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2023 | |

Dare to Bare, Go Nude with the TikTok Generation

Advertiser: L'Oreal
Brand: Maybelline
Creative Agency: ZENITH
Credits: -


Objective & Challenge
Maybelline Malaysia needed to maintain its leadership position and enhance brand affinity in the Makeup Category as the market started experiencing increased engagement and competition in 2023. The rising popularity of viral TikTok makeup and skincare content had opened the floodgates for competitor brands of all sizes vying for the audience attention, making it super-fragmented. We needed to find a way to break the TikTok Tsunami. Vinyl Nudes Shock, a relaunch of the Vinyl Lipstick range featuring new nude shades, aimed to stand out in a saturated market where long-lasting and highly pigmented colors are expected. Differentiating the product and effectively reaching the target audience, particularly the TikTok-loving Gen Z community, were crucial to remaining rele

Insight & Strategy
The challenge itself was used as ‘half the solution but double the impact than competitors’. Given that TikTok was the driving force behind attention fragmentation and increased competition, we decided to fight fire with fire. It would be pointless trying to win over TikTok audiences by battling them in a different battleground. We needed to join the battle but fight smarter and use the platform to our advantage to rise over the competitors. We need a deep view of TikTok audience preferences at every point to beat all competitors at their game. We partnered strategically with TikTok to raise awareness of the new line of nude lipsticks, with a digital-first campaign. Leveraging on our partnership with TikTok we collaboratively identified all star elements and formats that drive higher traction among TikTok audiences, and then doubled down on building those experiences as the bedrock of our campaign. Custom Branded Content, tailored to the local audience, featuring an official Maybelline jingle specifically designed for TikTok was the tentpole on which we based the entire execution. We also partnered with celebrated TikTok creators such as a Eiman Wanzul, to further drive impact. Based on data-led insights on key performing formats and techniques on TikTok, and strategically targeting appropriate TikTok users, the campaign successfully generated engagement and interaction. Adding another strategic impact layer, we launched the campaign during high-TikTok consumption spikes i.e. Malaysia’s major festivities, ChineseNewYear and RamadanRaya, aiming to stand out amidst the clutter on TikTok while capitalizing on the close partnership with the platform. By creating a “heat moment” around the launch through a special jingle developed in collaboration with TikTok, Maybelline used branded content to generate consumer curiosity and awareness for the product in a conservative country.

Creating “heat” with the campaign, right from the start. Creating a campaign that sizzles and grabs attention was key to getting the right start. To kickstart the campaign and maximize its reach on launch day, Maybelline executed a YouTube Masthead takeover for both desktop and mobile platforms. The brand utilized remarketing and high-impact video units to ensure continued engagement throughout the campaign. On TikTok, the execution was particularly captivating. In addition to individual Babelline videos, the campaign featured six videos on TikTok and four on YouTube, with only two branded content serving as main videos accompanied by the jingle. Despite the limited number of videos, Maybelline made the most of the opportunity. The brand addressed previous comments about the effectiveness of the Vinyl superstay glossy no-transfer finish by emphasizing the correct technique: shaking the bottle before application. Leveraging the objective to increase love and talkability, Maybelline collaborated with TikTok to create sultry videos for each color, enticing the audience to “Go Nude.” The jingle, “Shake, Swipe, Go Nude,” became a hot topic during the launch, generating discussion among the TikTok audience. The content catered to TikTok’s humor, anticipating comments such as “Go what?” and “Sis, this isn’t halal,” making it a lighthearted and trending conversation on the platform. Holistic, simple, and efficient strategy: 1. YouTube as the primary platform for mass reach: Launched with a two-week YouTube Masthead takeover, ensuring high reach. Targeted more than 75% of the target audience through mass targeting. 2. TikTok as the driver of brand love. Collaborated with TikTok to create a jingle as a branded content. Targeted females aged 18-34 with interests in the latest trends and beauty, ensuring engagement with a quality audience. Utilized multi-funnel strategies to maintain the conversation and drive conversions. Furthermore, Maybelline New York leveraged the full potential of TikTok by utilizing features like TikTok R&F for Reach, View Auction, VSA traffic, and Livestream. These elements, combined with content created by influencers, allowed the brand to increase sales, raise awareness of Vinyl Nudes Shock, and enhance overall engagement while gaining new TikTok followers.

The Vinyl Nude Shock branded content on TikTok gained significant traction, achieving high engagement rates and becoming the most engaging among all ads. The videos garnered over 105K engagements and 600 comments within just two main videos. The interaction was filled with fun and quirky comments from audience. The videos reached a staggering 1.5M views, with a remarkable 100% view rate, averaging 20 seconds of full video views. The result of the launch surpassed all expectations, with talkability increasing by an astounding 200% in January February compared to the end of 2022, making Maybelline Vinyl Ink the most discussed topic in the category. ROAS doubled through livestreams and video shop ads, demonstrating the success of the new Nudes range. At the end of the campaign, Maybelline achieved a remarkable ad recall lift of 8.1% and a 2.7% increase in purchase intent. Despite Maybelline’s already prominent position in the category, the campaign’s viral nature on TikTok, driven by the jingle, increased awareness of Maybelline Superstay Vinyl Ink by an impressive 5.8%. Most importantly, in line with brand love objective, the campaign tested brand association with longwear lipstick. The advertisement successfully shifted the audience’s perception, with a 3.9% increase in brand association. Consumers went from doubting the effectiveness of the lipstick to acknowledging it as one of the best when used correctly. Overall, the campaign effectively captured attention and challenged individuals to “Go Nude” with the brand, embracing their natural and fresh looks. This longterm movement aimed to bring out the true beauty of the local community