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2023 | |

Talk of the Cup: McCafe’s Biggest Cup at the Heart of Malaysia

Advertiser: McDonald's Malaysia
Brand: McCafe
Creative Agency: OMD
Credits: -

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Objective & Challenge
Coffee is a highly competitive category dominated by Nescafe, and further intensified by other chain players such as Zeus, Gigi Coffee, and Bask Bear. McCafe is faced with a challenge of cutting through the space and to continuously strengthen its position. The International Coffee Month is a key occasion for the brand to own and to dial up its coffee credentials among primary sources of business which are the coffee lovers 18-44 years old. We knew that they are digital natives and social sits at the heart of their day-to-day media consumption. Friends, celebrities, and word of mouth take a big part in their decision-making. Aiming to create fame and engagement during this month, we leveraged on the power of influencers, to encourage Malaysians to “kopi on and keep going” anchored on an immersive coffee experience activation, the biggest McCafe Cup in the city.

Insight & Strategy
To make the influencer engagement more fun and buzz-worthy, we installed the biggest McCafe cup in the city where they can create enticing content. The cup was strategically placed in the overall approach, to an immersive experience for influencers to snap their #RasaBest selfie, to know the sources of our coffee beans (while infusing the smell of the beans in the activation) and to demonstrate to consumers how they could catch free iced lattes and exclusive merchandise through a wind-blowing machine. These activities were tied together to help them create engaging content for their followers, while dialing up on coffee credentials.

The Influencer activation encompassed two tactics, namely (1) building affinity by introducing the Get Ready with Me (GRWM) approach with the influencers, and (2) creating talkability around the International Coffee Month celebration through “Kopi On with McCafé” at the biggest McCafé cup. And with mobile-first execution in mind, the content creation was focused on Instagram and TikTok as platforms. 1. Building affinity (14-15th Oct): we tapped influencers who personify the identity of a real coffee drinker from different walks of life, showcasing how McCafe empowers them on their daily routine. Influencers engaged were Anna Jobling (celebrity), Michie & Antony (content creator & entrepreneur), and Qiwiie (teacher). 2. Creating talkability (17th – 19th Oct): we tapped into existing influencers and engaged additional ones such as up and rising food bloggers, host-actor, and content creators to showcase the activation and spread talkability of the biggest McCafe cup in Kuala Lumpur.

The campaign results were very impressive, making a testament that by leveraging on quality influencers paired with great content that is anchored on an activation, plus the synergy with the brand credentials can help to achieve business goals. • +66% growth in Iced Latte sales (sampled product) • More than 50,000 consumers participated in the activation • Grew the McCafe new page by 1,781% • Ultimately, campaign drove 10,050,471 engagements on social