Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2023 | |


Advertiser: Boost Holdings Sdn Bhd
Brand: Boost Holdings Sdn Bhd
Creative Agency: UNIVERSAL McCANN
Credits: -


Objective & Challenge
The adoption of cashless transactions and digital payments is on the rise in Malaysia, driven by technological advancements and the impact of Covid-19. This has led to increased competition among digital payment providers, including Boost, to differentiate themselves and attract users with various offerings & rewards i.e. ShopeePay Later, TnG NFC. To overcome this challenge and improve consumer consideration, Boost aimed to expand its user base, particularly targeting the 18-34 age group, which represents the majority of e-wallet users in Malaysia, with a significant portion being Malay (52%).

Insight & Strategy
Understanding our target audience was pivotal in ensuring the success of our campaign. Firstly, we recognized that young Malaysians are drawn to exciting promotions and actively seek out updates on social media. Secondly, we’ve also observed the skyrocketing popularity of K-pop in recent years following the rise of K-pop stars such as BTS (Grammy Awards nominated) & BLACKPINK (highest-charting female K-pop group on the Billboard Hot 100) among young Malaysians (68%). Considering the impact of celebrities and influencers in brand preference and purchase intent (i125), it was a unique opportunity for Boost to engage our target audience with what they love: Promos and K-pop. With the announcement of BLACKPINK’s Born Pink tour stop in Kuala Lumpur, collaborating with the global K-pop girl group became an ideal strategy for Boost to connect with their fanbase, with the aim of recruiting new users within our target age group of 18-34. Connecting with our audience memorably and standing out from competition was key to drive association between Boost & BLACKPINK. Inspired by BLACKPINK’s chart-topping “DDU-DU DDU-DU” and its captivating and unforgettable lyrics, we centered Boost’s overall communication strategy on an entertaining and attractive promotional approach, aligning with Boost’s proposition as an all-in-one fintech app that offers irresistible rewards and unparalleled experiences.

Boost launched the Rewards2NoEnd campaign in December 2022, leveraging on our audience’s affinity for promos and Kpop. Punning on “DDUDU DDUDU”, users could redeem a free RM2 BOOSTPINK Wallet daily at 2pm, up to 2x per user. By sharing their redemption screenshots and tagging two friends on social media, users had a chance to win Born Pink concert tickets. Capitalizing on the desire of Blinks (BLACKPINK fans) who missed out on concert tickets, we encouraged users to open Boost daily, redeem rewards, and participate in the giveaway contest. Our approach was divided into 2 phases, each with specific goals and targeted actions our KPI to increase app opens. Communications wise, we leveraged on BLACKPINK visuals to communicate the RM2 BOOSTPINK Wallet. Customised creatives were employed such as Howtowin guides, BLACKPINK Greetings videos, and contest launch announcements to appeal to different audiences Kpop fans and deal seekers. To reach out to our main audience, Boost prioritised on channels selection where users consume Kpop content i.e., Youtube & TikTok. Other high reach platforms like Meta & Huawei were also utilised to amplify our reach. The advanced targeting options available on these platforms allowed us to focus on BLACKPINK and Kpop enthusiasts by utilizing keyword contextualization, topical alignment, and strategic placements on influential BLACKPINK YouTube channels, prominent Kpop sites and apps, as well as relevant hashtags tied to the upcoming Born Pink concert in Malaysia. This targeted approach aims allowed us to establish a strong connection with the intended audience and align with their interests. Also, recognizing the significant fanbase that BLACKPINK has among teenagers, particularly those aged 1317, we prioritize targeting this demographic. Their strong support for BLACKPINK enhanced our campaign’s potential for success. Once awareness has been generated, we move into the second phase, which focused on driving app opens via our tried and tested channels and formats Meta, Google UAC and UACe, Tik Tok and Huawei Petal ads. Our strategy entailed utilizing three different buy types and targeting methods. Firstly, we optimize for app opens by directing Boost’s Monthly Active Users (MAU) towards the app to boost the frequency of app usage. Secondly, we employ retargeting strategy to engage individuals who were exposed to the campaign during the awareness phase as well as broad prospecting to expand the Boost audience base through installation optimizations with high budget allocation so that we can obtain new Boost users. With that, these new pool of audiences could be continuously supplied into the app open campaign. Lastly, we leveraged on the Monthly Transacting Users (MTU) segment, who frequently engage in transactions on the app, to contribute to a higher number of app opens.

The effectiveness of our meticulously crafted campaign surpassed all expectations, achieving remarkable results that left an indelible mark on its success. Firstly, we celebrate the outstanding achievement of 208% more app opens throughout the campaign period compared to plan, as well as the app open rate which experienced a remarkable surge, reaching an impressive 136% compared to the previous month’s rate of 87%. Moreover, the campaign’s impact extended beyond app opens, as evidenced by transactions that soared to a staggering 128% higher than planned, with a transaction rate of 70% vs previous month at only 33%. This substantial increase in app opens and transactions signifies heightened interest and curiosity among our target audience by leveraging the right targeting and buying approach, resulting in a greater number of users actively engaging with the app and effectively translating user engagement into valuable conversions. Additionally, our presence on TikTok proved to be a revelation, with a remarkable 2,304% increase in engagement. This surge in interest not only amplified our brand’s visibility but also contributed to a substantial 293% increase in TikTok followers. With the impressive results achieved from the campaigns, redemptions for the RM2 BOOSTPINK Wallet showed a 1.87x increase and the BLACKPINK social contest participation showed a 9.35x increase vs previous campaign benchmarks.