Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

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A Misunderstood (Generation’s) Merdeka by Maxis

Advertiser: Maxis Broadband Sdn Bhd
Brand: Maxis
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Objective & Challenge
Breaking stereotype; Story of today’s generation on multi screen: ‘On the Phone’ is often seen as a bad thing. Something to look down upon, something futile, something disrespectful and lazy. But these opinions often lose sight of context. The phone is potentially a tool for freedom for the youth today. Freedom from Societal, Economic and National challenges. The NEW GENERATION needs a NEW MERDEKA. One prominent concern is undoubtedly the “periuk nasi” (rice bowl) issue, which refers to employment and livelihood. Official data from April 2021 reveals that the unemployment rate among age 15 to 24 has risen to 13.7%, with total unemployment at 41.8%. The prevailing perception within society, fueled by excessive screen time among the youth, tends to label them as lazy, unproductive, self entitled. This unfair criticism stems from youth spending an average of 4 to 5 hours on screens, as reported by GWI. It is crucial to challenge these stereotypes and understand the complex realities faced by young Malaysians in their pursuit of gainful employment within a society that often demands conformity to established ideals and norms. Embracing the spirit of national youth development as part of the #keluargaMalaysia initiative, Maxis has taken a proactive approach —the quest for meaningful employment in the new digital economy. Maxis needed to do so by targeting both the masses of Malaysians, including the traditionalists, baby boomers, and Generation X (the antagonists), as well as the misunderstood youth of the millennial and Generation Z cohorts (the protagonists). The campaign is designed to break free from societal misconceptions and promote an inclusive understanding of today’s generation in the multi screen era. By leveraging the power of integrated media, Maxis chose to reshape the narrative surrounding young Malaysians and foster a greater sense of unity within the Malaysian family.

Insight & Strategy
Taking a targeted approach to maximize results: Maxis draws inspiration from the dynamic new generation of Malaysians who embody the “Always be Ahead” spirit. Maxis celebrates the accomplishments of the youth in an unconventional and captivating manner through a thought provoking short film titled “Apalah Generasi ini?” (What is this Generation?). This film sheds light on the challenges encountered by several young Malaysians as they strive to secure meaningful employment. These individuals find themselves caught between a society that demands conformity to established ideals and norms and their own aspirations for a more unconventional path. Maxis’ multi screen performance strategy effectively communicated the message that the youth possess untapped potential and are well equipped to excel beyond convention. It was a two pronged approach to drive both views and engagement on the film while a focused targeting approach for engagement was devised across channels to drive engagement.

Targeting the audience on the right platform at the right time: Our media strategy involved a two pronged approach targeting youth as the primary audience and the older generation as secondary. We used a “push” strategy to drive views on Maxis’ brand film and partnered with influencers to inspire our target audience. Recognizing the youth’s response to the multi screen era and their evolving consumption habits, we opted to focus on digital platforms to achieve our goal of generating video views. Platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter were specifically selected due to their immense popularity and widespread usage among our target audience. To ensure the effectiveness of our campaign, we took a data driven approach, leveraging audience insights to precisely target specific audience segments based on their interests, behaviors, and content consumption patterns. We sought to tap into their daily online activities and position our brand film strategically on these platforms. Our aim was to capture their attention, encourage video views, and generate a significant volume of engagement. Collaborating with Astro on their first Shorties initiative expanded our campaign’s reach and relevance. The brand film was featured on Astro TV, Astro Go, and On Demand, gaining exposure on Meletop and Awani News. Radio channels like ERA, MY, RAAGA, and MIX further targeted the audience, promoting with a CTA of watching Maxis Merdeka Shorties on TV. Acknowledging the profound influence of artists and influencers on the youth, we strategically partnered with prominent local KOLs/influencers, including Dr. Tan, Vinesh, Cikgu Siti, and Francesca. Leveraging programmatic strategies, we engaged these influencers to amplify our campaign’s message and establish a deeper connection with the target audience. Through their influence and reach, we aimed to inspire and motivate the youth to challenge societal norms and pursue their aspirations. In contrast, for the older generation the antagonists, who may hold differing perspectives we employed print platforms as an effective means to target and engage this segment. By adopting a tangible and traditional format, we catered to the preferences and consumption habits of the older generation, fostering a deeper understanding of our campaign’s narrative.

Surpassing all the set KPIs: Overall, the campaign achieved 13.4 million views (+235% vs. target). Despite being a 3 minutes video, YouTube, garnered 9.6 million video views (+195% vs. target) with a VTR of 42% vs 35% benchmark. The campaign delivered 93,000 clicks, 11% higher than target. On Facebook, the campaign received 557,000 views (+4% vs target). On Twitter, the brand film received 3 million views (+904% vs. target), and the most cost effective platform with the lowest CPV of 0.0089 vs 0.04. The Merdeka Shorties delivered 55% Reach at 1+ on TV and featured in high rated programs of Meletop and Awani News. For Radio, we captured our audience during morning and evening drive time utilizing a total of 56 mins across 7 days. With a New Merdeka narrative, Maxis brand preference and TOM both increased post Merdeka campaign from 24 to 32 and 20 to 26 respectively.