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Heineken Hotel Takeover – Look up to the skies for the Red Star

Advertiser: Heineken Malaysia
Brand: Heineken
Creative Agency: DENTSU X (MALAYSIA)
Credits: -

Objective & Challenge
Challenge: Gen Z thinks that all lager beer tastes the same and there aren’t that many compelling reasons to pay premium price for Heineken that is more expensive compared to Tiger & Carlsberg. The brand challenge is emphasizing Heineken’s known quality and credentials to the younger consumers. The brand resonates with older millennials who grew up with Heineken whereas the younger generation don’t really associate with Heineken as price point plays a key factor to their decision-making. The goal is clear: establish and strengthen Heineken’s superior product quality to drive the brand’s premium positioning amongst Malaysian Gen Y & Z. Objective: The campaign has a clear objective to drive Brand Scores, ‘meaningfulness’ and ‘difference’ by making Heineken quality Star Brewing relevant, emotional and engaging for moments in consumers lives. We needed to implement a perception change that turns consumers mindset FROM: Heineken is a dated brand “I don’t see why I should pay more for it when it tastes the same as other lager beers” TO a cool brand “Heineken is a brand with superior taste and I would choose Heineken as my preferred drink to kick off the night”. This provides the campaign a clear angle to also lift brand imageries scores for Heineken.

Insight & Strategy
Insight: The younger generation actively desires and yearns for novelty, both on an individual level and in social settings, with a remarkable 90% expressing openness to new people, things, and ideas. When it comes to vacations, 87% of them enjoy exploring new destinations, and 85% consider their circle of friends to be of utmost importance in their lives. Considering these insights, it becomes evident that what they primarily seek is escapism and a constant thirst for enriching new experiences. They are not content with settling for less or staying stagnant because they possess a challenger mindset and are driven go-getters who actively seek change and progression in their lives. This constant pursuit of rejuvenation and refreshment drives their aspirations. Strategy: Gen Zs believe that they will unlock personal progress through seeking out new ideas, people and experiences. With the leading insight that stems from they believe the best version of themselves is still out there paired with the brand truth that Heineken has been brewed for that refreshing first sip that starts of a night of experience that refreshes you both inside and out. With this, the strategy was clear – to build an idea for a generation that craves the new adding in vacation & travel elements, we created an event experience like no other – a beer brand that took-over an entire hotel: Heineken Hotel Takeover.

Introducing Heineken Hotel Takeover, how, you asked? We tookover an entire hotel! A meticulously planned event with designated spaces to take consumers on a journey with a perfect balance of both showcasing product credentials and the Heineken experience. All this was done with a goal in mind: to elevate the brand’s “fresh experience” and cement that Heineken is “worth paying more for”. The hotel was decked out with Heineken branding from green door designs, branded lightboxes, branded decals on existing mirrors, rooms explaining brewing credentials, Heineken-branded items that influencers were able to take home during their stay to an ordinary basement converted to a Heineken Lounge party space featuring DJs and arcade games. The experience started from the entry point which is the lobby; DJs were featured in this social space for guests to hangout with Heineken Bar serving beers. Trailing to the pool/studio area whereby Live Music bands were by the pool alongside the Heineken Kitchen where food is served for guests. Taking it a notch further, the Heineken Studio was implemented giving the brand the perfect activation experience to tap into wellness classes with HIIT and yoga classes. We didn’t just stop there. Heineken Secret Rooms were created. Consumers receive a Secret Room Passport upon checking in. These Secret Rooms take consumers on a journey cleverly encapsulating the 5 star pillars of Heineken translated into art installations – pure malt experience, 100% natural ingredients, A-yeast experience, horizontal brewing, ending with a free beer once guests have completed visiting all 4 rooms. Ordinary is not in our vocabulary. In the rooms, we featured gift packs with campaign booklets exclusively for media and influencers, Heineken ‘Welcome Packages’ in rooms, hijacked in-room TV screens complete with Heineken-branded items that influencers were able to take home during their stay. Activation involved blocking out a special preview weekend for influencers so they can spread the word in advance. In true Heineken fashion, we converted the basement for Heineken Music where DJs aligned to Heineken’s brand spirit performed such as Julian, Bad Habits, Bate, Bass Agents. To achieve widespread reach and generate high awareness leading up to the event day, social media and programmatic advertising served as the primary platforms. However, the significant factor that successfully enticed consumers was the involvement of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and Content Publishers who curated excitement and encouraged consumer participation in something remarkable that Heineken had to offer. The selection of KOLs and publishers was based on two crucial factors: reach and engagement. The main priority was to drive people to take action, which resulted in success. This was attributed to 2 bursts of collaboration with KOLs and content publishers, ensuring that the campaign remained top-of-mind. The initial burst focused on emphasizing the refreshing first sup and consumer experience, with a clear CTA to sign-up. The second burst centered showcasing the event venue and tapping into Malaysians passion points, music and food.

The event was a unique concept: a beer-brand to takeover an entire hotel, injecting Heineken high-energy presence and brand-life into an activation experience. Event: 5,500 sign-ups 73 media from 39 titles with 98 clippings Brand Scores: The total brand score reached the highest at 15.4% which closed the gap between the Carlsberg competitors Successfully lifed brand imageries KPIs (Q3 2022 vs Q3 2021): “For people like me” (43 vs 42) “To be seen with” (48 vs 47) “Distinctive brand image” (37 vs 36)