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Defy Segment Norms

Advertiser: UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd
Brand: Toyota Vios
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Objective & Challenge
The 2023 all-new VIOS holds immense significance for UMW Toyota, representing one of the most crucial models in our lineup. Within the highly competitive Bsegment category, Honda City has maintained a dominant position, primarily attributed to its stylish and perceived “premium” image. While the VIOS has consistently enjoyed a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness, it has struggled to generate the same level of excitement and positive sentiments as its rival, the Honda City. n response to this challenge, our objective was to shift the market sentiment surrounding the all-new VIOS and reestablish the car as the best choice. With the official launch imminent, our aim was to shift the spotlight entirely onto this upcoming model, diverting attention away from our archenemy, Honda. By creating a compelling narrative and capturing the interest of our target audience, we sought to establish VIOS as a formidable contender in the market, capable of captivating hearts and minds.

Insight & Strategy
The automotive landscape in Malaysia has witnessed a phenomenon where overeager automotive portals often spoil the novelty and excitement surrounding new car model launches. These portals frequently expose upcoming models through unflattering images or rumored specifications, leading potential buyers to form premature conclusions influenced by keyboard warriors and their comments. Consequently, a traditional teaser and launch campaign alone would no longer be as effective, given that the market is already aware of the imminent arrival of the car, courtesy of these publishers. For the all-new VIOS to achieve the desired success, Toyota must regain control over the narrative and information circulating online, launch innovatively with a strong presence, and finally convert attraction to sales. In short, we needed to create a positive groundswell before the big reveal, while ensuring we are making an impact on Toyota sales. Since this is a mass model, we needed an integrated campaign that would target drivers aged 20 to 45, from Kuala Lumpur to Kelantan.

Our strategic approach consisted of five key phases to ensure we establish a strong marketing funnel: Redefining the narrative: We emphasized that the VIOS was not just an upgrade but a complete transformation, redefining the standards of a premium Bsegment sedan. Our messaging and medium were carefully crafted to soften the impact of an inevitable price increase, ensuring that customers understood the value proposition behind the new model. Start the buzz rolling: We executed an unconventional teaser campaign that garnered grassroots support and generated a wave of positive reception leading up to the reveal. Leveraging popular influencer Sean Lee, we orchestrated an ‘accidental’ leak of behindthescenes photos from the VIOS photoshoot on Instagram. This strategically engineered ‘mistake’ created intrigue and excitement, with followers and seeders capturing and sharing the leak. Seeders, in various languages, added their own narratives, building momentum and positioning the strengths of the VIOS against luxury competitors. The leaked post was shared and reshared on platforms such as Instagram and XiaoHongShu within a 48-hour window, effectively infiltrating relevant Facebook communities. A week later, we followed up with ‘booking interest’ ads across programmatic platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to engage prospective buyers. Broadcasting a phygital stage: For the launch event, we took a phygital approach to reach a nationwide audience. Prime time news media from PAY TV and FTA were invited to interview the President of Toyota, creating credibility, and generating extensive coverage. The media launch was broadcasted through a boosted live stream on Facebook, which was crossposted across key lifestyle media groups and Toyota’s 96 dealers’ Facebook pages. This strategic distribution ensured widespread exposure and maximized reach. Sustain the impact: On the launch day, we leveraged a brand film that invited the audience to defy the limits of their journey. We utilized high share of voice (SOV) impactful formats dominating platforms like Youtube, Twitter, and content publisher sites, to effectively engage the audience. Our communication extended to video-driven platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, and Youtube, where we showcased the features and highlights of the VIOS through product videos, retargeting previously captured audience. Additionally, we intercepted competitors’ news and content on top automotive publishers, such as Paultan, Carlist, and Wapcar, using high visibility ad formats. Our offline channels played a crucial role in delivering salient messaging to the masses. We strategically allocated high-frequency buys on radio and PAY TV during peak listenership and viewership hours, expanding our reach through over-the-top (OTT) platforms and selected static out-of-home (OOH) sites. As dealer support, we also ran full-page full-colour ads on all major titles nationwide, with front page dominance for East Malaysia. Convert attraction: We used an OOH programmatic tactic to target ‘automotive intenders’ and aired commercials on screens that were geofenced around Honda showrooms, disrupting competitor considerers and reroute attention to the VIOS instead.

Within 48 hours of seeding, our unconventional teaser campaign reached an audience of 4,163,379 (1), generating a remarkable 5.3-point increase in positive buzz for the all-new VIOS compared to Honda, marking the highest difference observed in the past year (2). The announcement of VIOS order taking drove a 477% increase in page views on Google Analytics. The launch was viewed by 2.33 million viewers of which 582,500 of them were organic. This is a 17% uplift from the previous launch achievement. Our postcampaign research revealed a 14% uplift in purchase consideration among exposed audiences (4) and reflected a positive perception of the 2023 VIOS, with 86% of car decision-makers deeming it stylish and modern. Notably, four out of five aware respondents acknowledged its enhanced premium appeal. Programmatic OOH drove a 46% uplift in showroom footfall among exposed individuals (4). We secured 5,000 bookings in less than a month (3), surpassing the two-month sales target within one week. The VIOS exemplifies the success of our strategies, igniting widespread excitement and positioning it as a top choice in the competitive Bsegment market. Sources: 1. VIOS Seeders Post Campaign Report  2. Toyota YouGov BrandIndex Tracking 3. Autobuzz 4. VIOS PostCampaign Research by Vodus 5. Hivestack