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Captivating Malaysians: foodpanda Rider Steal the Show in an Engaging Branded Content Drama Series

Advertiser: Delivery Hero Sdn. Bhd
Brand: foodpanda
Creative Agency: UNIVERSAL McCANN
Credits: -


Objective & Challenge
“Angry Food Delivery Rider Hurls Customer’s Drink At Store Employees” and “Food Delivery Rider Nabbed Over Dangerous Bike Stunt” are unfortunate incidents that contributed to the negative reputation of food delivery riders in Malaysia. Whilst these are the result of a minor few delinquents, one bad apple can spoil the bunch. For foodpanda, delivery riders are not just integral components of their operations; they represent the face of the brand, forging a human connection between foodpanda customers and the delightful meals they eagerly anticipate. Recognizing the importance of overcoming this negative imagery, foodpanda seeks to improve the perception of delivery riders to enhance relevance and strengthen brand love.

Insight & Strategy
Like everything else that’s changed over the last two years, Covid-19 has sped up diversifications to match consumer preferences. This included how we consume entertainment, which led to a renewed demand for personalised home entertainment. According to GlobalWebIndex’s study on key digital behaviours and trends, OTT streaming platforms reaches 96% of Malaysian audiences while traditional TV channels only reached 88%. With OTT, consumers can now access content anytime, anywhere. Malaysians love drama content and are connected to the celebrities and characters on their favourite drama shows, especially online. They follow celebrities’ social profiles religiously and consume their favourite drama shows as a form of unwinding from a long workday. Our Idea: tap onto Malaysians love for drama content to bring the human connection behind those ubiquitous helmets and delivery bags to redefine Malaysians perception for food delivery riders. We decided to create a Drama Series that weaved in the life of a foodpanda delivery rider, their friends, their routines, their challenges of this honest living.

We partnered with iQIYI, one of Malaysia’s top on-demand streaming platform, on the production of its first ever Malaysian original SorryNaikLori (SNL). SNL is positioned for success with its compelling storyline, star-studded cast including NazimOthman, Ruhainies, Tajul, extensive promotional content and events. SNL is a quintessentially Malaysian tale of two best friends and their pursuit of two different versions of success. Viewers follows the misadventures of Khairul, a young lorry driver and Talib, a foodpanda delivery rider, and their tales of resilience and ambition in the slice of life romantic comedy. Bespoke Content Integration Throughout the 13 episodes series, we incorporated five bespoke content integration featuring the foodpanda experience, from food delivery, dine-in promotions, pandapro (foodpanda’s subscription program), to grocery and personal care delivery through pandamart. For example, mirroring the hecticness of day-to-day life, Khairul and wife Nadia is seen feeling tired and hungry after a long workday. As they ponder what to eat, viewers can relate as they scroll through the different restaurants and offers on the foodpanda app. In a light-hearted moment, Khairul and Nadia forgets their stresses and look forward to a good meal together. They order their favorite meal and eagerly await its arrival, showcasing the convenience and variety offered by foodpanda. During a pivotal moment in the storyline, as Talib (the foodpanda delivery rider) battles the flu, viewers are drawn into his journey of resilience and determination. They empathize with his struggle to fulfill orders, witnessing his exhaustion while maneuvering through the chaotic and congested city streets. As Talib finally arrives home, seemingly on the verge of giving up, he musters the strength to persevere. In a moment of inspiration, he remembers the foodpanda app and quickly ordered Vitamin C and Lozenges on pandamart. This scene reinforces that foodpanda is not just about delivering food but also being a trusted companion that cares for the well-being of its riders and customers alike. These bespoke integration seamlessly incorporate foodpanda into the storyline, showcasing the app’s features, convenience, and ability to enhance various aspects of everyday life. Premium, Exclusive Branding Across iQIYI We weaved in foodpanda branding with interstitial takeovers (splash ads) whenever viewers turn on the IQIYI app. Pre-roll and mid-roll SNL branded promos and foodpanda TVCs reminded viewers to catch SNL and order foodpanda when enjoying their favourite entertainment content. While the series was playing, exclusive and premium branding in form of foodpanda sponsor acknowledgement and opening, closing montages reminded viewers of the different offers and promotions now. During the prime first 15sec of the episodes and each time viewers click to watch exclusive behind-the-scene footages and cast interviews, foodpanda branding was present with the Previous Episode review logo overlay and offers. foodpanda is the antidote during emotional rollercoaster and chaos during the drama series. In partnership with iQIYI and program casts, we consistently posted teasers, commentaries and advertorials on digital platforms to drive viewership. Engagement Events We also leveraged on SNL’s engagement events to drive brand visibility, engage with fans and foodpanda riders, and create memorable experiences that align with the drama-watching experience. We organized a social media contest and giveaway where fans and foodpanda riders can win a chance to watch the shoot in progress and meet with cast members on set. Special prizes in form of pandapro subscriptions, iQIYI subscriptions and exclusive series merchandise were given to winners. During the series premiere, we organized a Red Carpet Event and Cinema Viewing Party. Foodpanda riders, fans and media personnel were invited to the event where they get to watch the series premiere with the star-studded casts. Dedicated foodpanda lounges offers popcorn, drinks and goodie bags with foodpanda premiums to attendees. Through the lens of SNL, foodpanda was able to shift the narrative surrounding food delivery riders and get Malaysians to understand their challenges and celebrate their unwavering spirit to ensure that their vital role in our communities are not overshadowed by misguided perceptions.

Our Branded Content Series delivered positive growth across Business and Brand health metrics (comparing against previous quarter): 1)+5% points on foodpanda Brand Love 2)+3% points on Food Top Of Mind 3)+5% points on Food Preference In terms of campaign media metrics, we delivered: 1)4.326 million iQIYI users reached with our innovative branded series 2)6.5 million video views on iQIYI premium placements 3)9.8 million video views across foodpanda, iQIYI and SNL casts’ postings on Facebook, Twitter and TikTok