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Clear Men: The Ultimate Halftime Game

Advertiser: Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn Bhd
Brand: Clear Men Shampoo
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Objective & Challenge
Despite its intrinsic association with football, ClearMen was not an official sponsor of the 2022 FIFA World Cup(WC22) but they saw the event as a prime opportunity to strengthen its football association. ClearMen faced several challenges as a non-official sponsor: 1. Restrictions on mentioning the event 2. Heavy competition from official sponsors and other male grooming products 3. Distractions from social chatter during the tournament Business Challenge: Communication Challenge: How could Clear Men find an innovative way to engage male World Cup fans, without being a sponsor?

Insight & Strategy
Our research showed: 1. Malaysian men are relentlessly dedicated to their favourite teams, players and matches. And more importantly their favourite tournament that only comes around every 4 years. 2. During the world Cup especially fans are wrapped in the frenzy of the world cup. They constantly need to be apart of the adrenaline of football. During the match, after the match and even at half time. 3. However during half time, they don’t have an outlet and end up on their phone endlessly scrolling through content, waiting for the match to resume. Insight: The reality is, when the halftime break arrives, football players catch their breath regroup and recuperated, however fans are on the edge of their seats dying to get back to the action to kill the anxiety So How could we Clear Men own the halftime game no one else was playing And when most brands were plastering ads throughout halftime, our window of opportunity was very short: 15 minutes to capture the anxious minds of our target audience and engage them with our brand as they were sitting on the edge of their seats eagerly waiting for the game to resume. Our solution: We decided to build an interactive mobile game that that tapped in the world cup football experience called Juara Clear

Building a Interactive game to own half time We built a browser-based game, that allowed viewers to – Compete during the Live game aired only during the halftime breaks of every single match of the world cup. This what would allow us to own halftime. – Then during off hours when the world cup was not on, players could practice on Juara Clear, anytime to understand the game, play it and get better at it – so they were ready to jump back into the tournament once when the game went live during halftime. At every half time players would compete against the clock to make the Top 5 leaderboard for a chance to win: – Merchandise – Daily cash prizes – Or to be honored our own version of the Ballon d’Or: the Juara Clear Golden Ball. Ensuring Juara Clear was unmissable during half time We leveraged our partnership with Astro, the official broadcaster of World Cup 2022, to create a QR code-based promotion featuring Cristiano Ronaldo. Now to ensure that the game was ever present and unmissable, we tapped into our audience’s media habits. – We were there with QR code on TV when our audience browsing through channels. We encouraged viewers on TV, social media, and the Sooka platform to scan the QR code or click on our digital ads to participate the in-browser live interactive game. – With 3-minute games that could be played during halftime, we aimed to keep interest and engagement high. – We were there when our audience was scrolling through social media during half time with our agile social postings covering matches updates. – We were there with KOL ambassadors when they were looking for the social chatter. – And in-store to further drive our game awareness with the exclusive Juara Clear shampoo packaging

By hijacking the Fifa WC half time, Juara Clear brought unprecedented business impact: • Increase of 9.6 points in consideration (against 3 months) • An increase of 4.6% in the number of Clear buyers (vs previous period) • A significant +9.3% increase in volume usage for the brand vs (previous years) • A noticeable 4.5% increase in penetration indicating a change of behavior from soap-and-water to Clear Men Best of all, we were present at the half time of 56 games, which is equivalent to 9 football games (840 minutes) of uninterrupted engagement for the brand.