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Welcome to My World’ – RWG Wows the World with a New Chart-Topping Anthem

Advertiser: Resorts World Genting
Brand: Genting
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Objective & Challenge
Post pandemic, travel had resurged with a vengeance. Our objective was to elevate Resorts World Genting (RWG) as a desired travel destination, dialling up the excitement among Malaysians to visit. To aim on elevating brand awareness of Resorts World Genting as a preferred holiday destination and improve brand perception that there are a lot of activities and excitement at the resort. One of the core challenge the brand had been facing was the perception that Resorts World Genting was we-known for it’s casino and consequentially as a gambling destination, whilst their other resort offerings such as theme park, food and dining and hotels were secondary. With an array of new offerings like the refurbished RWG Awana, Disney themed rides, renovated indoor and outdoor theme parks, the newly opened Skyway that links to the Genting premium outlets, RWG had the best of experiences to offer. It was a matter of how we brought this new exciting proposition to the market.

Insight & Strategy
Post COVID, as many states were reopening for visitation, there was a surge and demand to travel amongst the locals, especially as they emerged from the pandemic with a resurgent need to travel and explore. RWG had to ensure that we stood out among a cluttered landscape of holiday destinations across Malaysia and abroad that was vying for their attention. With it’s new hospitality offering which included a Disney theme park, shopping, dining etc, RWG was in a position to transform itself from a gambling destination to a wholesome family fun destination. We could now credibly shift our perception to a prefered holiday destination that can bring joy and satisfaction through their new offerings.There was something that every single member of a family could enjoy, be it the theme park rides, shopping, dining or vareity entertainment. However, we had to set ourselves apart from the plethora of travel promotions out there. We had to distinctively stand out as a destination offering a variety of experiences. Therefore, our strategy was devised by taking a leaf from the marketing playbook of music and entertainent categories. A showcase of a whole new world of offerings from RWG in a catchy, attention-grabbing and entertaining way. It has to have stars, it had to have glamour, it had to have the swagger. We cut a single song called ‘Welcome to My World’ that could become the new anthem for RWG. Leveraging on the popularity and star power of local influencers and singers, we engaged 5 talents to come together to sing on an original song around the theme of showing Malaysians how amazing it is to spend time exploring the resorts up in the sky and how different your world can be when you are having a great time in the resort. Zee Avi, Jestinna Kuan, Nana Sheme, As’ad Motawh and Alyssa Dezek were the faces that put a new shine on the RWG brand. Zee Avi, a renowned local artist who has had multiple collaborations with global artists, assisted on writing and producing the RWG song ‘Welcome To My World’. The song was produced in 3 languages; English, Malay and Chinese.

Embarking on this grand musical odyssey, meant that we had to match our execution to that of a big single release from a pop star. Pooling together a constellation of homegrown stars, including the magnetic Zee Avi, the effervescent Jestinna Kuan, the soulful Nana Sheme, the enchanting As’ad Motawh, and the mesmerizing Alyssa Dezek, we formed a tapestry of talent that represented the diverse fabric of Malaysian artistry. Their voices and visions harmonized to breathe life into the lyrics and melody of “Welcome to My World,” a heartfelt tribute to the wonders of Resorts World Genting. But our endeavor didnt just stop with the creation of the music video. Each influencer, deeply connected to their roots, shared personal anecdotes and intimate glimpses into their ideal experiences at Resorts World Genting. Through their passionate storytelling and genuine endorsements, they became ambassadors of Malaysian culture, infusing the brand with a local authenticity that resonated deeply with their dedicated followers. These local luminaries, with their dedicated fan bases, brought the magic of RWG to life on social media platforms, transporting their audiences into a world where the country’s rich heritage blended seamlessly with modern entertainment and leisure offerings. As they unveiled behind-the-scenes moments and eagerly promoted their participation in the highly anticipated music video launch at RWG, they forged an unbreakable bond between their followers and the allure of this Malaysian gem. Through this anthemic promotion, we showcased the unique beauty of Malaysia and RWG, offering an immersive experience that celebrated the country’s art, music, and diverse cultural tapestry. It helped in shaping perceptions, inviting viewers and listeners to embark on an unforgettable journey that encapsulated the soul of Malaysia and the enchantment of RWG. This very influencer, social word-of-mouth and PR driven campaign was supported by YouTube Facebook, Instagram, TikTok for amplification.

Welcome to the World’ campaign set new chart-topping records for RWG: Facebook/Instagram – 3.4M reach, 16.1M impressions, 265K video views Tik Tok – 985K reach, 3.1M impressions, 2.9M video views Tik Tok hashtag challenge – 10.3M reach, 64M video views, 214K page views, 5.7M engagements with the original song on Tik Tok, 76.8K video creations PR Value – More than RM1million for the launch event at RWG Hotel Bookings – +3% Uplift Theme Park Visits – +10% Uplift