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Why are Insurance Agents So Annoying

Advertiser: AIA
Brand: AIA
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Objective & Challenge
Although insurance is an important asset in our lives, the common perspective of the agents : “hardselling”, “they are trying to make profit out of you” and “they annoy you until you purchase a plan” will never leave our minds especially in this modern day when social media influences us all. How do we take something so negatively-talked about and turn it into something positive? The idea is to challenge the mindsets of the youth and shed a positive light over the insurance agents by reaching out to the audience in a obscured yet convincing way.Our approach can not be hardsell. It has to come from the people to the people. Anyone would rather listen to someone else’s experiences rather than what a brand or a company preaches.

Insight & Strategy
With that inspiration, we partnered with the trending social media page Malaysian Pay Gap that breaks the taboo of discussing wages and inspiring wage awareness to understand where as an individual stands, and where they could go or negotiate. The social page has grown up to 217k followers ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, and established multiple social platforms such as Discord and Telegram to keep themselves engaged and close to their fanbase. Malaysian Pay Gap’s movement attracted daily submissions from people of different walks of life, working in different industries and creating the impact within the community to discuss wages.

The execution centres on Malaysian Pay Gap’s social platforms especially their Discord platform. At first, MPG posted an Instagram post and story with the question ” What do you think of insurance agents or insurance as a career?”, using the Q&A sticker to encourage the audience to comment and reply the question. After thousands of comments later, a “pretty bold sponsored event” live on MPG’s Discord platform had brought the AIA’s programme director for insurance agents to read out mean & honest comments from their social posts regarding insurance as a career and react to the responses, which the audience loved how down-to-earth the session was conducted.

During the week, the campaign has reached a total of 146k accounts with the IG post & story achieving an engagement rate of 11%. In addition, we had at least 500 comments and replies on the stories that brought discussion regarding insurance agents, and provided fascinating content for the director during the Discord event. Leveraging on MPG Discord’s stage channel and acting like a live podcast, estimated 300 participants attended during the event with the chatroom being interactive throughout the entire event, and shortly after where the director could converse directly to know more about the audience’s interest or opinions.