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2023 | |

The Syiokest Pizza Heist

Advertiser: Pizza Hut Malaysia
Brand: Pizza Hut
Credits: -

Objective & Challenge
Pizza Hut has always faced the QSR category challenge that pizza is expensive and not an affordable everyday meal. The RM6 Syiok Pizza has been their entry-value answer to make it affordable to high-value seekers. For the past four years, Syiok has successfully driven penetration through highly tactical communications focused on affordability. But the sales data was showing that the effectiveness of this communication was wearing off. It was time to rethink how we positioned Syiok Pizza. Our strategy was rooted in reframing the core positioning of the Syiok pizza from one that is ‘Affordable’ to one that is ‘Irresistible’. This simple rethink resulted in enabling a differentiated creative and media approach from what we have done in the past.

Insight & Strategy
The strategic shift from ‘Affordable’ to ‘Irresistible’ meant we had to play with and reframe the tone and attitude of the brand. Humor was the default creative choice of tonality to achieve this. We tapped into the unique comic persona of popular influencer Jenn Chia aka Aunty Siow, who was already synonymous with Pizza Hut for launching the hand-crafted sourdough pizza in 2021. Our campaign idea to drive irresisibility – ‘Pizza Heist’ – was influenced by local street-level culture of hustlers and hacksters peddling all sorts of real and fake stuff. Aunty Siow hit the streets in a fake pizza food truck selling the RM6 Syiok pizzas for RM8. Creating the fake notion that the Syiok pizza is so irresistibly good that people are willing to sell it for RM8. It turned it into the Syiokest Pizza ever!

The ‘Pizza Heist’ campaign was an on-ground guerilla activation brought to life by two anchor influencers Jenn Chia and Wak Doyok. It was supported by 8 micro KOLs to amplify the hype. Jenn Chia set up an un-branded food truck disguising the RM6 Syiok pizza for RM8, supported by micro KOLs Chinepaiyen, Dr. Chris, Joe Shiang, Kevin Ong, and Kittie Yixi. Wak Doyok sets up another food truck disguising RM6 Syiok pizza priced at RM7, supported by micro KOLs Syameel, Syafiq Naser, and Safwan Nazri. As a guerilla stunt, the supporting KOLs were tricked into buying the pizza at a slightly higher price. Each KOL appeared in each other’s videos, resulting in hyping the heist further.The creative direction for these videos was fun, engaging, and entertaining and molded based on the KOL’s respective follower base. Additional video content created by Jenn Chia was boosted and optimized towards driving further engagement resulting in driving high social buzz for the irresistible pizza heist. Reach was further maximised through FTA and PTV and key paid social channels, as well as digital content shout-outs from key lifestyle publishers like Siakap Keli, KL Foodie, World of Buzz, Daily Makan, Penang Foodie to name a few.

This one of a kind on-ground activation supported by paid media became the Syiokest campaign through achieving the following results: – 500K Organic Posting Reach on Instagram and Tiktok – 600K Total Engagement with an engagement rate of 18.31% – 590K Video Views with a CTR of 16.74% – 13K RM6 Syiok Pizza Transactions (during the campaign period) – 40K New Users Visits to Pizza Hut Website