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AI Voice Over Technology: A Bridge to Migrants

Advertiser: U Mobile Sdn Bhd (M4UMO)
Brand: U Mobile
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Objective & Challenge
U Mobile identified the migrant market as a very important market that contributed 30% of their prepaid business. The objective was to target the Bangladeshi and Indonesian communities, the two largest migrant pool in Malaysia. However, the pandemic imposes restrictions on physical contact, making it difficult to reach the target audience directly, thus we had to shift the approach to online platforms. Considering the migrants have limited literacy level, U Mobile needed to create authentic content that could breakthrough the language barriers and effectively communicate with this audience.

Insight & Strategy
U Mobile’s migrant subscribers experienced declining click-through rates (CTR), falling below the desired threshold of 1%. Initially, when we continue to focus on reaching the migrant audience through Facebook, targeting the same pool of niche audiences, the performance started to decline. Insights from previous migrant campaigns in 2019 revealed that migrants exhibited a higher interest in videos, as video materials consistently performed better. Google insights further revealed that Bangladeshi migrants spent extended hours consuming YouTube content at night, i.e. music videos and shows in their native language. This online entertainment serves as a means for them to unwind or stay awake during their nocturnal routines, considering they typically work as domestic helpers, factory workers, or night guards. We also discovered that migrants have limited literacy levels, including in their native language, raising concerns about the effectiveness of text-based banner and slideshow ads currently in use. To better resonate with illiterate migrants, we knew that incorporating human elements and voice-overs in their native language was crucial. In late 2022, the introduction of ChatGPT, a powerful language model chatbot tool garnered significant attention and popularity. Its emergence contributed to the growing trend of utilizing AI tools for various tasks. As businesses began exploring ways to leverage AI for operational improvements, we identified an opportunity to utilize AI tools to create human-like content that would improve connectivity and allow illiterate migrants to relate more to the brand.

We leveraged the power of AI tools, specifically AI voice-over technology, to create human-like videos. We recognized the biggest challenge is finding native talents from Bangladesh and Indonesia to do the voice over. We found a game-changing solution in Listnr, an AI voice-over tool that closely resembles human speech. This breakthrough enabled us to develop creative ads in the migrants’ native language eliminating the need to search for a human native talent. To establish a personal connection to the migrants, we prioritized incorporating the migrants’ tonality into the ads. By doing so, we aimed to create a profound sense of relevance and authenticity, making the brand feel as though it was speaking directly to them. The campaign ran for 1.5 months with a budget of under RM60,000. We strategically served the videos on Facebook, targeting both the Bangladeshi and Indonesian communities using Bengali and Indonesian languages. To expand our reach, we also utilized pre-roll ads on YouTube and TikTok platforms which are commonly used by the migrant audience. Buying strategy switched from traffic centric to video views centric. On YouTube, we targeted the Bangladeshi and Indonesian audience in Malaysia based on language preferences, as well as the top placements and channels they consumed. This ensured that they would encounter our video while consuming content from their homeland, effectively delivering our proposition of unlimited data for their entertainment needs. This approach would achieve two things: 1) Bridge the language and literacy gap in Bengali and Indonesia as opposed to text-based content; and 2) Deliver our message in Bengali and Indonesian when they were in the mindset of consuming content from their home country during their long working hours.

The campaign performance on YouTube was exceptional, with the Bengali and Indonesian pre-roll ads achieving view-through rates of 60.71% and 52.35% respectively. These rates far surpassed the average view-through rates of U Mobile’s previous animation and text-based migrant YouTube ads, which typically hovered around 45%. Notably, the campaign maintained a cost-efficient cost per view (CPV) as low as RM0.01. On Facebook, the Bengali video achieved a view-through rate (VTR) of 52%, while the Indonesian video achieved an even more remarkable VTR of 77%. These results further reinforced the campaign’s success in capturing the attention and engagement of the target audience. Despite being optimized for views, the video clearly generated increased interest and intent as it achieved a click-through rate that was 46% higher than average U Mobile’s Facebook campaigns.