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Wonda x Lipton Tea #CHAMingTogether for a liquid romance!

Advertiser: Etika
Brand: Wonda Extra Presso x Lipton Tea
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Objective & Challenge
KOPI TIAM FAVOURITE AND AN OPPORTUNITY Wonda is a champion of RTD coffee. In 10 years, Wonda has become a market leader with its iconic Kopi Tarik. Now the brand was looking for new growth, having dominated convenience channels. Lipton tea is an icon in its own space: a 130+ year old heritage brand of tea, now modernized and suited for Gen Y and Gen Z with its iconic ready-to-go can. Creating localized products rooted in Malaysian habits is a key success factor Etika. Research showed the marketing department that there was a steady and unwavering demand for “Cham” at coffee shops. This uniquely Malaysian drink features a mix of coffee and tea, and is a steady favourite amongst many. – Could Etika capitalize on latent demand for “Cham”? OBJECTIVES: ● Strengthen brand awareness for Wonda and Lipton ● Strengthen demand for both with Cham ● Work with low budget: test demand and product acceptance

Insight & Strategy
Our targets were Gen Y and Gen Z, and we had multiple category insights:: A. NOVELTY ATTRACTS : Research showed Convenience stores offer more than 50 different types of drinks(milk, coffee, tea, energy drinks, juice, water) Choice was humongous. Hence new launches, flavours needed to stand out. B. DECISION FATIGUE: Consumers are weary of choices they continually have to make, every day. Where to eat, what to wear, how to look good for Instagram: social media has upped the pressure. Hence choosing what to drink is another stress, called Decision Fatigue. We needed to circumvent this with a solid “reason” to try our product. C. SINGLES GETTING MARRIED LATER: Many Gen Y and Gen Z are leading less social lives, thanks to social media and entertainment available at home. Work from Home has reduced the possibility of meeting soulmates, and a growing number are single. We decided to launch Wonda+Lipton “Cham”: made from Wonda Coffee and Lipton Milk Tea. This drink would be marketed through guerrilla social experiment, to outsmart big spending competitors: Consumers would be required to purchase Wonda Coffee and Lipton Milk Tea, and then mix to make their “Cham”. Combining Wonda+Lipton to create Cham was revolutionary: no other brand had ever worked asked consumers to combine drinks bought solus. We were asking consumers to do something never done before: buy two drinks, and mix them. They also needed to spend more.. Hence we needed to create an incentive, to nudge behaviour change. Our “Cham” would create a rare dating opportunity. Wonda+Lipton Cham would provide men and women a platform to meet and date. This was a category first. The creative expression needed to reflect a classy image: both Wonda and Lipton are well-reputed brands that cue quality, and hence dating theme had to be executed in a classy and stylish manner. 3 levels of meaning for CHAMing together: • CLASSY TASTE: Wonda and Lipton were “Charming” together, a perfect and tasty match • ROMANTIC ALLUSION: With discretion, we also suggested that consumers could find a romantic partner via this campaign. The word “Together” and heart shape flagged this • CUED PRODUCT CATEGORY: We created curiosity for consumers. “Cham” is not usual at home. We were providing the convenience of RTD self-made “Cham” MEDIA: Research showed consumers aged 40 or below spend 9 hours daily online, over 30% of which is on social media. Strategically social was key. We focused on paid social and influencers to cut through clutter, driving FOMO

We knew many brands would outspend us in Q1, where traditionally CNY spends occur. Media research revealed a typical spending lull that follows CNY splurge. We would go to market after CNY. And when bringing two favourites together, what better day to capitalise than Valentine’s Day, a day when singles feel their singledom more than ever? We partnered with Lunch Actually, a respected matchmaking agency, which arranges lunches and dinners for people whose profiles match after interviewing them separately. Our 3E execution: EMOTIVE, EVOCATIVE (MOMENT-DRIVEN), EMPOWERING! A: EMOTIVE: We focused our media buys on consumers in their 20-30s, and we also targeted those who are very active online, had their marital status as “single”, worked in white collar jobs (where avenues to meet people were limited due to working hours etc) etc B: EVOCATIVE: “CHAMing together” was launched on Valentine’s Day, for emotional impact. We also worked with influencers who were in a relationship, like Arieff Yong. He posted his own CHAMing Together video where he made the drink at home, with his girlfriend. C. EMPOWERING: Consumers could take charge of their own dating destiny. They could write in to Wonda and submit to a “CHAMing together” questionnaire, devised by Lunch Actually. Ten matched couples would get an all-expenses paid date: lunch at the classy Le Meridien, followed by movie date at MBO cinema.

We met objectives for WONDA coffee and Lipton! 1. “CHAMing Together” achieved reach of 5 million+, with cost per reach < 1 sen, efficient and cost-effective. 2. We garnered over 3 million reach with influencers and had an engagement rate of 10%+, above expectations 3. Our post event video had 700K+ views 4. Over 100+ people applied for the chance to go on a date, and 10 lucky couples were hosted by Wonda x Lipton. Two couples were still seeing each other and going strong, after the campaign. 5. Most importantly for Wonda and Lipton brands, sales rose in Q1 2023, beyond projections. Milk Tea sales value was up 17.8% vs previous months average, and sales value was up 118% vs last year. Wonda Extra Presso sales value was up by 29% vs last year, and 9% vs previous months average. This campaign also represents the FIRST OF ITS KIND campaign in the RTD beverage category when consumers are required to make a third drink by combining two others.. Furthermore, the success of this campaign means that Wonda is actively looking at New Product Development of a CHAM for next year. The ultimate hallmark of this highly successful campaign: it opens new future business opportunities.