Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2023 | |

House of Guinness

Advertiser: Heineken Malaysia
Brand: Guinness
Creative Agency: DENTSU X (MALAYSIA)
Credits: -

Objective & Challenge
Guinness Draught was exclusively available on tap in pubs and bars, leaving enthusiasts with limited options for savoring its iconic flavors outside these establishments. While the Guinness Foreign Extra Stout can/bottle offered an alternative, it failed to capture the unique smoothness and creamy head that make Guinness Draught so distinctive. To address this gap and revolutionize the way Guinness is enjoyed at home, Guinness Malaysia introducing Guinness Draught in a Can (GDIC), a breakthrough innovation that brings the beloved pub experience of enjoying a perfectly poured pint of Guinness to the comfort of your own home. To educate and raising awarenes of the new product – GDIC, Guinness Malaysia proudly presents House of Guinness (HOG), a captivating pop-up experience designed to showcase the exceptional product qualities by immersing joiners in the “brewing journey”. The activation allowed joiners to discover the intricacies behind achieving the perfect head with GDIC as well as witness the ultimate serving ritual that elevates the enjoyment of every sip. Challenges: Guinness was primarily enjoyed by a mature group of beer enthusiasts and it has been the key hurdle to overcome. To successfully introduce GDIC and make it more relevant to a younger demographic, the campaign needed to break away from the traditional associations and rejuvenate the brand in a fresh and exciting way. The goal was clear—to wipe away the mature perception of Guinness and spark interest and curiosity among the younger generation. The campaign sought to create a buzz and generate excitement that would encourage trial and engagement from this new target audience. Objective: To entice the younger generation to embrace the legacy of Guinness while experiencing it through a fresh lens. The campaign aimed to create a sense of inclusivity, where everyone, regardless of age, could come together and celebrate the shared joy of GDIC.

Insight & Strategy
Insight: Gen Z is marked by an innate sense of exploration, constantly seeking opportunities to learn new skills and discover novel brands or products.They thrive on the thrill of discovering the unfamiliar, eagerly embracing new experiences. This insatiable curiosity fuels their desire to try new things, as they relish the opportunity to expand their horizons. Besides, Gen Zers actively seek out brands and products that resonate with their evolving identity, shaping their personal narratives. They are on a constant quest to find brands and products that align with their values, aspirations, and unique sense of self. Strategy: Engaging with the younger demographic requires a multi-faceted approach. To bring this to life, House of Guinness (HOG) was created, which is a first in the alcohol category and never been done before. The power and potential of future retail was demonstrated in this pop-up and every touch point and room at HOG was an immersive mirror of the consumer’s journey, from understanding how GDIC makes the perfect creamy head (thanks to the nitrogen widget inside each can) to its ultimate serving ritual. Each activity was also associated with the emotions of consuming GDIC. The experiential activation direction was imperative – provide an immersive experiences that allow Gen Zers to engage with the brand, an opportunities to try the new product firsthand, and share their experiences on social media.

1) 360-camera booth, where they step inside to capture a moment of pure delight. These immersive videos become cherished memories, shared on social media platforms, with the best image selected to grant one lucky participant the opportunity to “Win a Trip to Dublin.” 2) Harnessing the power of social media engagement, a QR code is thoughtfully provided, enabling guests to effortlessly invite their friends to join them at the House of Guinness. As they journey through the interactive zones, guests can access a curated collection of their most cherished moments, reliving the magic and excitement of the experience. 3) Within the chilling space, the Guinness Draught in a Can takes center stage, showcased in a display meticulously designed to replicate the familiar convenience store beverage fridge. By simply scanning a QR code on the door glass, guests are seamlessly directed to”Drinkies” where they can conveniently purchase GDIC online, ensuring they can enjoy the remarkable taste of Guinness Draught anytime, anywhere. 4) As the adventure draws to a close, guests find themselves at the pop-up bar, where skilled bartenders eagerly impart their knowledge. Here, guests are invited to become their own bartenders, mastering the art of pouring their own GDIC. This final touch adds an element of enjoyment, empowering guests to savor the full experience and immerse themselves in the rich tradition of Guinness.

House of Guinness campaign stands as a trailblazing endeavor within the alcohol category. Its impact was both remarkable and contagious, generating an impressive results: Media: 61 million earned PR impressions, 28 million media impressions 459k ad clicks across all the mediums 22k sign-ups on the campaign microsite 14.5k attended visitors throughout the 2 months campaign Organic Social: FB: 163 post tag @houseofguinness IG: 345 post tag @houseofguinness Tik Tok: 24 post tag @houseofguinness XHS: 45 post write about houseofguinness Brand: Total BGS: Salient +0.5 versus Q2 2022 Younger Group (21-35yo): Different +0.3 versus Q2 2022 Key Takeaway: The campaign strategically shifted its focus from mature drinkers to the youngest, effectively capturing the attention and interest of the Gen Z audience. By educating the younger consumers on the unique qualities that set GDIC apart form its competitors, the campaign not only increased brand awareness but also instilled a sense of superiority and desirability in the minds of these young consumers. Through innovative touchpoints and immersive engagements, every interaction with the House of Guinness became a memorable talking point. This approach not only created a sense of excitement and curiosity among consumers but also highlighted the possibilities for reimagining the retail landscape in the alcohol industry.