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Cornetto Love Rose: The Unexpected Gift

Advertiser: Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn Bhd
Brand: Cornetto
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Objective & Challenge
The concept of love had become completely commercialized during Valentine’s Day, typically associated with sending roses. Cornetto sought to disrupt this tradition by introducing Cornetto Love Rose, a rose-flavored and rose-shaped ice cream cone, as an unexpected Valentine’s gift. However there were two challenges that the agency had to overcome: 1. Intense ad clutter during Valentine’s Day: Valentine’s Day is a time when many FMCG brands activate their online presence, resulting in a crowded and competitive advertising environment. Each attempt to stand out and take advantage of the occasion often requires increased spending. Cornetto needed to find a way to be competitive with the right content on the right channels amidst the sea of snack brands vying for attention. 2. Overcoming preconceived notions of Valentine’s Day gifts: Valentine’s Day is associated with the exchange of gifts like flowers, chocolates, and jewelry. Introducing an ice cream cone as a gift required challenging the occasion behaviour of what constitutes a suitable Valentine’s Day gift. The challenge was to build CornettoLoveRose as a symbol of love and affection that disrupts the expectation of what Valentine’s Day gifts should be.

Insight & Strategy
Cornetto is a youthful, vibrant brand that has always been synonymous with love. Its brand proposition encourages young couples to “Show your love. Share a Cornetto”. Thus it was critical to understand the communication challenges surrounding love, gifting and courtship in the modern era. Decoding the love languages in the digital era In today’s hyper-connected world, love can be complicated, with various methods of communication available like social media, chat apps, and dating applications. For instance, what does the smiley face mean? How long should I wait until I reply? This inevitably leads to a lot of second-guessing and decoding of messages, creating uncertainty around the appropriate love language one should use. Breaking the ice using the right channels While Genz and Millennials primarily consume media online, with videos being their preferred content, they are also a fickle audience, always looking for the next big thing. Cornetto’s challenge was to find a way to connect and communicate with young Malaysian in a way that resonated with them. With 83% of the target audience spending four to ten hours a day on mobile, and 55% increase in TikTok viewership and social media activities (22% increase), Cornetto decided to focus on building movement, armed with KOLs and user generated content to change the gifting behaviour on Valentine’s Day. Strategy: Disrupt the traditional gifting norms by introducing Cornetto LoveRose as an unexpected Valentine’s Day gift. Leverage the concept of love languages and digital platforms to connect with the target audience in a meaningful and personalized way. Idea: Owning the Valentine’s moment with CornettoLoveRose and Love Languages

1.Words of Affirmation: Collaborated with influencers and couples to create social content that highlighted the unique qualities and flavors of Cornetto LoveRose, emphasizing the delicious taste and romantic experience it offers. Influencers were encouraged to share heartfelt testimonials about the product, expressing their love for CornettoLoveRose via IG reels, stories, photos and Tiktok videos. We also used seeders on XHS (Xiao Hong Shu) and Lemon8 to create over 30 review post on each platform, to reach young Chinese and Malay audiences, respectively. 2.Quality Time: Engaged influencers and couples to feature Cornetto LoveRose in their Valentine’s Day celebrations, emphasizing the joy and quality time spent together while enjoying the ice cream. To support this we created video content with Says, RojakDaily, GirlsDaily and ViralCham such as street interviews where asked about participants about their worst valentines day gift and experience. Then the interviewed couples were given Rose ice cream, to foster moments of connection and were tasked to share one ice cream cone together as the next step in their relationship. 3.Gifts: We positioned CornettoLoveRose as an unexpected and delightful Valentine’s Day gift, challenging the traditional notion of gifting roses by encouraging influencers to send Rose Ice Cream bouquets to their loved ones and partners. 4.Physical Touch: We leveraged programmatic advertising with mini in-app game related to CornettoLoveRose. The games served as an entertaining, engaging and tactile experience, offering users a fun and interactive way to learn about the product, generating curiosity and driving consideration. 5.Testing New Formats for Enhanced Results Going beyond the traditional approach, the CornettoLoveRose campaign sought special approval from global stakeholders to employ a new alpha format called TikTok Top View. A format which captures user attention by appearing at the top of the “For You” feed. This initiative, marked the first time Unilever used this format across Southeast Asia, proving to be a game-changer. Leveraging Facebook and Youtube: Recognizing the immense potential of YouTube and Facebook, the campaign utilized these platforms to maximize reach and expand brand impact. Then to ensure relevancy, the team leveraged first-party data (1PD) to target the desired audience effectively. By aligning the campaign execution with the love languages, Cornetto LoveRose was able to create a holistic and immersive Valentine’s Day experience that appealed to different emotional needs, while reinforcing the brand’s message of love and connection

Business results: •Achieved +170 bps market share in the ice cream cone category and 34% of uplift in sales value (vs Feb 2022). •Selling 231,000 cones across campaign period (Feb 2023). With 31% of sales coming on Valentine’s Day itself Brand Results: •Cornetto LoveRose had 162k mentions across social media, reaching 992k Malaysians organically (Feb 2023) Source: Digimind Social Listening Media performance results: •Youtube: overachieved 78% (24.8M) than planned impressions (13.9M) •Facebook: CTR 4% (vs benchmark 1%), CPC RM0.23 (vs benchmark RM0.85) •Programmatic (In app mini game): achieved 13.27% CTR (clicks track at after playing mini game vs benchmark 1%) •BLS TikTok results were: 14% ad recall, 4.3% preference lift, 56% engagement rate. This was later turned a TikTok Case Study for South East Asia •KOL: 3,416,073 reach and 12.2% engagement rate (vs industry benchmark 1.2%)