Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2023 | |

Lejen Rasanya 2.0

Advertiser: Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad
Brand: MAGGI Pedas Giler
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Objective & Challenge
MAGGI leads the bowl noodles category, driven by MAGGI Pedas Giler (MPG), the super spicy noodles range. In the past MAGGI has driven strong relevance in local Malay pop culture, it has also owned the heat challenge through its ‘Ada Berani’ communications which unveiled the popularity and acceptance of MAGGI® Pedas Giler (MPG) as a local favorite when it comes to “spicy noodles”. Challenge: MAGGI Pedas Giler started to see a decline in sales, with new imported players such as Samyang and the likes of it entering the market with similar spicy offerings and taste palettes. Thus, making Maggi Pedas Giler communication and taste offering “Old news” to the consumers. To tackle the increased category heat, the agency’s task was to refresh the ‘old’ proposition and reignite Malaysians’ excitement towards Maggi Pedas Giler amongst Young Adults (18-34).

Insight & Strategy
A deep dive and trend analysis on the food category suggested: • Malaysians Love to mix up their food which brings variety and new dimensions to their food pallet and gives them joy. • The trends suggested combinations like Nasi Lemak Gelato, Durian with rice, and Pisang goreng with cheese all went viral and people loved to try quirky combinations. Music Mashups that combine Genres to create new Sonic experiences are very popular amongst these Young Adults who are the core audience set for Maggi Pedas Giler. Hence, the Lejen Rasanya 2.0 campaign was introduced, where Taste and Entertainment collided to create cut-through content that focuses on the added twist of ‘Remix’ that is tailored to each individual taste bud to try out polar opposite combos that would blend well with MAGGI® Pedas Giler along with a catchy rap created by M.K Clique to resonate to Young Adults. The campaign aimed to create a social movement with a CTA of Apakah Remix Giler anda? highlighting that consumer can create their very own distinctive ‘crazy’ remixes to suit their taste buds, thus bringing new dimensions to their sensory palette with Maggi Pedas Giler and other ingredients of their choice.

Music, Food, and recipes are among the top interests of these Young Malaysians. On platforms like TikTok and Instagram, we saw Young Adults consuming a lot of DIY recipes and recreating/replicating moves to trending songs via reels / TikTok videos. Here was our chance to inject a series of MAGGI® Pedas Giler having their own music videos, paired with intriguing ingredients, making them entertaining and inspiring new ways to enjoy their MAGGI® Pedas Giler. Turning the taste remix into reality required someone who is part of the Pop-culture, can do a remix (Entertainment x Taste), and with whom the Young Malaysians can resonate. MK K-Clique, a leading Malaysian rapper and actor who is popular amongst Young Malaysians was chosen to lead the Taste remix. To bring this to live MK Clique created a catchy song/rap that can strike Young Malaysians from the go, along with creating three different Giler Remix recipes pairing up Peanut butter, Cheese, and Greek Yogurt with MAGGI® Pedas Giler as an inspiration inviting more creativity from the audiences. To turn this into a social movement, MK K-Clique along with 15 other KOLs, and over 11 different foodie and lifestyle publishers took the challenge, encouraging consumers to record their version of MAGGI Pedas Giler’s recipe video using his song and upload it on IG reels to win exclusive prizes. The amplification of the Music and recipe videos was primarily done on TikTok, FB, and IG. Native to the platform content pieces were curated to ensure higher relevance and engagement.

The campaign was successful in driving business growth, making Maggi Pedas Giler the preferred choice of the brand within the spicy noodle category with the right Content, and talent, and tapping into the passion points of the consumers. 1. Business Growth: • Sales value growth +20% H2 vs H1 (Nielsen Retail Audit 2022) 2. Campaign Performance: The right selection of social media platforms helped achieved the following: • TikTok 6s VTR 30.5% vs Industry benchmark 22.8% • TikTok Completion rate 5.9% vs Industry benchmark 3.86% • TikTok Avg Watch 9.97s vs Industry benchmark 5.96s • BLS results for creator-led campaign on TikTok: +4.4% lift in Ad Recall, +6.3% lift in Recommendation, +3% lift in Familiarity. • Meta LTR 4.05% vs 1.57% standard average benchmark. • Engagement rate for KOL postings 9.9% vs 0.71% for Macro Influencers (Source: Statista)