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Seizing the Ramadan Raya Opportunity: KFC comprehensive approach to captivate Malaysians

Advertiser: QSR Stores Sdn Bhd
Brand: KFC
Creative Agency: UNIVERSAL McCANN
Credits: -


Objective & Challenge
During the sacred month of Ramadan and the joyful celebration of HariRaya, there is a profound transformation in thoughts, search behavior, and purchasing decisions of millions of Malaysians. Daily routines shift as people fast from dawn to dusk, work shorter hours, and make preparations for the evening buka-puasa. This significant change in consumer behavior, especially in online engagement within the Food&Beverage industry, presented a unique challenge for KFC, given our primarily Malay customer base. To address this challenge head-on, KFC embarked on a mission to reshape consumer spending patterns and encourage both new and existing customers to pre-order their buka-puasa meals in advance. The primary objective was to foster growth in KFC’s online business, particularly during Malaysia’s most celebrated festivities,Ramadan and HariRaya. By understanding their evolving needs and preferences, KFC developed captivating marketing campaigns and harnessed the power of digital platforms to create anticipation and drive customer engagement. The ultimate goal was to become the preferred choice for indulgent meals during this joyous time of year.

Insight & Strategy
Aligning with the iftar (break-fast) time, which coincides with dinner time, there is an expected surge in delivery demand between 5pm-7pm. This can pose challenges for restaurants as they may experience a significant influx of orders, leading to potential delays in food preparation and deliveries not reaching customers in time for buka-puasa. To address this issue, we have thoroughly analyzed various insights and made adjustments to our media strategy. Our objective is to effectively reaching out wide audience while maintaining relevance, encouraging them to place pre-orders for their buka-puasa and drive e-comm sales during the daytime. Insight 1: Malaysian Muslims engage in various activities during Ramadan, with a particular inclination towards watching their favorite Raya tunes on YouTube. This platform experiences a significant tenfold increase in viewership compared to non-Ramadan periods. Insight 2: It has been observed that consumers tend to engage in more shopping activities during fasting hours and after breaking their fast. Peak shopping times typically occur between 12pm-4pm and 9pm-11pm. Furthermore, people are spending more time online, actively searching for the best deals and offers before making their purchases. Recognizing the opportunity to tap into the essence of Ramadan, KFC aims to establish a meaningful connection with our audiences by leveraging the power of branding to drive impactful sales outcomes. As part of our efforts, KFC also introduced off-peak promotion to incentivize consumers to pre-order their meals. To effectively reach our target audience and influence their ordering behavior during Ramadan, our strategy focuses on 3-key approaches: 1.Establish Association: To create a presence on platforms and channels where our audience actively participates throughout the day to ensure brand visibility. 2.Cutting Through: Secure and maximize our presence during the significant moments of Ramadan-Raya. Our aim is to ensure that our messaging stands out amidst the competition and being the top-of-mind choice for buka-puasa meal. 3.Supercharge: To actively engage with our audience and enhance our performance by delivering relevant content that resonates with them throughout Ramadan. This approach allows us to establish a stronger connection and ultimately close the deal.

Our strategies to win executed in 3-steps: 1.Associate & Engage: Immerse in the Vibrancy of Ramadan In recognizing that the consumer journey is not limited to a single medium or platform, KFC strategically taps into a diverse range of media platforms and formats to maintain momentum throughout the month of Ramadan. Our approach begins by leveraging YouTube, where we align ourselves with the latest top Malay content lineup and trending dynamic music, ensuring KFC’s prominent presence across the freshest Ramadan-Raya content to drive association. Whether individuals are enjoying Raya songs, watching cooking recipes while thinking what to cook for their families, we strive to capture their attention through non-skippable ad formats to ensure consumers receive our festive offering message and motivate them to ordering ahead. We also go beyond general interest targeting by leveraging Ramadan-Raya search signals on advertising platforms. Custom keywords targeting keeps KFC at the forefront of search and content trends. This approach connects with evolving audience interests, encouraging exploration of KFC’s offerings and advance orders for buka-puasa meals. 2.Timely Impact: Cutting Through the Ramadan Moments To seize the spotlight during key daily moments like sahur, buka-puasa, and snacking, our ad features to creatively time-target at core moments across multiple channels with higher frequency (from 2x to 4x). We schedule ads and promotions to coincide with peak shopping hours during fasting and after breaking fast, focus on promoting pre-ordering during these periods to capture the attention of customers actively searching for meal options and deals. Whereas during the period of 2pm-5pm, we prioritize on creating a sense of urgency by emphasizing the need to pre-order to ensure a timely and satisfying meal experience after a day of fasting. 3.Ignite Performance: Supercharging Success To close the loop, we unlock the Google’s AI-powered ads solutions to connect with people who have high intent and actively searching food for buka-puasa, at speed and at scale. With the advanced machine learning capabilities, we effortlessly find and acquire new customers for KFC e-comm. By incorporating promotional and discount creatives, we entice these new users, while precision targeting using audience segments ensures a personalized experience. For existing users, we employ a multi-faceted approach with enticing promotions & exclusive discount and tantalizing new product launch creatives, igniting engagement to drive repeat purchases on the KFC app.

The implemented strategy arrested the decline in sales typically seen during Ramadan for Food Category, but through our 3prong strategy, we achieved order ahead target for 2 to 5pm and gained substantial uplift: 1.Successfully shifted consumer behavior, with 2.2x increase in customers ordering ahead during fasting month of Ramadan. 2.Purchase conversions experienced significant uplift of 122%. 3.The cost per purchase reduced by 24%, indicating improved efficiency in acquiring customers. 4.The purchase conversion rate shown a notable increase of 64%, demonstrating higher rate of successful transactions. 5.The purchase value has seen a substantial growth of 112%, reflecting the increased on overall revenue generated. 6.ROAS improved by 26%, indicating more favorable return on investment.