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GOODDAY KidSTART: Malaysia’s Biggest Kidpreneur Challenge spreads the message of financial responsibility

Advertiser: Etika
Brand: Goodday Milk Malaysia
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Objective & Challenge
Goodday Milk had 10% market share in UHT milk, and was competing against giant Dutch Lady (70% share). Dutch Lady as a large dairy company had cost advantages with pricing flexibility against Goodday. It also had an aggressive advertising budget that was on average 7 times larger than Goodday’s. As the pandemic became endemic, Ukraine war drove inflation which resulted in higher input costs for Goodday. Goodday Milk therefore had to raise its prices to consumers. This meant the brand was losing the price war, sales and consequently, market share. Competing on price is short term strategy. Goodday wanted to create a long term brand asset that focuses on social good. The objective was to build brand affinity and preference for Goodday, while also targeting young consumers (future purchasers)

Insight & Strategy
Research on ads running in the category showed us that all milk brands were focusing on physical benefits of their products. Brands in the category were not focusing on ongoing mental development, skills enhancement and financial responsibility for kids, which we identified as a latent, unsatisfied need for parents. We decided to focus on long-term brand equity building amongst both children and parents, emphasizing on mental development. We would create a strategic shift away from price to increase the Goodday’s brand attributes, thus shifting the battlefield and negating price advantage of competitors. INSIGHT#1 MALAYSIANS ARE NOT FINANCIALLY LITERATE, HENCE HOW COULD THEY EDUCATE THEIR KIDS? • 1 in 10 Malaysians believe they are not disciplined in managing their finances. • 52% of Malaysians have difficulty raising RM1,000 as emergency funds. • 50% of Malaysians are not confident they’ll have adequate retirement funds. INSIGHT#2 URGENT NEED FOR KIDS TO LEARN FAST The endemic era has created a pressing need for financial literacy amongst kids 7 – 14 years, so that they grow to be responsible adults who can fend for themselves. INSIGHT#3 MOST PARENTS DON’T EDUCATE THEIR KIDS ABOUT MONEY Unfortunately only 30% of Malaysian parents impart knowledge to their children aged 7-14, the rest didn’t, or didn’t know how to Source: Financial Education Network, Malaysia National Strategy For Financial Literacy 2019-2023, July 2019. With these insights, we decided to create a competition for kids (involving their parents). We would focus on their mental development and CHAMPION FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR KIDS We launched Goodday KidSTART, aiming to be MALAYSIA’S BIGGEST KID ENTREPRENEUR CHALLENGE Our Strategic goals from this innovative creative idea: • Boost brand awareness, recall and affinity through an imaginative program that engages parents (current buyers) and their kids • Deepen appeal amongst children (growing our base and future buyers) • Forge a lasting asset driving sales, to help consumers see past price when they purchase milk GOODDAY KIDSTART EMBODIED ETIKA AND GOODDAY VALUES INNOVATIVE ENGAGEMENT going beyond product’s nutritional benefits; to be a brand that nourishes bodies and minds. EMPOWERING LEADERS OF TOMORROW through financial literacy, teaching them essential concepts: saving, budgeting, the value of money. ECOSYSTEM DEVELOPMENT AND AWARENESS for a supportive environment that nurtures children’s talents and potential.

We focused on both children (pester power) and parents (were driven to help kids succeed) separately. To target children, we conducted on ground school talks and visits, highlighting financial responsibility. We also created kid-friendly videos for call to entry, starring kids. Thus prospects would see others like themselves and want to participate. For parents, we ran search ads, targeting keywords like “financial education for kids” and also more generic search phrases like “activities for school holidays” We also ran digital content & articles in targeted publications like motherhood, parenthood etc for credibility and word of mouth Radio Talksets from celebrity mums in morning & evening drive time provided standout moment marketing rationale for stressed white collar parents navigating traffic jams. We urged them to enter their kids into Goodday KidSTART. Influencer postings: famous mums like Aishah Sinclair, Lisa Surihani, and Dr Jezamin Lim, parents to 7-14 year olds, helped add credibility. Targeted Facebook, instagram & YouTube ads, showing successful kidpreneurs eg 11 year old CEO of a cocoa business, were used to motivate competitive parents. 3 stages to Goodday KidSTART: Stage 1: Kids submit their recorded pitch video online via Facebook, ensuring collaboration & bonding between parents and kids. Importantly, for credibility, we didn’t link participation to purchase of the product. Stage 2: judges shortlisted 20 most promising pitches. These shortlisted kids and parents got to attend a 2-day bootcamp to finetune thinking, and presentation skills, deepening financial understanding etc Stage 3: Grand finale was a live pitch in a “shark tank” like environment, with experienced judges, for kids to win a share from a prize pool of funding.

We got amazing results from this innovative programme We achieved more than 5 million reach and 3 million views for our content Research showed us: 90% of parents approved of GOODDAY KidSTART 80% of parents said that GOODDAY KidSTART had increased their consideration of the brand 82% of parents said that GOODDAY KidSTART had increased their brand preference 71% of parents said that GOODDAY KidSTART had increased their advocacy of the brand Goodday received over RM 4,300,000 worth of PR coverage across 30+ publications and news channels, highlighting how the brand championed financial responsibility. These publications included Astro Awani TV news, New Straits Times, The Star, Says, Berita Harian, Harian Metro, FMT, BFM, Cilisos, Bernama, Parenthood etc Goodday KidSTART featured in the Malaysian Book of Records with an entry entry as the largest kidpreneur programme with the most number of participants It’s challenging for Goodday to penetrate schools due to a set tender process. We’re listed in 300 schools, only 3% of the total primary and secondary schools. Due to Goodday KidSTART, distribution into schools increased by an astonishing 15%, proving that brand building drives business! We had created a lasting brand asset that champions financial responsibility, and due to its success, the brand will continue this recurring programme in 2023 and onwards, proving that CSR can truly help drive our brand!