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Coca-Cola Starshine – Giving Gen-Z Drinkers a Taste from Outer Space

Advertiser: The Coca-Cola Company
Brand: Coca-Cola
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Objective & Challenge
Coca-Cola has always been TOM awareness of over 98% in Malaysia, but the weekly consumption and brand love has been flat throughout recent years. We know the most consumption of soft drinks category is driven by those within Gen Z and Millennials (of age 15-39). To continuously grasp younger audiences, Coca-Cola knows that they must win within the ambit of brand love. With their values of escapism, lighthearted pleasure and indulgence, the brand must attract, engage, and stay relevant to the youth. A feat not so easy since they are inundated with choices and the option to join the health bandwagon. So, in order to win them over, we needed to drive up relevance and purchase intention, rather than just awareness.

Insight & Strategy
To drive brand love towards Gen Z, we wanted to tap into their passion points. We went ahead with Music as the key passion point as it has the highest affinity amongst our key audience. That said, there are tons of other brands that tap into music. We needed an exciting innovation that would hook the Gen-Z audience and reel them in. That’s where we looked towards innovative AR experiences and use top influencers to be our main vehicle to engage with our audience. When we launched the new Coca-Cola Starshine, a limited-edition variant that takes inspiration from space, imagination, creative exploration, and self-expression, we used innovative augmented reality in different contexts, always centering the product, the liquid, and the music experience. Using influencers, we wanted to create intrigue and thirst for the product while tapping into the creative explorative nature of the Gen-Z audience.

We focused on both macro and micro influencers with youthful and fun personas in Malaysia, that skewed towards target audience of 13-19 in delivering communication throughout the phases. The chosen influencers must also depict the persona of trendsetter, escapism, and interest in music. From their data profile perspective, we also ensured they are well-loved by Malaysians (>80% Malaysians’ followers, and average of 5% engagement rate). The influencer approach was executed to focus on creating the intrigue and excitement through the ‘Hello Starshine’, hook of ‘Experience Starshine’ and urgency of ‘Last Chance Starshine’ phase. We know that to connect with Gen-Z, we needed to curate creative and trendy content to grasp their attention and drive their intent towards experiencing that. In Hello Starshine phase, the influencers incorporated PR kit elements of that tied back to the theme of outer space. Breaking through from the usual unboxing experience to excite audiences! Not just a mere unboxing video, they crafted an escapism AR concept of Coca-Cola Starshine that brings them to outer space, defining escapism and indulgence of the product. Then, during ‘Experience Starshine’ phase, multiple ‘hooks’ to speak about the product indulgence were leveraged on with the discussion made with each influencer to share on what matters to them and their followers. Hooks such as driving the AR experiences with Starshine Hub and the interaction with Starshine Instagram filters. The Starshine Hub consists of what matters the most to engage and connect with Gen-Z such as ASMR mixing board, where you can create your ASMR audio experience, multiple Gen-Z outer space Instagram filters and music experience of Ava Max in the Coca-Cola can. All they have to do is purchase a Coca-Cola Starshine can to access the Starshine Hub and get additional new features to interact and engage with. In the ‘Last Chance Starshine’ phase, we aimed to pull in the audience one final team to ensure that they don’t miss out the experience the escapism and indulgence of outer space as the cans would finish their limited stock. The campaign leveraged Instagram reels, stories and photos in delivering maximum reach, quality views and engagement while keeping true to the space look and feel. Additionally, poll stickers were used to close the loop and drive purchase intent.

The campaign has garnered 4.5 million reach and achieved 30% engagement rate across IG reels content vs an average benchmark of 20% clearly depicting the objectives of building brand love and awareness. All other placements performed +3% higher in terms of engagement rate against benchmark. Those who were exposed to the Starshine messaging thought it was a unique and cool experience that relates to their culture well, in which the metric went up from 3% to 11%. Sharing on social media went up to +24%. Thus, achieving 23x more mentions than past benchmarks. Out of which 85% were positive sentiments. On an overall motivation to check out the brand went up by 56%. This further caused the purchase intention from the Gen Z audience to go up by 50%. No wonder the products were sold out in the initial phase of the launch in 2 months. Deeming Starshine to be a truly successful product launch all on the back of relevance driving influencer strategy.