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ChatGPT – a Masterclass in Search

Advertiser: Alliance Bank Malaysia
Brand: Alliance Bank
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Objective & Challenge
Alliance Bank is one of Malaysia’s leading bank when it comes to servicing the Business and SME segment. With the pandemic now behind us, growth in the SME segment means delivering adding over 70+ different products and services, designed cover all aspect of running a business. While this a great approach by a bank to offer bespoke solutions, it comes as a major challenge for the agency. This is made more complicated with the implementation of Responsive Search Ad (RSA) with Google. With over 15 headlines, 4 descriptions on each product, over multiple ad groups. Suddenly ad copy writing and planning balloons up to over 20,000 different variations. The agency needed a way to scale up our digital capabilities. That is when we took an unprecedented yet innovative approach – the use of ChatGPT, an open source AI language model, to help with this mammoth task.

Insight & Strategy
The idea was simple – can we use what was considered the most advance AI language model to support our search capabilities. As ChatGPT was designed to generate human-like responses to a wide range of text-based inputs and questions, we realise that we could experiment it to generate potentially better aspect of a search campaign, namely a more robust ad copy writing option, better keyword planning input for our search keyword planner, better understanding of how Malaysian search for bank products, as well as better search campaign structure in the form of structure snippets, callouts and extensions.

Going by Quality-In, Quality-Out approach, we started by using it as a supplementary keyword planner tool to further strengthen our current keyword list. ChatGPT was able to identify some additional categories such as “Merchant Services” as an additional ad group for consideration. Furthermore, this allowed us to further find new keyword inspiration for improving our structure snippets, our call outs and recommended extensions. We then put ChatGPT’s natural language model to the test by inputting our existing “bank language” focused ad copies for a more consumer centric and refined ad copy. We were able to improve some of our existing ad copies through this feature, and improve the quality of the language used. One of the biggest advantage ChatGPT allowed was to automate some of the manual work, allowing more time to refine the rest of our campaign execution.

Effective search results using stats from Q4 (ChatGPT launched in November 2022), against our results in Q3, traffic to the Alliance Bank’s website improved by 281%, while the number of leads via search increased by 40%. We saw significant increase in quality score, as our Impression Share by lost of rank down from 61.2% to 30.5% at the same budget level. On site traffic, bounce rate reduced by 6%, while the average session duration also increased by 8%, showing that the visitors are spending more time exploring the website. From a business standpoint, bank approval rate saw a positive increment of 33%, with the best loan disbursement month ever. The icing on the cake; internal operational efficiency of the Performance team increased by reducing manhours spend by over 60% with the strategic use of ChatGPT.