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2023 | |

House Of Guinness – It’s A Matter Of Taste

Advertiser: Heineken Malaysia
Brand: Guinness
Credits: -

Objective & Challenge
Objective: In order to introduce its new product, Guinness Draught In Can (GDIC), Guinness aimed to engage and inform the younger millenials audience. This presented a challenge as Guinness is often perceives as having a bitter and strong taste that may not align with their preferences. Hence, the objective was to raise awareness, encourage sampling and trial, and garner interest in GDIC among the target demographic. Challenge: Alongside shifting focus from mature to the younger drinkers, the brand’s challenge was to modernise the Guinness brand. The brand overtime has been viewed from a perception of old, mainly due to its rich heritage, overall dark coloured imagery and packaging and the shift to be made was to make Guinness a brand that surges with passion, energy and shared optimism.

Insight & Strategy
Insight: The brand insight targets a generation that comes together in new ways to move things forward, finding opportunities and promises. Further consumer insight shows that younger millenials is marked by an innate sense of exploration, constantly seeking opportunities to learn new skills and discover novel brands or products. They thrive on the thrill of discovering the unfamiliar, eagerly embracing new experiences. This insatiable curiosity fuels their desire to try new things, as they relish the opportunity to expand their horizons. Besides, they actively seek out brands and products that resonate with their evolving identity, shaping their personal narratives. They are on a constant quest to find brands and products that align with their values, aspirations, and unique sense of self. Strategy: Engaging with the younger demographic requires a multi-faceted approach. To bring this to life, House of Guinness (HOG) was created, which is a first in the alcohol category and never been done before. The power and potential of future retail was demonstrated in this pop-up and every touch point and room at HOG was an immersive mirror of the consumer’s journey, from understanding how GDIC makes the perfect creamy head (thanks to the nitrogen widget inside each can) to its ultimate serving ritual. Each activity was also associated with the emotions of consuming GDIC. The campaign leveraged social media platforms, influencers, and targeted digital media strategies to spread the word and generate curiosity and talkability. The strategy was to provide an immersive experience that allowed Gen Zers to engage with the brand, an opportunity to try the new product firsthand, and share their experiences on social media. This was paired with infuencer strategy using authentic storytelling showcasing real-life experiences of influencers who resonate with the interests and values of the younger millenials to help amplify the campaign message and establish credibility within their circles and hence building brand trust and dialing up relevance among younger audiences.

The HOG experiential activation was an amalgamation of media collaborations put forth and brought together. It started with a signup driven campaign with a conversion buying objective using social media channels; Facebook and Instagram, target audience of age21+ NonMalay. For precision targeting, we added in 1st party data from the client’s CRM database. By utilizing this, we drove sign-ups at a fast rate at RM120 per sign-up, also successfully achieving it at a cost lower than our usual benchmark (RM150). We strengthened our digital media using Teads launching cookieless targeting for the brand. Accompanied by running indisplay stream video and display allowing us to penetrate more placements due to the format. Due to the emerging emerging popularity and influence of IG Reels, a trending short-video format among Gen Z, we leveraged 19 Macro KOLs who have a strong presence on Instagram. These KOLs were carefully selected and curated based on their ability to authentically engage with their followers and align with Guinness’ brand values and image. The influencer strategy was to use Macro KOLs who have substantial audience/following to achieve brand awareness and were chosen based on their content (optimistic, outgoing lifestyle), interests and audience demographic hygiene checks. Through entertaining IG Reels, these KOLs showcased the experiencial journey of the pop-up event to fostering curiosity and encouraging their followers to sign-up. Furthermore, by understanding the importance of authenticity and genuine recommendations for the target audience, we strategically utilized content publishers as a platform to share honest and credible reviews. We collaborated with trusted social content publishers who had a strong following of the younger millenials. They shared their genuine experiences and opinions about the festival event. By leveraging the authenticity and reach of these content publisher, we garnered digital awareness and capture the attention of the taregted audience.

HOG was a first-ever concept in the alcohol category and it achieved outstanding results considering Malaysia is a Muslim-majority country and HOG targets new and young drinkers who previously never considered Guinness: Media: Over 240,000 unique traffic flow into the campaign microsite 24,547 resgistered individuals to on-ground activation 12,809 people attended the on-ground activation, versus target of 9,500 (KPI overachieved by 135%) 52.18% turnout rate 21 million earned PR impressions Social Organic: 1903 public posts on Instagram 275 tagged @guinnessmy on Instagram Activation: 27,310 glasses consumed/ purchased (330ml) 100% of attendees tasted one or more Guinness products 40% of consumption were sales 18% purchased GD/GFES for home consumption 100% of attendees completed the product USP education journey Brand: Market Share +0.8 versus Aug 2022 Brand power among younger group (21-35yo) +0.4 versus Q3 2022 Salient +0.3 versus Q3 2022