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2023 | |

House Of Guinness – It’s A Matter Of Taste

Advertiser: Heineken Malaysia
Brand: Guinness
Creative Agency: DENTSU X (MALAYSIA)
Credits: -

Objective & Challenge
Challenge: Guinness was primarily enjoyed by a mature group of beer enthusiasts and it has been the key hurdle to overcome. To successfully introduce Guinness Draught in a Can (GDIC) and make it more relevant to a younger demographic, the campaign needed to break away from the traditional associations and rejuvenate the brand in a fresh and exciting way. The goal was clear—to spark interest and curiosity among the younger generation. Relating to performance media, our main focus was on increasing campaign awareness, but we encountered challenges in effectively measuring the impact of our awareness media buys and determining their alignment with the campaign. As a result, it became difficult to identify which mediums were driving results and at which stage of the funnel, making it challenging to develop clear strategies to optimize the campaign as a whole. Objective: Engaging with the younger demographic requires a multi-faceted approach. To bring this to life, House of Guinness (HOG) was created, which is a first in the alcohol category and never been done before. The power and potential of future retail was demonstrated in this pop-up and every touch point and room at HOG was an immersive mirror of the consumer’s journey, from understanding how GDIC makes the perfect creamy head (thanks to the nitrogen widget inside each can) to its ultimate serving ritual. Each activity was also associated with the emotions of consuming GDIC. For performance media, the objective is to enhance the conversion rate at each stage of the funnel and ultimately achieve the target KPI of 9,500 attendees. By optimizing awareness, consideration, and conversion within the campaign funnel, we aim to maximize engagement and drive successful attendance to the event.

Insight & Strategy
Insight: 1) Implementing a marketing funnel provide valuable insights to comprehend the customer journey, allowing for a comprehensive evaluation of each stage. This understanding enables marketer to identify areas that require further optimization, ensuring that our marketing efforts are targeted and effective. 2) Personalized approach helps to re-engage and convert users who have previously shown interest, resulting in improved conversion rates and higher overall campaign success. 3) When scheduling branded content, it is crucial to adopt a strategic approach that generates excitement and anticipation among consumers. Instead of releasing all the content at once, a carefully planned content rollout can gradually build momentum and create a buzz across social media platforms. This strategic timing ensures that the brand remains top-of-mind and maximizes audience engagement throughout the campaign duration. Strategy: The campaign was planned with a specific goal in mind: to attract 9,500 attendees to the two-weekends of House of Guinness events. To accomplish this, we developed a comprehensive approach that incorporated a full-funnel concept. This involved utilizing an integrated media strategy, including broad targeting to generate awareness, retargeting techniques to drive consideration and conversions, and implementing branded content marketing to create excitement and engagement. Through careful optimization and continuous monitoring, we aimed to ensure that each stage of the campaign contributed towards achieving the desired end result.

To drive sign-ups effectively, we implemented a conversion-focused campaign on Facebook and Instagram, tailoring our strategy to match the goals of the campaign. Initially, we targeted all non-Malay individuals aged 21 and above, but encountered slow sign-up growth. In order to enhance precision and efficacy, we incorporated first-party data from the client’s CRM database. This strategic move resulted in a significant boost in sign-ups, achieving a remarkable cost per sign-up of RM120, surpassing our usual benchmark of RM150. During the campaign optimization phase, we observed that over 60% of the ads were reaching a mature audience (35+). While the conversion numbers appeared promising, it was evident that our targeting needed refinement. To address this issue, we conducted age splitting within the total audience, creating two distinct groups: 21-30 years old and 31+ years old, with equal budget allocation. After just two weeks, we witnessed outstanding results within the younger group, with an impressive 500 sign-ups achieved at an outstanding CPA of RM90 and a satisfactory CPM of RM13.50. This outcome confirmed our hypothesis that broad targeting tends to favor the older demographic, given their familiarity with the brand, which often leads to higher response rates. Consequently, the system inadvertently neglected the younger audience. However, it is important to note that the younger audience was not disinterested in the campaign; rather, they lacked sufficient ad exposure, resulting in fewer conversions within the broad targeting approach. Moreover, we optimized the Yahoo native ad campaign to address the issue of low conversion rates observed in previous campaigns. By implementing a retargeting strategy, we inserted a pixel in the microsite to track visitors who had seen our ads and delivered more direct messaging prompting immediate sign-ups. This approach significantly shortened the consumer journey by landing them directly on the sign-up page. As a result, we successfully improved the conversion rate on the Yahoo platform, achieving a lower cost per acquisition (CPA) at RM89 compared to the social platform. Furthermore, by understanding the importance of authenticity and genuine recommendations for digital user, we leveraged 19 Macro KOLs who have a strong presence on Instagram and 18 social content publishers drive talkability and generate social buzz. Through entertaining contents, these influencers showcased the experiencial journey of the pop-up event to fostering curiosity and encouraging their followers to sign-up. Learning from our social tracking, consumers shared their genuine experiences and opinions about the festival event and that helped the brand to generate more organic brand affinity.

1) Social campaign generated 65millions impression and contributed 47k traffic to the microsite and 1,806 online sign-ups Avg CPA: RM125 Avg CPM: RM11 2) Yahoo native ad campaign contributed the highest traffic (83k visits) to the microsite with 3.4millions impressions. Avg CPM: RM3.50 Avg CTR: 3.17% Avg CPA: RM89 3) Paid contents (KOL & content) generate more than 8 Million impressions and 4,374 online signups to the event activation. Avg ER: 4% 1,903 public posts on Instragram 275 tagged @guinnessmy on Instagram