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2023 | |

A Timely Brew for Malaysians with Zus Coffee

Advertiser: Delivery Hero Sdn. Bhd
Brand: foodpanda
Creative Agency: UNIVERSAL McCANN
Credits: -


Objective & Challenge
The food delivery businesses experienced a rapid growth over the last few years, and foodpanda was no exception. Whilst this bode well for foodpanda, we were still very much known for a meal delivery platform, undifferentiated from our competitors, offering monthly deals and discounts. panda pick foodpanda’s exclusive vendors that have always been in the market but the lack of awareness in this category has led to many unaware of our platform’s exclusive vendors. Unlike the other largest competitor in the category GrabFood, who had established affiliations for their vendors like Village Park and La Juiceria Superfood under their exclusive vendor list of GrabFood Signatures. foodpanda needed to arrest the situation by driving awareness and highlight the exclusivity for panda pick.

Insight & Strategy
Malaysians being a coffee nation embraces coffee as an essential part of our daily lives, consuming this beverage at almost any time of the day. From kick starting our mornings with a cup of coffee to enjoying a cold brew on scorching days, it is no wonder coffee reigns as the top selling beverage on foodpanda. Drawing on this insight, the solution was to forge a partnership with an existing coffee vendor from our own platform and reboot our panda pick. Zus Coffee, Malaysia’s No. 1 tech driven coffee chain came onboard as our latest addition to panda pick. The coffee chain wanted to position itself as the household name for takeaway coffee and foodpanda activated this partnership by offering exclusive delivery services only on foodpanda. From hand crafted coffee to refreshers, Zus Coffee was there to meet your needs, no matter the weather or the time of the day. To announce our panda pick partnership, we needed a space that had the abilities of reaching audiences in high traffic locations. Turning to OOH, it was a suitable platform for capturing attention and generating brand awareness for our panda pick. Combining the power of traditional OOH advertising and capabilities of programmatic, we activated through the use of programmatic digital out of home (pDOOH). We strategically mapped out Zus Coffee locations within a 5km radius at the highest sales order area and placed 33 digital screens within Klang Valley. This also has provided us the opportunity to secure visibility at an area that was largely preferred by Grab, serving different messagings to the right person at the right moment.

Leveraging on programmatic DOOH weather and time targeting, we carefully curated different versions of visuals to introduce our panda pick partnership with Zus Coffee. These versions represented different scenarios, time and temperature, to target audiences when they travel past any of our 33 billboards within Klang Valley. Capturing the audience’s attention, we incorporated foodpanda’s joy and happiness ambassador, PauPau, to deliver different messages that resonates with audiences and drive order reminders based on daily coffee scenarios. In the early hours of the morning, while we’re stuck in the morning rush trying to get to our destination, PauPau understood the feeling of waking up to start off the day and the aromas of a freshly brewed coffee awoke him. Combatting the mid day slump, PauPau reminded us to reenergize and get through the rest of the day by ordering a handcrafted Salted Caramel. This was applied post dinner as well where PauPau was seen working tirelessly during the night. On times where weather turned to a boil and temperatures were soaring, PauPau reminded commuters to cool down with an Ice Shaken Double Espresso to brace the weather and float by the swimming pool just like him. However, on cooler days, PauPau held a hot cup of Zus Coffee’s very own signature beverage of Spanish Latte and encouraged you to order a hot beverage of your own to warm up with the breezy weather. To complement our partnership with Zus Coffee and drive the final push for conversion, we incorporated special panda pick promo code ‘PESTAPANDA’ at each of the visuals, where any Zus Coffee order placed, you were able to enjoy additional discounts and exclusive offers with foodpanda.

Our partnership with Zus Coffee delivered positive growth across foodpanda Business and Brand Health metrics (comparing previous quarter): 1) +9% Top of Mind 2) +19% Brand Preference 3) +70.4% in Zus Orders Uplift in Klang Valley In terms of campaign media metrics, we reached out to 1.75 million Klang Valley population and 10.10mil impressions across our programmatic DOOH sites. And that’s how foodpanda brewed a perfect blend with Zus Coffee for every moment.