentfluencer’) with 85.3K followers on Instagram and the Internet personality is trending well enough to be featured on TedX. Throughout the livestream, they shared information about mouthwash, including usage instructions, benefits, and oral care tips, to educate the audience and emphasize the importance of mouthwash. Quizzes and giveaways were incorporated to encourage audience participation and enhance engagement during the livestream.

The media execution of the SwishAwaySuay campaign resulted in high brand sales and amplified the campaign’s impact. 1. Total brand sales growth by+4.4% vs last CNY, whilst Total Care variant grew by +8%, at the same time both, total Listerine & Total Care variant achieved highest in sales as compared to the past 6 months. 2. Shopee Ecommerce platform sales achieved +169% and product view +386% compared to other campaigns throughout the year, which also recorded highest view in Jan 2023. For campaign media metrics: 1. Overall campaign has achieved 35.5 mil Impressions & 16.5 mil Views with 48% VTR (Industry Benchmark: 35 %). #SwishAwaySuay main video (4min 30s) on YouTube achieved a high VTR of 61% (YT industry benchmark: 45%). 2. SoImJenn’s content achieved a high 504k reach, 677k video plays & 44.8k interactions in Instagram organically. 3. Total peak viewers during the Shopee Livestream was 29k. 4. On top of that, positive comments were received after releasing the main film, such as “Can’t believed I rewatched an ad for so many time! it’s too good!”, “I love how this went from a family photo to an ad for mouthwash”, “Tmr Listerine going to out of stock