Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2023 | |

TEN-TALIZING birthday at panda paradise

Advertiser: Delivery Hero Sdn. Bhd
Brand: foodpanda
Creative Agency: UNIVERSAL McCANN
Credits: -

Objective & Challenge
foodpanda pioneered food delivery in Malaysia, having launched in 2012 it has since paved the way for online food ordering and delivery services. Over the last few years, the food delivery business has expanded rapidly. Beyond foodpanda and Grab, there were now many more new entrants competing in an intense category with more than a dozen players including foodpanda. As a result, consumers are spoiled for choice and have become increasingly promiscuous as they bounce between delivery apps to find the best deals. To keep customers loyal within foodpanda’s ecosystem and reduce churn, we needed to drive awareness and sign ups for pandapro foodpanda’s subscription membership that gives customers access to exclusive deals in all areas of quick commerce (delivery, food pickup, groceries and personal care).

Insight & Strategy
Malaysia is renowned as a food haven, boasting a diverse and exotic fusion of cuisine that reflects its multicultural essence. Swept away by the diverse and scattered nature of cuisines throughout the country meant that Malaysians are always in search of new dining experience to satisfy their taste buds. However, the pandemic had disrupted the food and beverage business, imposing constraints on Malaysians ingrained habits of dining out. As situations continued to improve, Malaysians were yearning and anticipating for their next dine out. Amidst the challenges of dining out, foodpanda treated Malaysians, as part of our 10th year anniversary, to a food paradise, bringing Malaysia’s best food into one place with our very own themed birthday bash called panda paradise. We needed to devise a plan to publicize our birthday bash using the right platform and reach out to our audiences, ensuring its maximum impact. Radio became our platform of choice with its key ability to reach the masses. Leveraging on the platform’s potential in audience interaction, we thoughtfully develop diverse radio formats to bring the hype for our event and create brand exposure.

We crafted a plan to propel foodpanda’s birthday bash to new heights of celebrations. Collaborating with the top two urban English radio stations in Malaysia, Hitz & Mix, we flooded the station with birthday wishes to foodpanda from both Radio DJs and listeners, infused with a lively and funfilled spirit. While tuning to either radio station, you will be hearing your favourite radio DJs whether it’s Ean from Hitz Morning Crew or Guibo from the Mix Drive expressing their foodpanda birthday wishes and prompting listeners to mark their calendars for foodpanda’s upcoming birthday bash at Sunway City, Kuala Lumpur and be a pandapro users as its an exclusive event to pandapro subscribers. Alongside Hitz morning crew Ean & Arnold, we wanted to treat you as if it was your special day by hosting a birthday giveaway contest. Contest mechanics was actively promoted by ramping up the frequency throughout the segment leading up to the contest period. When it came to our week long birthday giveaways, we drove lastminute prompts, calling listeners to be prepared for the cue to call. From melodic harmonies to offkey renditions, lucky first callers were prompted to sing happy birthday to foodpanda, creating laughter and cringing moments. The excitement didn’t stop there. Participants were greeted with a followup contest where they had to show their utmost determination to win exclusive VIP tickets and an opportunity for them to partake in our exhilarating onground birthday bash grand finale Amazing Race. Participants were bestowed with the chance to win tech prizes. To partake in this, the coveted VIP ticket was the key and it was attainable solely by tuning in to a short audio and guess how many TEN’s were mentioned. Entering to our birthday bash weekend, we drove consistency and brought the vibrant energy of Hitz station by having Ean, Zher & Arnold to broadcast live to the heart of the event. We had captivatingly highlighted the details of every aspect of our event. From the mechanics of our pandamart sweep game to tantalizing listeners with Devi’s famous Crab Curry Burger and Nasi Lemak. We even had the Amazing Race broadcasted and despite some were not able to be present at the event, tuning into the live broadcast evoked a sense of virtual presence, capturing heartstirring moments as if they were there in person. Wrapping up our radio call to action, we integrated our exclusive birthday promo code to make the final push for conversion.

We delivered positive growth across foodpanda Business and Brand Health metrics: 1) +10% on Top of Mind compared to the previous quarter 2) +21% on Active pandapro users compared to the previous quarter 3) +62% on New pandapro subscriptions the last month of the campaign compared to noncampaign months. In terms of campaign metrics, we delivered: 1) 3.03 million Malaysian reached across Hitz FM & Mix FM 2) 2.7 million impressions 3) 925K video views 4) 119K social engagements That’s how foodpanda celebrated a TENTALIZING birthday with Malaysians!