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Awesome Day, Awesome Night: Time-targeted Ads for Samsung Galaxy A Series Customizing Ads that highlight the Best Features for Daytime and Nighttime resulting in Brand and Sales Impact

Advertiser: Samsung Malaysia
Brand: Samsung Malaysia
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Group 25710

Objective & Challenge
The mid-range smartphone market is highly competitive with numerous brands offering feature-rich device at an affordable price with camera marketing as their key communication strategy. In 2023, Samsung introduces a night mode camera setting known as “Nightography” into the Samsung Galaxy A Series to appeal to Gen MZ consumers whom want a premium smartphone experience without the high price tag associated with a flagship device The following objective was set: Business Objective: Drive business growth (+5pts gain in market share) for Galaxy A Series in the non-flagship segment Marketing & Communication Objective: Drive awareness and create a differentiation for Galaxy A Series

Objective & Challenge
Samsung as the Smartphone market leader in Malaysia has always sought to be the first-mover in Tech. With the launch of Foldables Galaxy Z Flip 4 Fold 4, Samsung envisioned to take on the bold challenge to “Make Foldables Mainstream”, rethink the conventional bar phone, and pave the way for the next-gen Galaxy Samsung Foldables. With data at the core of audience analysis, Samsung identified the consumer segments that need to be addressed with high-importance & high-urgency, by layering in insights from Samsung’s Device Share data (% of Samsung Users vs. Competitors, Brand Switching Behavior, and Retention Upgrade Behavior), Market Share intelligence (quarterly dips and peaks vs. competitor smartphone launches), and website analytics (audience segmentation and behavior). Samsung focused on cementing Galaxy Z Flip4 & Z Fold4 as the most innovative smartphones that enable Gen MZ to unfold new meaningful possibilities and social experiences. Objective 1: Accelerate Samsung Market Share Increase Objective 2: Drive Maximum Volumes for Samsung Galaxy Z Series vs. previous year Objective 3: Increase Samsung Brand Health Metrics and Awareness Levels for Samsung Foldables

Insight & Strategy
Samsung utilized insights from their first-party Device Share data, Market Share intelligence, and website analytics to determine the best area for growth and arrest churn. Deeper analysis of consumer data yielded insights on demographics, location, purchase behaviors, and upgrade consideration that allowed us to create accurate segmentation and personalized journeys. Intense Competitive Heat within the Smartphone Foldables Category: To extend Samsung’s Market Leadership, the brand also needs to overcome the challenge of the growing foldables category with other Smartphone brands coming out with their own Foldables models. Samsung paved the way for the foldables phone category in 2021, primarily targeted towards the early adopters and tech-enthusiast. With it’s latest innovation, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 & Z Fold4, the thrust was to “Make Foldables Mainstream”. There’s a growing awareness and recall for the Samsung foldables phones since it’s first launch. Sales data from previous year also shows that Galaxy Foldables has a strong power to convert non-Samsung Users, as the unique proposition appealed to consumers. However, category insights show that Foldables Second Movers are following suit. Strategy: Owning the Foldables Space (before competitors do). Samsung must continue to leverage Galaxy Z Series to switch Competitor Users, while upgrading and retaining Samsung Users. Enable data-driven targeting (Performance Marketing, Dynamic Creative Optimization for creatives/comms personalization, Programmatic networks capturing affinities derived from content consumption, Leads Generation, CRM for direct & targeted actions). Evolving Gen MZ (Millennials & Gen Z) Media Consumption Behavior: Emerging out of the pandemic & into a new era, Gen MZs curate their preferences based on their need, state, and outlook of the future. A compelling proposition is mandatory to gain share of mind & wallet among Gen MZ. MY consumers move fluidly across online & offline channels across Consumer Experience Journey loop, demanding a seamless integrated experience. Strategy: Enable Optimal Support and Full-funnel activation targeting Gen MZ for both Galaxy Z Flip4 and Z Fold4 driving drive scale & high impact (TV, Digital, Radio, OOH) to deliver on Awareness/Consideration goals for Foldables, while maximizing performance media (Search, Conversion ad formats via Display, Social, Programmatic) to close the sales loop.

With the cutthroat competition within the Tech category, it is essential for Samsung to leverage on data to effectively connect with the right audience, communicating with the right message through the right channel. To make Samsung Foldable Phones mainstream in Malaysia, a twopronged approach was deployed from Launch to Landing: Big Launch: FastStart Domination to Drive Impact. Samsung frontloaded Massive Awareness by ramping up early on HighReach Platforms among Gen MZ – leveraging on Holistic ScreenNeutral Planning for TV and Online Video, Digital Takeover Ads (Social, Display, Programmatic) and Premium OOH sites in Hightraffic CBD Locations. The awareness ads communicated Galaxy Z Series’ distinctiveness and unique features, standing out from the rest of the smartphone models in the market. Samsung activated a 360degree Roadblock Approach Online & Offline – covering TVC premium positions, dominating OOH, and highimpact Digital formats. Consideration for Foldable phones on Search was also diverted to Samsung, owning relevant keyword searches for Flip/Fold phones. Successful Landing: Accelerate Conversions Momentum Quickly. Reach & reengage consumers by serving them with the most relevant message at each stage of the Consumer Experience Journey. A twotrack approach was implemented on targeting and communications to derive efficiency, differentiating highpropensity audiences for Flip (lifestyleskewed) and Fold (premium and productivityfocused). Personalized experiences through Dynamic Creative Optimization and Audience Customization was created for Flip intenders vs. Fold intenders, segmenting targeting, passion points, and comms that influence key buying factors. Precise targeting was deployed by anchoring on device and consumer data sources from aggregated firstparty signals (Samsung CRM/User base data) to thirdparty device data (device ownership & usage) sources. Digital Performance Marketing & Commerce ads (Social, Programmatic, Display, Search) were implemented to capture Highpropensity Audiences (Samsung Upgraders, Switchers, Retargeted audiences) directing them to Samsung Online Store, optimizing for Qualified Landings, AddtoCart, and Conversions. Samsung capitalized on a combination of USP communications, deals/offers, and valuable hooks that encourage consumers to jump into Samsung Foldables.

Overall, Samsung went above and beyond Making Foldables Mainstream with the staggering positive results– Objective 1 Market Share Impact: Contributed to significant increase at +7% Market Share for Samsung maintaining the Leadership position based on GFK Mobile Volume trends. Objective 2: Sellthrough Impact: Delivered 20x higher Orders vs. Previous Year. Sellout data indicated that ~30% of total purchasers are Switchers from other Competitor brands (SEAO Consumer and Market Insights 2022). Search lift study also showed a positive lift on Search consideration for Samsung Foldables coming from audiences who were exposed to Upper funnel media strategies. Objective 3 Brand Health Metrics Impact: Increased Samsung Brand Health Metrics (+7pts) among Millennials and Gen Z, Awareness Levels (+9points)and Competitive index for Samsung Foldables based on Samsung’s thirdparty measurement. Brand lift study showed significant incremental lift in Unaided Ad Recall, TopofMind Awareness (when consumers think of Foldables phones), and Consumer Agreement on whether Samsung is leading the trends on Foldables.