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Scoring Goals That Matter

Advertiser: Texas Chicken Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
Brand: Texas Chicken
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Objective & Challenge
The FIFA World Cup is a highly anticipated global event that captures the attention of people worldwide every four years, and Malaysians are no exception. With the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022 being the first after the pandemic, the level of excitement was exceptionally high. This presented a valuable opportunity for brand giants to invest significant sums of money in securing prime placements for their advertisements during the World Cup. Remarkably, 97% of Malaysians claim to be aware of at least one of the event’s sponsors, including renowned names such as Coca-Cola and McDonald’s, and an impressive 85% express their willingness to purchase products from these sponsors (1). Being part of the World Cup is certainly a brand opportunity not to be missed. In this landscape, Texas Chicken, a brand committed to uncompromising quality, also recognized the potential of leveraging the World Cup fever to launch their limited-time offer (LTO) of Sour Cream and Onion Chicken. However, competing for a share of voice (SOV) against industry giants in the QSR sector posed a significant challenge, given their substantial advertising spends. The top three QSR giants in Malaysia, namely KFC, McDonald’s, and Pizza Hut, collectively invested a staggering RM109 million on advertising during the FIFA months of November and December across all channels. Despite being a challenger brand, Texas Chicken understood the importance of active participation in the exciting action surrounding the World Cup and couldn’t afford to remain on the sidelines. Armed with only 0.2% of the industry’s FIFA budget, the question arose: how could we effectively compete with the other QSR giants, harness the hype surrounding the event to increase awareness, drive trial, and avoid being overshadowed by the advertising clutter, all within the span of one month?

Insight & Strategy
We too want a seat in the game, therefore ensuring the optimal utilization of every Ringgit became our top priority. While our competitors could maintain a constant presence in prime time and secure prominent spots across various media channels, we needed to maximize the value of our budget. If we couldn’t match their scale, we had to outsmart them. Our approach focused on purchasing ad space during pivotal moments that truly mattered, ensuring that every advertising investment made a significant impact. To achieve this, we recognized the paramount importance of deeply understanding our target audience. Our key insights revealed the following: During the previous FIFA World Cup in 2018, 61% of people watched the tournament on television (2). We combined this data with recent findings, which indicated that individuals who watched TV also engaged in second-screen behavior, with 82% using mobile devices and 23% utilizing laptop computers (3). Social media emerged as one of the most consumed media channels, with Facebook being the preferred platform (3). Notably, during World Cup matches, people frequently engaged in banter and shared thrilling highlights, particularly when goals were scored. These insights led us to two crucial realizations: the most significant moment of engagement was when a goal was scored, and the most impactful platform was Facebook. The excitement and drama witnessed on the pitch seamlessly extended to the second screen, fueling lively discussions on Facebook and various messaging apps. Recognizing this opportunity within second-screen behavior and social media, we sought to leverage the spirit of good sportsmanship. Our strategic approach focused on building awareness by celebrating victories with football fans through intelligently targeted ads. By capturing their attention and actively participating in the FIFA drama online, we aimed to forge a connection with the audience and align our brand with their passion for the tournament. To be able to activate our ads during those significant moments during the World Cup, we leveraged our tech partner AI 4C Insights technology to automatically deliver engaging ads coordinated with game moments, such as halftime or the start of an overtime; team moments, such as a team score, timeout or penalty; and player moments, such as when a player scores in a competition.

Our key performance indicator (KPI) was to efficiently maximize reach and impressions while operating within a limited budget, with the aim of enhancing awareness for the Sour Cream and Onion Chicken. Leveraging the Sport Sync feature our tech partner is providing, we were able to identify goal moments in real time. By overlaying this data with our audience profile, we created a seamless match, enabling us to trigger our Texas Chicken Sour Cream and Onion ad on Facebook precisely when the audience actively engaged in conversations or sought goal sentiment updates on the platform. Clicking on the ad directed users to our Texas Chicken Linktree, where they could claim vouchers or conveniently place orders through our food delivery partners. We continuously prioritized performance optimization to extract the maximum value from our investment. Our analysis revealed that 64% of the audience fell within the 18-34 age range and stayed up late to watch matches. Furthermore, we observed that most of this audience identified as male, accounting for 61%. Considering these insights, our optimization plans involved allocating a greater portion of our budget towards the younger male demographic, fueling their enthusiasm, and enabling them to share their victorious moments. Notably, even if the clock struck midnight, customers could still claim their vouchers and utilize them later, ensuring a seamless experience.

Through strategic allocation of our resources, we successfully maximized the impact of our advertising budget, resulting in a remarkable 185% increase in impressions compared to our initial projections. This outstanding outcome was achieved through meticulous audience optimizations, utilizing cutting-edge AI technology. Moreover, by harnessing the power of this advanced technology, we witnessed a noteworthy 18% enhancement in our engagement rate. Additionally, our video play rate soared to an impressive 74.84%, attesting to the compelling relevance of our advertisement to the target audience (4). Overall, we gained 2pt in consideration (5) and 6.85% growth in sales compared to the same period for 2021 vs 2022 (6). Sources: 1. Oppotus 3Q2022 2. IPSOS June 2018 3. GlobalWebIndex, Malaysia FY2022 4. Texas Chicken PCR 5. YouGov BrandIndex 6. Client Data